Free S'mores at Mountain Vista

We always feature free s’mores at Mountain Vista!

Others are charging $25 – $40 for generic s’mores. We always have name brand products and occasional extras such as root beer, gourmet coffee and tea.

If you arrive at Mountain Vista and suddenly realize you forgot to pack Starbucks Coffee, no worries. Mountain Vista has a Keurig machine and we offer many Starbucks varieties at no additional charge.

When traveling to Beavers Bend State Park on a budget it’s important to factor in all the add-on fees many cabin companies charge. The initial rate may look low but hold on to your wallet! Charges for firewood, insurance, cleaning and resort fees will increase your nightly payment significantly.

May is a great month for fishing on Broken Bow Lake.  I visited with Broken Bow’s superstar fishing guide, Bryce Archey, and he reports smallmouth bass and walleye are hitting his line frequently. We offer a “Fish and Stay” package with Bryce where you can enjoy a fantastic day on the lake with him while staying at Mountain Vista.

Free S'mores at Mountain Vista

Summer dates are booking fast at Mountain Vista. Make your reservation soon. Only four weekends remain open until September. We feature this incredible 20-mile view from our deck and there’s always free s’mores at Mountain Vista!

Whether you prefer golfing, boating or fishing, there’s something for everyone at Beavers Bend State Park!

Download our free app and take advantage of occasional VIP offers. We have all the local Beavers Bend hot spots listed on the app plus videos and pictures of the scenic Broken Bow Lake area.

Remember to do your homework before choosing a luxury vacation cabin in Beavers Bend.
“Discount cabins” are not always as inexpensive as they seem after add-on charges are figured in.

Come see us in Beavers Bend and enjoy free s’mores at Mountain Vista!

By Jerry Isbell