Beavers Bend Cabin Management

Are you searching for a Beavers Bend cabin management company to market and oversee your luxury property in Broken Bow?

The cabin management game in Beavers Bend State Park is booming for some companies, and often at the expense of luxury cabin owners.  Fees, fees and more fees…if you’re a cabin owner near Broken Bow Lake, you know what I mean. Don’t get eaten by buzzards!

Some cabin management companies are charging owners 40% of the nightly rate, plus additional fees for advertising. It’s ridiculous. Many Beavers Bend cabin management companies are even gouging owners with charges for placing photos on their website.

Here’s a few things you should consider before hiring a Beavers Bend cabin management company.

  1. Make sure your cabin management leader conducts site visits and doesn’t just leave this to the cleaning crews. Many of these companies manage 30-50 cabins. Some cabin company leaders go a year or more without stepping into a cabin they manage. 
  2. Verify that your cabin management leader is not involved in so many other businesses that the promotion of your cabin suffers.
  3. Evaluate the marketing of your cabin management leader. Is their website outdated and plastered with low-res, cheap looking pictures? Do they use professionally produced video or are they featuring low-budget media?
  4. What media technologies are they utilizing that is unique to the Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake market?
  5. Does your Beavers Bend cabin management company communicate with you or simply send out a “fluffy email” every now and then?
  6. Do they provide “extra” amenities for your guests?
  7. Do you really want to be one of 50 cabins on a website? How can they sell yours along with all the others?

Owning a luxury cabin near Broken Bow Lake can be rewarding and profitable. It’s also very expensive if done correctly. Ideally, you should have a media team that can market the unique qualities of your property. With decades of media and marketing experience, we can help.

Tour our website and app. Our cutting-edge technologies, professionally produced videos and Beavers Bend’s only mobile app enables us to reach thousands each month.

Contact us at 405-535-8055 if we can take your luxury Broken Bow Lake cabin marketing to an entirely new level.

By Jerry Isbell