Beavers Bend Photography

Beavers Bend photography is a popular activity enjoyed by thousands.

My pal Kurt Boxdorfer of Legend Media Pros in Dallas is a frequent visitor to Mountain Vista cabin and the Beavers Bend area. He is an expert photographer and videographer and has produced scores of videos and great still shots over the years for me. The scenic Broken Bow Lake area is highly popular for amateur and professional photographers. Here are a few thoughts about Beavers Bend photography from Kurt.

“Beavers Bend and the Broken Bow Lake area is a fantastic amateur photographers playground. The colors, textures, shadows and history of the area are impressive and beautiful. A 360-degree arc from a stationary point offers a number of different opportunities to not only snap a great shot, but experiment with lenses, exposures picture sets and more. It’s a chance for amateur photographers to really soak it all in without spending the entire day working at it,” Kurt said.

Beavers Bend Photography

If you are a professional photographer, the Kiamichi Mountain area in Beavers Bend offers limitless possibilities to practice your craft according to Kurt.

 “If you want to see a pro photographer’s eyes pop like a Paparazzi’s red carpet flash, drop them off in the Beavers Bend. The area has everything. A wide texture and color palette and hills that rise and descend rapidly through a varied terrain. It’s also a living landscape of trees, plants, birds, animals and wildlife…a pro photographers dream ecosphere. You’ll want to make sure you bring plenty of batteries and lenses because you’ll have a blast,” he proclaimed.

 Beavers Bend Photography

Kurt is also an accomplished author and his book will help your presentation and speaking skills. He has decades of experience behind the lens and knows how to make you more comfortable in a public setting. Contact him at Legend Media Pros in Dallas if you need video production or photography.

Spring is just around the corner and Beavers Bend cabin dates are quickly being reserved. Make your plans to visit us at Mountain Vista cabin in Beavers Bend soon.

Remember to bring your camera!