5 Tips Beavers Bend Cabin Owners Should Know

Are you a current cabin owner or thinking about buying one in the future? Here are 5 tips Beavers Bend cabin owners should know when dealing with cabin management companies.

  • Don’t fall victim to “The Shady 5-80.” The 580 area code has many great cabin management companies. However, many don’t like to show invoices to cabin owners for work done on their property. That’s a huge problem. Make sure you see an invoice for propane, and all work done on your property. Don’t settle for just a line-item on an Excel spreadsheet. Require an actual invoice from the company that performed the work. Don’t let the management company mark up the price.
  • Make sure your Beavers Bend cabin management company does frequent property site checks. Don’t simply allow them to have a cleaning crew do it. With hundreds of people visiting a cabin each year, repairs occasionally need to be done. A little problem can turn into a huge one without proper oversight from your cabin management company.
  • Don’t pay advertising fees or charges for something as simple as adding cabin pictures to a website. Many cabin owners have contacted us with horror stories about upcharges like this. If you want to know who is renting your cabin, demand the cabin management company to tell you. Many don’t want to do this. Perhaps you want to send a thank you card to the renters. I strongly feel everyone should know who is staying in their own home.
  • Do some soul searching if your cabin is one of 30-50 on a website. How is your cabin getting individualized attention when you’re just a number? What is the cabin management company doing to separate your property from others? Simply being on a website with many other cabins isn’t good enough. You’re relying on a hope prayer to succeed.
  • Demand professional video of your property. Don’t settle for iPhone junk or small pop-up pictures. Video sells…make sure your cabin management company knows how to market.

If you’ve fallen victim to the “Shady 5-80” as a cabin owner, contact us. With decades of marketing and media experience, we can help. We’ll charge you less than others and create professionally produced video. You’ll have access to our app that is enjoyed by thousands. The same company that made The Rolling Stones and Madonna’s created ours. It’s state-of-the-art technology.

We’ve experienced the “Shady 5-80” through the years. One management company had our famed 20-mile deck view as the featured picture on their website for about two years. Another currency plasters the words “Mountain Vista” on their website in hopes of catching up to us in search engine rankings. We’ve seen it all…

If you follow my 5 tips Beavers Bend cabin owners should know, you’ll have a greater chance of being successful.

Being a luxury cabin owner in Beavers Bend can be profitable and rewarding if you have something unique to offer and a marketing background.  If you’re not a marketing and media expert, we’ll be happy to help.