Ah…love this old tune from Electric Light Orchestra. It instantly came to mind after a call we received yesterday.

A nice lady had been calling numerous cabin companies searching for a quick getaway to Beavers Bend. She’d stumbled across our website among “many others.”  We were the first to call her back and others hadn’t for several days.

It’s difficult to return calls when you’re overseeing 30-80 luxury cabins. How’d you like to be the owner of an expensive property? You hire someone to market it and the company won’t simply “pick up that telephone.”

There are tons of wonderful companies to do business with in Beavers Bend State Park. But if they won’t return your call promptly…don’t let it bring you down!

Let it ring forever more

Call us at Mountain Vista luxury cabin near Broken Bow Lake. Unless we’re on an airplane, you’ll be surprised that we actually return calls and emails promptly.