Beavers Bend corporate retreats

Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake Corporate Retreats.

Beavers Bend corporate retreats have become increasingly popular in Broken Bow, OK.

Scores of luxury cabins and beautiful scenery will give a chance to refocus and recharge. We’ve had many corporate retreat visitors at Mountain Vista luxury cabin and can help plan your activities.

Peter Muir, President of Bizucate, is my long-time friend and a corporate training expert. He feels it’s imperative for organizations to get away from the office and learn in different environments.

“Ferris Bueller said it best, ‘Life moves pretty fast if you don’t stop and look around…once in awhile you could miss it.’ Taking time to turnoff your technology, the Internet, phone and even your brain from the usual tasks can enable creativity.”

Imagine zip lining through the Kiamichi Forest or racing across Broken Bow Lake in a bass boat with a tremendous fishing guide. Your employee retention and performance will be enhanced after training and team-building exercises.

Beavers Bend Corporate Retreats


I’ve been around hundreds of corporate trainers during my career…$20,000/hour, $20/hour presenters and everything in between. None hold a candle to Peter Muir.

I’ve been fortunate to spend time with him throughout the United States on numerous occasions. Muir has the global reputation of delivering the perfect educational trifecta during presentations. He’s a technology expert while also being creative and entertaining. A rare feat for corporate trainers.

“Get out! When is the last time you broke the cadence of what goes on in your organization so you can renew, rethink, regenerate and innovate? Three of the many benefits of a retreat are turning off, collaboration and renewal,” Muir said.

We can help plan your Beavers Bend corporate retreat and our app showcases the endless activities near Broken Bow, OK. If you need multiple cabins in conjunction with Mountain Vista, we can offer recommendations.

Located three-hours from Dallas, the Broken Bow, OK region draws two million annual visitors.

Beavers Bend Corporate Retreats

“An organizational retreat can be the opportunity we didn’t know we needed to power our next innovation.”  -Peter Muir

What will be your innovation in 2017? Break away from the same old routine, get creative, get out of the office and enhance your business.

A luxury cabin and Beavers Bend corporate retreat could be your catalyst to success in 2017.

Jerry Isbell, @BeaversBend