It’s time for Guest Book three. Two books are just about full. Tons of great stories in the first two editions from our Mountain Vista visitors. One of the most prevalent themes is sadness upon leaving…They want to stay just one day longer! Our guests tell us they love reading the stories of those who enjoyed Beavers Bend before them. Many times, they know prior guests…It’s a small world!

We always write the first post in each new book. One cold December night a couple of years ago,  Sherri and I sat by the fireplace and started reflecting about what has made this place so special. We still read the notes immediately after walking through the Mountain Vista door. They always put a smile on our faces. This was our intro to Guest Book two.

“Mountain Vista Cabin has come a long way since the day we drove up the hill, heard the wind piercing through the towering pines and were captivated with the view. We truly knew at that point this was the place to build! Opening the guestbook is the first thing we do after unlocking the door to our vacation home. The comments are a validation that dreams can come true. We’re blessed to have numerous guests experience Mountain Vista several times each year. We’ve heard a plethora of touching stories about this place…

Buried within these four walls are tales of love, laughter, solace and even a party or two! We’ve hosted those welcoming new babies, newly created marriages and sadly, several who enjoyed it here knowing their last days on earth were numbered. This cabin has become much more than just a getaway. Beavers Bend, Broken Bow Lake and our guests have become syncopated with our heartbeats. To this day, we still get excited driving up the hill knowing our dream is just around the slight left curve. It’s our hope you’ll say “It’s been worth it” after taking in the sunset or enjoying a cup of coffee on the deck in the morning. You may also be amazed at the wildlife in this peaceful setting.

Our hope is that you learn to see something even more amazing and have a greater love for each other, nature and serenity. When the time comes to say “Goodbye Mountain Vista,” our prayer is your visit will cause things to never be the same. They’ll be better because these woods and walls have blessed you as much as they have us. Whether it’s a jaunt through the forest or an embrace with a loved one, there’s usually a moment when our guests say “I’ve got it” and fully understand the “Mountain Vista Experience.” Your experience begins now…make the most of it!”

By Jerry Isbell