August Broken Bow Cabin Special

August Broken Bow Cabin Special

Save a few bucks and take advantage of our August Broken Bow cabin special at Mountain Vista.

Arrive on Sundays in August and your fourth night is free!

Top 4 Beavers Bend Cabin Rental Tips

  • Never pay for Firewood.
  • Don’t pay insurance fees.
  • Say “No” to cleaning fees unless you leave the cabin messy.
  • Rule Out Resort Fees.

Many cabins continue to charge ridiculous add-on fees. You’ll never be subjected to these guest gouging tactics at Mountain Vista.

Even though we’re in the middle of Summer, you need to reserve a fall foliage cabin in Beavers Bend soon. Scores of cabins are being built close together. The truly secluded ones like Mountain Vista are in high demand during October and November.

August Broken Bow Cabin Special

Mountain Vista features three king bedrooms and acres of seclusion. Our 50 mile view is amazing! Rather than renting from a massive property management company peddling dozens of cabins, you rent from us, the owners.

Only a couple of August weekends remain open at Mountain Vista. Every guest receives free s’mores kits and Starbucks when staying at our vacation home. Unlike many others, we don’t charge add-on fees.

Cool off at Broken Bow Lake in August and enjoy our hot promotion. A free fourth night!

August Broken Bow Cabin Special

Jerry & Sherri Isbell with “Kula” The Grand Champion Show Dog

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Mountain Vista Cabin Views Are Improved

Mountain Vista Cabin Views are improved after a major tree-trimming project in Beavers Bend State Park.

We’ve been recognized for years as having one of the premier cabin views in Southeastern Oklahoma and now its even better!

Mountain Vista Cabin Views Are Improved

The deck views from Mountain Vista looking west are over 25-miles wide and near 50 at a distance. Our crews are working diligently this week to open up more on the right side.

We’re elated with the view improvements and it will be spectacular by the end of this week.

Memorial Day Weekend recently opened at Mountain Vista. A few holidays remain available this year. Plan ahead and make your reservations early. Many don’t realize how popular the Broken Bow Lake area is during the year. You should plan early to secure the best cabins.

Mountain Vista Cabin Views Are Improved

Mountain Vista only has four weekends available until mid-July. The phone and emails are heating up just like the spring weather in Beavers Bend. There’s a plethora of new cabins popping up near Broken Bow Lake. It’s important to do your homework before choosing a luxury cabin.

Make sure you have a view and seclusion and the cabin is located in an upscale area. You also should pay attention to how close you’ll be to a noisy bar playing loud music into the wee hours of the morning.

Special Beavers Bend Rates

Arrive on Monday-Wednesday for the remainder of April and you’ll enjoy $100/night off our standard rate!

Business Booming In Beavers Bend

There’s a new dining concept coming to the area and I’m extremely excited. It’s genius and lifelong friends are behind it. Beavers Bend has never seen anything like this! Keep checking-in here and I’ll have more information and a feature about it soon.

Thanks for all the great responses from tourists about my writing. We have thousands of readers weekly. It’s a great feeling being contacted by scores of visitors that appreciate being educated about the area.

Mountain Vista Views Are Improved

Get to Mountain Vista in Beavers Bend Soon!

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Cabin Highway Noise

Cabin highway noise should be at the top of your list when researching luxury vacation properties in Beavers Bend State Park.

Scores of cabins continue to be built in Broken Bow and many are near noisy highways. You arrive and are excited about a few days in a cabin and surprise…Larry the log truck driver is doing 70mph within a few yards of your vacation retreat.

Cabin HIghway Noise

A few of the biggest disappointments visitors experience when arriving at their Broken Bow lodging choice are road noise and having another cabin nearby.

How can you really be sure your cabin will be secluded away from Larry’s loud tailpipe?


Mountain Vista luxury cabin sits on acres of seclusion…away from noisy highways and log trucks. Download our Beavers Bend app for VIP offers and a list of area attractions.

A few dates are available in early March at Mountain Vista. Contact us if we can help plan your Beavers Bend vacation.

Ol’ Larry and his log truck won’t be in the area!

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Watch Out For Beavers Bend Add-On Fees

You never have to pay Beavers Bend add-on fees for firewood, insurance, cleaning or hot tub usage at Mountain Vista cabin.

Our busy booking season has arrived. Oklahoma spring break is packed but we have a few openings for many Arkansas and Texas school districts.

President’s Day, February 20-22 is now available at Mountain Vista. This is always a popular date for those off work seeking a quick getaway.

