“I need help choosing a Broken Bow cabin management company.” I get this question asked often via our app and website.

I always delve into their goals. Do they want to be an elite player or just rent their Beavers Bend luxury cabin occasionally?

If you want to play in the cabin big leagues and develop a brand, it’s foolish to hire a company that’s marketing 30-70 other cabins. You’ll be lost in the shuffle.

It’s easy to figure out if a Beavers Bend management company will be a good fit. Analyze their marketing and ask yourself a few questions…

  1. Do they have cutting-edge technology? Professional videos, apps and a highly read blog?
  2. Are they social media experts or simply occasional posters? See my funny story from earlier this year.
  3. Are they always adding/deleting cabins on their website?
  4. How are their references?
  5. What is their fee structure? Do they charge owners for advertising and stays in their cabin? 
  6. Do they add a surcharge fee to owners for routine maintenance. (Tip: If you have propane delivered or maintenance done, make sure you see an invoice from the vendor, not the management company.)
Choosing A Broken Bow Cabin Management Company

Mountain Vista Cabin, Broken Bow, OK

A few cabin owners rely on themselves to publicize their cabin in Beavers Bend.

Developing a cabin brand and not simply being a number is difficult without having extensive marketing and media experience. How will you separate yourself?

Your cabin must have something unique to offer near Broken Bow Lake. Cabins with seclusion and great views are becoming increasingly scarce.

Management companies gouging tourists with add-on and resort fees is becoming more prevalent.

The most important thing isn’t simply having a cabin…people must be able to find it via blogs, videos, apps and social media.

Contact us if you would like to be a part of our website and other media outlets. Thousands have the Beavers Bend app we created.

Our media background enables us to offer professional video at no cost to you with our marketing program.

Are you tired of being a cabin owner lost in the shuffle?

Choosing A Broken Bow Cabin Management Company