I’ve seen numerous posts from Beavers Bend cabin owners wanting suggestions about internet service. I reached out to my lifelong friend and Broken Bow resident John Callaham to help me better understand one of his companies. He’s an attorney and owner of Pine Internet, Cell and Cable Television.

John also owns McCurtain County National Banks, is an accomplished fisherman, great pilot and his family has been great leaders in the area for decades. Our internet service works great in Southern Hills. I’ve only used my “Pull” with him two or three times since 2006. Our uptime has been fantastic.

Interesting Tidbits From Pine Internet

  • 24/7 support is available with a specialized number for approximately $15/month. Oddly, few cabin owners utilize this service. There is a service charge if you don’t have this feature and a technician visit is necessary.
  • Developers often don’t notify Pine Internet when lines are cut and new cabins are built.
  • Pine Internet has fiber lines to almost every cabin development in Hochatown/Beavers Bend. 

Local Advantage

I don’t believe a national company can offer better service and uptime than Pine Internet. We’ve been Pine customers at Mountain Vista Cabin since 2006 and my late family go back to the 1950’s with the Callaham’s. We’ve always felt more comfortable having local technicians nearby in case an issue arises. We’d rather deal with people in Broken Bow, OK than an overseas customer service call center.

If you have a cabin in the Hochatown, Broken Bow or Beavers Bend State Park area, I recommend choosing my friends…the legendary Callaham family and Pine Internet.