Download our Beavers Bend app for a complete list of area activities.

The Broken Bow Lake Duck Tours will be open again in March. This highly popular tourist attraction offers great insight about Beavers Bend State Park. You’ll enjoy jaunting across the pristine water of Broken Bow Lake in this comfortable amphibious vessel.

Beavers Bend add-on fees

Sherri and I along with our very spoiled Grand Champion Brussels Griffon just returned from a week in Southern California. The weather was actually warmer in Oklahoma during the duration of our stay than at Newport Beach.

Mountain Vista features stunning 20-miles views and acres of seclusion in the upscale Southern Hills Addition near Beavers Bend State Park.  The cabin has been featured in Oklahoma’s centennial celebration book and lauded by TravelOK as “A Place To Stay In Oklahoma.”

Unlike many cabins in Broken Bow, you deal directly with us, the owners, rather than a large management company.

I’ve noticed a dramatic surge in rental property interest in the past couple of months. If you’re considering purchasing or building a cabin in Beavers Bend and need consultation, let me know.  I’ve written numerous articles you can find online about how to market luxury properties.

We’re considering adding and marketing cabins on our website, social media outlets and app. Ask yourself if you’d like your cabin marketed by a company already overseeing 30-70 other cabins.

How will you receive individualized media attention while competing with scores of cabins on a website?

Contact us to reserve your stay at our Mountain Vista vacation home.

Beavers Bend Firewood Fees

Beavers Bend Firewood Fees

Beavers Bend firewood fees are becoming a source of frustration to luxury cabin visitors.

We never charge guests a fee for firewood but most luxury cabins will gouge you with this add-on bill. Beware of the old “We provide you a starter supply of firewood” trick.

We’ve talked with guests that have stayed at numerous cabins in Beavers Bend and the “starter supply” was only a few sticks. Unless you’re trained in the outdoors like Daniel Boone, it won’t be enough wood for an enjoyable fire.

Beavers Bend Firewood Fees

The per piece price of wood for an additional supply is usually outrageous from cabin management companies. You may want to consider bringing your own or purchasing wood from an area store.

Firewood is very inexpensive for us to purchase in Beavers Bend. It’s also plentiful in our area. We see no need to slam our guests’ pocketbooks with this needless charge.

Another bogus bill you may incur while staying in Beavers Bend is a “hot tub fee.” This is a relatively new add-on fee that has emerged in the luxury cabin market.

Our staff cleans and sanitizes the hot tub at Mountain Vista between after every guest departs. Unlike many, we see no reason to charge a greedy hot tub fee.

There are many other add-on bills to consider before agreeing to stay in a Broken Bow Lake area luxury cabin: Insurance, cleaning, resort and incidental fees have become popular charges in Beavers Bend State Park.

Don’t pay them…

We never charge add-fees at Mountain Vista. Make sure to do your homework and choose a luxury cabin that’s right for your group.

There are many reputable cabin companies in the area and others that pop your pocketbook with these needles charges.

We only have two available fall foliage season dates available. November 6-9 and 13-17.  The peak foliage will be amazing as always in the next few weeks. Contact us at Mountain Vista to reserve your stay.

Remember, you’ll have no Beavers Bend firewood fees with us!

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New Winery In Beavers Bend

New winery in Beavers Bend

Vojai’s Winery

There’s a new winery in Beavers Bend, courtesy of a long-time family friend.

Vojai’s Winery opened a few weeks ago and I received the grand tour from their wonderful staff and owner, Vojai Reed.

Vojai is a long-time fixture and business leader in the Beavers Bend State Park area. She also had a monumental career in professional fishing.

The beautiful building has an outdoor seating area, tasting room and gift shop. If you can’t find a great Beavers Bend souvenir gift here, you’re not trying!

New winery in Beavers Bend

Vojai’s Winery features a variety of wines that are made in-house.

New winery in Beavers Bend

Vojai and my late mother were local television stars in southeastern Oklahoma during the early 1980’s. KLOP Television developed a cable station that provided local sports, news and variety shows in McCurtain County. It was very forward thinking and the mastermind of prominent businessman, Jewel B. Callaham.

My mother and Vojai hosted a 30-minute cooking show that became the talk of the town. As I recall, the great looking meals they prepared always seemed to look better on television than when mom tried to replicate them at home!

We only have a few more weekends open through the summer at Mountain Vista cabin. Make your reservations now and don’t wait until the last-minute to book holiday dates.

