“I need help choosing a Beavers Bend cabin management company.” We hear this on a weekly basis.

There are numerous cabin companies in Broken Bow offering property management services. Lots of great people attempting to make their owners happy. There are other places where your just a number.

Before jumping into the Beavers Bend luxury cabin rental game, understand how to choose a great cabin management company.

Ask yourself these questions before choosing a Beavers Bend cabin management company.

  • Is the company’s marketing extraordinary? Being successful in the luxury rental business is much more than simply having a cabin picture on a website and hoping for the best. Make sure you’re fishing with a good lure that makes them bite. Otherwise, don’t fish.
  • Do they have a limited number of cabins in order to market mine? If you choose a company with 30-60 other cabins on their website, you’re nuts and will get no individualized attention.
  • Do they have a rock star website? No one wants to rent a luxury vacation cabin when the website looks like something from a third-world country. If the pictures and videos on a website aren’t stellar, no one will think your cabin is either.
  • Do they incorporate professional video with their marketing strategy? Not cheap iPhone stuff. Anyone with elite marketing experience will tell you great video sells. Bad video keeps them away.
  • Do they have a significant social media presence? 
  • Do they gouge guests with add-on fees? Potential cabin guests are smart and have learned the hard way not to get shafted with needless charges like resort fees, insurance, cleaning, incidental fees and firewood. We sell against this and it works wonderfully for us. It’s not only the right thing to do, its smart business. We don’t penny-pinch guests.
  • Is the company on the cutting-edge of technology? Do they blog, have an app, newsletter, push-notification or advertising program? If the answer is “no,” don’t hire them.

There are approximately 1,500 cabins in Beavers Bend. Rates range from $100/night to near infinity. Do your homework before deciding to tag team with a company already promoting scores of cabins.

If you’re considering hiring a property management company, make sure they’re marketing and media experts. We can market your cabin via our vast array of technology and professional media experience. Also make sure you see every invoice for any work done on your cabin. Some are notorious for marking up the price to cabin owners.

Choosing a Beavers Bend cabin management company

Contact us at BeaversBendVacations.com. We’ll give your cabin the professional video and marketing it deserves. Choosing a great Beavers Bend cabin management/marketing company is paramount to success. If you’re a marketing expert, do it yourself like us at Mountain Vista. If not, choose a pro.