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Kelli Haus has taken the Beavers Bend cabin real estate market by storm recently. She has major market media experience and is utilizing it to help scores find the vacation home of their dreams in Broken Bow, OK.

Kelli has implemented a unique approach to the Beavers Bend State Park real estate market and its catapulted her into a great new career. She has the contacts and social media presence to help buyers and sellers make great deals happen. Kelli was recently featured in the Colleyville Charm magazine.

Beavers Bend Real Estate Is Booming

“I have found my purpose. I have found my passion. Every day of my life now feels like it is not work,” says Kelli Haus.
“I have found my dream job and I love it,” she adds. After 50 issues of Colleyville Charm, she is forging a new path in life with renewed vigor, selling cabins in Broken Bow, OK.
Kelli discovered her new-found passion, real estate, almost a year ago. “I have been renting my cabin out in Broken Bow for a little over a year now. It has changed my life, literally. This is the best gift that has ever happened to me, other than my children.”
Her original plan was to buy homes in Dallas and flip them. When this was found to be too overwhelming, Kelli found her new path in Broken Bow. She has been coming to Broken Bow for years.
People are flocking to Broken Bow for family times together. With a gorgeous lake, some of the best fishing in the area and world-class fly fishing, there are lots of family-friendly activities. Families can hike in the woods, encounter waterfalls, bike, go horseback riding, canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding, zip-lining and more. Enjoy eating at mom and pop restaurants, visit wineries or check out local breweries.
Kelli calls Broken Bow “one of the hottest markets in America right now.” Cabins can cost $250,000—2,000,000 furnished. Nightly rates can cost anywhere between $150 a night to $2,000 a night and can sleep anywhere between one and five families.

Beavers Bend Cabin Buying Tips

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Interested in renting or purchasing a cabin? Call Kelli at Keller Williams Realty in Broken Bow. Sherri and I are excited about her successful venture!