I enjoyed visiting with Vojai and learning about her fantastic new winery. Their staff is tremendous and I give them five-stars for customer service. They even have plans for expansion to their spacious new facility in Beavers Bend.

New winery in Beavers Bend

The winery business is booming in Beavers Bend with Girls Gone Wine, Vojai’s Winery and another new one, Fish Tale Winery and Vineyards. I also toured Fish Tale last week and will have a feature on them soon.

Make sure to visit this new winery in Beavers Bend during your next trip to Mountain Vista cabin. Vojai’s Winery is only a few minutes from the Beavers Bend State Park entrance. It’s located off Highway 259 North in Hochatown, behind Stevens Gap Restaurant. Contact them at (580) 494-7687.

Beavers Bend Spring Break Activities

There are many fantastic Beavers Bend Spring Break activities to enjoy during the next few weeks.

Thousands will flock to luxury cabins and campgrounds in Broken Bow, OK in search of relaxation, great hiking, fishing and golf. Make sure to download our free Beavers Bend app before arriving.

Beavers Bend Spring Break Activities

Mountain Vista Luxury Cabin

A perfect day in Beavers Bend begins with a great cup of coffee and breakfast. Stop by Adam & Eve’s Coffee Shop across from the state park entrance. They have the best cup of joe in Broken Bow. I’ve written about this great place a few times and our Mountain Vista cabin guests always give it good reviews.

After breakfast, its time to burn a few calories and take a hike. There are scores of trails in the area, including the famed David Boren Hiking Trail. Your trail journey will be much safer and more pleasurable with a good pair of hiking boots. I wear Vasque and you can find them at most upper-end outdoor stores. Their soles are perfect for the different terrains in Beavers Bend and they perform great in wet conditions.

Bring your clubs and visit Cedar Creek Golf Course. This inexpensive gem features towering pines and beautiful views, including a stunning lake green.

Broken Bow Lake Duck Tours

Broken Bow Lake Duck Tours

No spring break trip to Beavers Bend is complete without “Riding the Duck!” The Broken Bow Lake Duck Tour is tremendous! This unique concept was unveiled last year and became a huge hit. Captain Kelly Persinger provides an informative and entertaining tour including a historical background of the Hochatown area.

Contact Bryce Archey, the premiere fishing guide on Broken Bow Lake. He has a few dates available during spring break. Bryce tells me white bass will be his focus in the near future. They will be running up river channels during the next couple of weeks. Bryce will even fillet your stringer after a day on the lake.

Spring Break Activities in Beavers Bend

After an evening meal at the Food Network Champion chef’s Moon Tower Bar and Grill, don’t forget to spend time around the cabin fire pit. Many luxury cabin guests have never built a fire before arriving in Beavers Bend. Do a little research and you’ll have a nice blaze going in no time.

Our spring break dates are booked at Mountain Vista, but we have several March and April dates available. Enjoy your Beavers Bend spring break activities and contact us at Mountain Vista. We’ll be happy to help plan you next luxury cabin getaway!

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5 Things To Never Pay For In Beavers Bend

5 Things To Never Pay For In Beavers Bend

There are 5 things to never pay for in Beavers Bend when staying at a luxury cabin rental.

2016 has arrived and it is time to plan your cabin getaway to Broken Bow, OK. There are a few things to consider while researching top cabins in Beavers Bend. New add-on fees keep popping up with many cabin management companies.

Never pay…

Firewood Fees: We left free firewood for our New Year’s Eve guests and they appreciated it so much they sent us this picture around the campfire. Many other cabin management companies will charge you over $100 for a few sticks of wood. It’s on the house at Mountain Vista. Our guests knew how to build a nice fire!

5 things to never pay for in Beavers Bend

Cleaning Fees: This add-on fee began about a year ago in Beavers Bend. Scores of cabin management companies are now charging $70-$100 extra in order for their maids to mop. If you pay this fee, you deserve to be “taken to the cleaners!”

Resort Fees: One of the most clever add-on fees to hit the Broken Bow luxury cabin market in years. I’m still not sure what it means, but there’s no need to pay this.

Restocking Fees: Another cleverly coined fee. Everyone must “restock” their cabins. We don’t charge you for this one either. Ask your cabin management company “What’s the difference between a resort and restocking fee?”

5 things to never pay for in Beavers Bend

S’mores Fees: We provide free s’mores kits to all guests staying at Mountain Vista. Others charge you $50-$100 for a couple of sticks and a bag of generic marshmallows.

