Our Greatest Guests In Beavers Bend

I’ve written a few “Meet Our Beavers Bend Guests” blogs through the years. It’s been great reconnecting with previous visitors to Mountain Vista and sharing their stories with you. We’ve had a very eclectic group of guests. These two are very special.

We built Mountain Vista after climbing the huge hill and hearing the wind piercing through the Kiamichi Forest. Sherri and I were in awe of this 20-mile view and wanted to share it with others.

Mountain Vista has received lots of acclaim and its been a blast. Two tremendous friends were there with us long before anyone had ever heard of “Jerry & Sherri” or our cabin in Beavers Bend.

This post isn’t about Broken Bow Lake cabins, marketing or trying to lure you to what we feel is the best view and value in Beavers Bend. It’s about our dear friends. They’ve graced Mountain Vista with us a few times and we’ve shared many memories with them traveling throughout the United States. They’re our all-time favorite guests…Mike and Angela, this is for you!

Mountain Vista is our vacation home, not just a rental property. Sherri and I spend many nights here each year and enjoy the relationships we have with guests. Most send us an email after their stay and leave a great note in the guestbook. Many call us upon departure, letting us know how sad they are to leave the seclusion and views that our property offers. Then there’s Mike & Angela…Three Bedroom Cabins in Beavers Bend

Our great friend Dr. Michael L. Bourke  (Right), visits us at Mountain Vista frequently. Mike and I have been pals since our college days at the University of Oklahoma. Sherri and I are very proud of him and honored that after all these years and his global acclaim, he still returns our calls!

Mike is a world-renowned expert and has been lauded by media and law enforcement agencies across the globe. He holds a senior leadership position within a major United States federal law enforcement agency and has appeared on numerous television shows such as “To Catch A Predator” and “Manhunter.” Mike has been featured by the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and scores of other international media outlets. His speeches, consulting and media appearances are highly sought after around the world.

Unfortunately, he’s also become a better bass fisherman than me!

Mike never reached his full-stride until he met Angela. Neither did we. We’ve galloped to new heights and are much better because of her friendship.

Mike is among the world’s foremost experts in protecting children from predators and is a fellow University of Oklahoma graduate. His wife, Dr. Angela Scalise Bourke, is also a very accomplished psychologist and we relish the occasions when they’re able to spend time with us in Beavers Bend. They were the “Best Man & Woman” at our wedding in Kula, Maui-Hawaii, many years ago. The only invited guests. Mike and Angela sacrificed and traveled thousands of miles to be with us on our special day…We love them very much.

We’ve hosted CEO’s, a United States Congressman and nationally renowned media personalities at Mountain Vista cabin in Broken Bow, OK.  But none are more important than them.

There are great stories behind every family that visits Mountain Vista. We look forward to hearing yours!

Here’s to you, Mike and Angela… Our greatest Beavers Bend guests.