Oklahoma Hall of Famer & Legendary Broken Bow Native Bob Burke

I enjoyed catching up with legendary author, attorney and Broken Bow native, Bob Burke over lunch recently. Bob has written more historical and non-fiction books than anyone in history. His stellar career includes being an ABC football broadcaster, respected historian and induction in the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.

Bob would call our Broken Bow high school games in the 1980’s, then be on TV doing an ABC football broadcast the next day. The Broken Bow boy that grew up next to my grandparents, has made a huge impact in Oklahoma.

Bob is elated about the tourism boom in Broken Bow and co-wrote a historical Broken Bow book.

 “Uncle Johnny Beavers would not believe his eyes if he could see the booming tourism in and around what once was his farm along the Mountain Fork River. From his vantage point in the “bend” in the river, Uncle Johnny surely thought God had carved out this magnificent vista just for him. However, he was a man who shared his bounty with his neighbors. He was a legendary hunter who frequently gave his dressed game to fishermen drifting down the sparkling water of the Mountain Fork.
If visitors came by around meal time, Uncle Johnny invited them into the house where his wife, Aunt Levina, always had three or four different fresh meats cooked up or hanging in the smokehouse.

I predict that if any of the millions of visitors to our beloved Beavers Bend and Hochatown run across Uncle Johnny in Heaven, he will stick out his chest and say, “See what I preserved for you. I was glad to share it with you!”

-Bob Burke

Broken Bow To Oklahoma Hall of Fame

“Bob Burke is one of the hardest workers I know. Must have been a work ethic he picked up as a child…no one loves Oklahoma more than he.”

-Mick Cornett, Former Oklahoma City Mayor

Bob Burke, an Oklahoma legend. His kindness, tremendous heart and great contributions will always be cherished by those that love the Sooner State.