Winter Beavers Bend Cabins

Mountain Vista’s Beavers Bend Winter Cabin Special has been announced today across various media platforms.

Enjoy 20% off at Mountain Vista luxury cabin December 4-18 and during January 2017!

Beavers Bend Winter Special

Other cabins in Broken Bow charge $100 or more for a couple of days supply of firewood…not us! It’s always free. You’ll never spend a penny around our fire pit for s’mores either.

Our famous s’mores kits are also on the house at Mountain Vista. These aren’t simply generic junk…Sherri’s s’mores kits are vacuum sealed and always include a few extras like gourmet tea and Starbucks!

Who else provides free Starbucks in Beavers Bend?

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We hope you’ll take advantage of this special offer and enjoy one of Beavers Bend’s most spectacular views from our deck.

Winter in Beavers Bend