Insurance Fees: This “gotcha charge” began in Beavers Bend a few years ago. Countless management companies are trying to play State Farm Insurance agents when you book a cabin in Broken Bow. Like a good neighbor, we were the first to write about this fee years ago. Do the math and you’ll realize it’s a bad deal for you and a great one for them.

There will undoubtedly be more add-on fees in Beavers Bend in 2016. Never with us…Hopefully, the next up-charge won’t result in a guy wearing a trench coat visiting your cabin and asking, “Hey, want to buy a watch?”

Reserve your holiday and peak dates soon at Mountain Vista. Our calendar begins to quickly fill during the next few weeks. Our winter special continues through February…Arrive on Sunday-Tuesday and receive a 20% discount.

Remember to do your homework before reserving a luxury cabin. Take into account these 5 things you should never pay for in Beavers Bend.

Winter is wonderful at Mountain Vista! Contact us at 405-535-8055 or reserve online to experience our 20-mile view of serenity. One thing you won’t experience is add-on fees!

5 things you should never pay for in Beavers Bend

Jerry & Sherri Isbell & “Kula” the Grand Champion Show Dog.


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The Perry’s Return To Mountain Vista

The Perry's Return To Mountain Vista

The “Meet Our Beavers Bend Guests” series continues… He rules the radio airwaves with a sharp wit, loyal following and great sports knowledge. She patrols the streets helping people while looking for the bad guys.

We’re very fortunate to have guests that stay at Mountain Vista annually and many visit several times each year. T.J., Katie and Bronx Perry of Norman, OK have been high atop our VIP guest list for years.

Mountain Vista has become an annual home away from home for the Perry’s over the past several years. They’ve visited Mountain Vista numerous times and we’re honored they continue choosing our cabin for rest and relaxation in Beavers Bend State Park.

“Mountain vista cabin feels like home. We never feel like we are staying at someone else’s place. The view is amazing and there’s nothing better than cooking out and having dinner on the balcony. We also love the drive from Norman to the cabin. I enjoy driving through small towns and seeing different areas of the state,” T.J. said.

Katie is a Norman, OK police officer and felt a calling to serve others which led to a career in law enforcement.

“I love helping the community and knowing each day I can make a difference in someone’s life. It’s a tough job and some days are rough. The hardest part is dealing with calls that involve children or a domestic situation. Even though some situations are hard, you have to remain positive and know you’re helping. Even in situations where they may think they don’t need your assistance,” she said.

T.J. is a highly successful radio host in the Oklahoma City market on SportsTalk1400. He co-hosts the  statewide “T-Row In The Morning Show” with the Voice of the Oklahoma Sooners, Toby Rowland. Toby has also visited Mountain Vista.

“I always wanted to work in radio. I grew up around music, talk radio, and sports and knew radio gave me the chance to be around all three of those. I love how spontaneous radio is. From day-to-day I never know what we’re going to get into or where the show may go. My main job each morning is to make one person laugh or make their day better in some way. Many people aren’t morning people or they’re stuck in traffic or maybe just having a bad day. If I can take their mind of the worries of their day or job then I’ve done my job,” T.J said.

This highly popular statewide show has been a favorite of Oklahoman’s for over a decade. Mix their sports knowledge, humor and tremendous ability to ad-lib while sprinkled with scores of zany callers and you have the perfect recipe for great radio.

The Perry's return to Mountain Vista

Thanks to T.J., Katie and Bronx for making Mountain Vista their annual Beavers Bend luxury cabin destination!

Jerry Isbell

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Heavy Rain Is Impacting Broken Bow Lake

Heavy Rain Is Impacting Broken Bow Lake
Photo courtesy of Bryce Archey

Heavy rain is impacting Broken Bow Lake according the area’s premiere fishing guide, Bryce Archey of 

“All boat ramps are closed until further notice. Depending on rains and what the Corp of Engineers can generate, my best case scenario for a ramp to open is three weeks. The park is still open but most camping in and around the lake is closed. We really don’t know when everything will be back open. Weather controls everything,” Archey said.

The flooding comes at a horrible time for tourism in the Beavers Bend State Park area. Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner and this will certainly have a significant financial impact to businesses in Broken Bow during the upcoming heavy tourist season.

Upscale luxury cabins in Beavers Bend State Park remain booked for the holiday weekend but toursim numbers will definitely be down until Broken Bow Lake is reopened.

Even though torrential rains have put a damper on activities in Beavers Bend State Park there are still many places to enjoy in Broken Bow. Download our app for all the local recommendations.

Jerry Isbell

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