August Beavers Bend Cabin Special

Enjoy a free night at Mountain Vista with our August Beavers Bend cabin special…

Arrive at Mountain Vista on August 21st or 28th, stay three and your fourth-night is free!

It’s been another jam-packed summer for us in Beavers Bend. Unfortunately, we have to turn away many visitors because as the old saying goes, “there’s no room at the inn!”

A few days are open near the back to school timeframe, so we decided to give a night away!

Here’s a recent text from guests upon arrival…

“We are having a blast! The cabin is amazing, and we love getting away from the city for peace and quiet!”

If you’ve never been to a luxury cabin in Beavers Bend, make sure to do homework. Stay away from resort and insurance fees along with gouging charges for cleaning and incidentals.

We’ve had an impressive list of great fans through the years at Mountain Vista. Many have been featured on our blog. We’ll stack these people up against anyone and play ball…Checkout our references!

There are tons of fantastic luxury cabins in Broken Bow. However, many are being built near a noisy highway or nearby cabin.

August Beavers Bend cabin special

Always research your cabin before booking and make sure it has seclusion and a view. The biggest complaints we hear from tourists staying at other cabins are:

  • Paying add-on fees
  • Lack of seclusion
  • Cheap Amenities

Guests don’t appreciate paying $400/night and having generic hand soaps and paper towels. We go the extra mile and provide Bed Bath and Beyond soaps and first-class supplies.

After a few trips to Beavers Bend, you’ll understand the difference between a rental cabin and vacation home. Mountain Vista is truly our vacation home…

A few dollars more out of our pocket per-guest coincides with having tremendous repeat bookings. We provide free firewood throughout the year…research this and see how many others do the same.