It’s time for a repost from our “Best Of” category…Yet again, we’ve received a few calls this week from people who’ve learned the hard way…”you get what you pay for” when reserving a cabin in Beavers Bend.. Here’s our thoughts on this subject from last year.

Being one of the most sought after luxury cabins in Oklahoma,, our phones and email boxes get pushed into the “red zone” this time of year. This is a great “problem” to have! As spring break and summer approach, we get scores of questions regarding things to look for in an upscale cabin and potential disasters to avoid…
There are many great cabin options in the Beavers Bend State Park area. Here are a few philosophies regarding choosing the right upscale cabin.
1. You get what you pay for. Save money on the gift for your cousin at Christmas, not on luxury accommodations.
2. There’s usually a good reason why a cabin is in high demand…And why it’s always available.
3. Location, Location! Is it really a vacation with another cabin right next door to you? Do you want a fantastic view or do you want to view the Smith’s Family Reunion going on 20 yards away? Hey, the Smith’s are nice folks, but do you really want to get to know them this well? We pride ourselves in having acres of seclusion, yet being conveniently located near all the hot spots.
4. Be leery of places that allow sleeping bags and welcome 10-15 people in a three bedroom cabin. A tight fit gets old very quickly! We don’t do college frat parties!
5. Being really, really close to a gravel road with vehicles zooming by and stirring up dust is fine if you’re having car trouble or hitch hiking to Heavener. It’s not the ideal situation for peace and quiet.
6. Does your cabin look incredible and professional on the Internet? If it looks sketchy on-line, it’s probably worse in person. “Surprise, I just drove three hours for this?
Keep those emails, phone calls and cards and letters coming! Well, we actually don’t get many cards and letters….Does anyone send cards and letters anymore? Come see us!
Jerry and Sherri Isbell

“The Best View in Beavers Bend”!