Tips on Buying A Cabin In Beavers Bend

Tips on Buying a cabin in Beavers Bend

Do you love Broken Bow and need tips on buying a cabin in Beavers Bend? Here are a few things we’ve learned through the years.

The tourism industry in Beavers Bend State Park is booming and many people have bought into the lucrative action by purchasing luxury cabins in the Kiamichi Mountains. If you’re considering building or buying a current cabin pay attention to the following details…

Building Vs. Buying an existing cabin: If you want to rent your vacation home and are considering building there are pluses and minuses. You can build exactly what you want but the downside is you will lose approximately a year of rentals due to the long construction time.  Luxury cabin construction in Broken Bow is often a slow, tedious process.

Building while living out of town: It can be a nightmare depending on how far away you live from Beavers Bend State Park. The year we build Mountain Vista resulted in about 30 round-trip jaunts to Broken Bow to checkout the progress. Being able to find a builder you can trust is paramount to easing the stress. They’re very difficult to find!

Why is this cabin for sale? There’s usually a good reason a luxury rental cabin is for sale…It hasn’t been renting well! To be a successful in the Broken Bow luxury cabin business your cabin needs to have a unique story. For us, it’s our magnificent views, upscale amenities and seclusion. We’re simply not “just another cabin.” Our aggressive marketing and media experience have helped Mountain Vista become one of the most popular luxury cabins in Oklahoma. We had the cabin rented for many days long before construction was completed.

Who will market the cabin? Do you have the experience to do it yourself? The competition is steep to be successful and it takes much more than a homemade website. Many first-time luxury cabin owners make the mistake of trusting a Beavers Bend cabin management company who already has 20-50 properties available. How will you receive personalized marketing and media attention when you’re competing against this many other cabins on the same website? Will your three-bedroom cabin be recommended by the cabin management company in Broken Bow or the other 15 they have available?  

Who to trust for maintenance and repairs? If you live outside of Broken Bow or don’t have local connections you can get taken to the cleaners when trying to have maintenance and repairs on your property. A long learning curve is usually required for new luxury cabin owners in Beavers Bend State Park.

These are just a few tips on buying a cabin in Beavers Bend. If you’re considering renting a luxury cabin to upscale clients let us know. We’ll help you break through the starting gate! Sherri and I can give you additional pros and cons of luxury cabin rentals in Broken Bow. We can also offer high-end marketing and video solutions to enhance your property. Contact us at 405-535-8055 or [email protected].


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Broken Bow Cabin Management & Marketing

Broken Bow Cabin Management & Marketing

Contact us for your Broken Bow cabin management & marketing needs. With years of media experience, we can take your rental property to another level by promoting your Beavers Bend cabin in a professional manner.

If you are a luxury cabin owner and frustrated with exorbitant fees and poor marketing, we have solutions for you! We produce high quality videos and photographs highlighting the strengths of your luxury property.

Jerry Isbell

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Beavers Bend Cabin Management

Beavers Bend Cabin Management

Are you searching for a Beavers Bend cabin management company to market and oversee your luxury property in Broken Bow?

The cabin management game in Beavers Bend State Park is booming for some companies, and often at the expense of luxury cabin owners.  Fees, fees and more fees…if you’re a cabin owner near Broken Bow Lake, you know what I mean. Don’t get eaten by buzzards!

Some cabin management companies are charging owners 40% of the nightly rate, plus additional fees for advertising. It’s ridiculous. Many Beavers Bend cabin management companies are even gouging owners with charges for placing photos on their website.

Here’s a few things you should consider before hiring a Beavers Bend cabin management company.

  1. Make sure your cabin management leader conducts site visits and doesn’t just leave this to the cleaning crews. Many of these companies manage 30-50 cabins. Some cabin company leaders go a year or more without stepping into a cabin they manage. 
  2. Verify that your cabin management leader is not involved in so many other businesses that the promotion of your cabin suffers.
  3. Evaluate the marketing of your cabin management leader. Is their website outdated and plastered with low-res, cheap looking pictures? Do they use professionally produced video or are they featuring low-budget media?
  4. What media technologies are they utilizing that is unique to the Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake market?
  5. Does your Beavers Bend cabin management company communicate with you or simply send out a “fluffy email” every now and then?
  6. Do they provide “extra” amenities for your guests?
  7. Do you really want to be one of 50 cabins on a website? How can they sell yours along with all the others?

Owning a luxury cabin near Broken Bow Lake can be rewarding and profitable. It’s also very expensive if done correctly. Ideally, you should have a media team that can market the unique qualities of your property. With decades of media and marketing experience, we can help.

Tour our website and app. Our cutting-edge technologies, professionally produced videos and Beavers Bend’s only mobile app enables us to reach thousands each month.

Contact us at 405-535-8055 if we can take your luxury Broken Bow Lake cabin marketing to an entirely new level.

By Jerry Isbell

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Oklahoma Spring Break



Oklahoma Spring Break is quickly approaching. We’re booked during the Texas Spring Break week but still have availability for Oklahoma’s  during March 16-23. Make sure you have an Oklahoma fishing license and are aware of the proper places to ride ATV’s in the area. The fines are hefty, so make sure you know the proper protocol before visiting Beavers Bend.

Spend a few minutes and scroll our blog here…We’ve written about numerous topics and educated Oklahoma luxury cabin renters regarding things to consider before booking a getaway. If a feature isn’t on a website, consider it unavailable. Many times if a picture or amenity is on a website, it’s also not there!

For example, there’s another luxury cabin company in Beavers Bend using our 20-mile cabin view on their website for marketing purposes. They don’t have a view like ours! Do your homework. Broken Bow Lake cabins are expensive to own and operate, if done properly. Watch for cost cutting measures such as generic products and condiments in the cabin. Who wants to pay over $300/night for a cabin and use sandpaper for paper towels? Make sure you have a trusted company  to deal with and better yet, if you’re able talk directly with the owners, that’s ideal…Most owners will truly care.


Many times, a young cabin company employee taking your call won’t have their 30-50 cabin property details memorized and you can’t always depend on a website for truth and accuracy. Ask a few questions: “Do you have a great view?” “What’s your definition of seclusion?” “How close will we be to other cabins?” “How many acres is the property?” “Do I have to pay extra for firewood?” “Do you have add-on charges for bogus things like insurance and extra cleaning fees?”

We had a friendly couple reserve by phone a few days ago and were pleasantly surprised they were able to speak directly with Sherri and me, the owners. Unlike others who have 30-50 cabins and employ teenagers to take your calls, we have a vested interest in our visitors having an outstanding guest experience.

We own it! And the view!

4By Jerry Isbell

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Meet Our Beavers Bend Cabin Guests: Author & Legend Media Producers Founder, Kurt Boxdorfer

Screen shot 2014-01-18 at 5.57.19 PM

He’s the person behind the lens and our Mountain Vista producer/photographer extraordinaire. A 30-year media veteran and author of a new book that’ll help you with presentations, speeches and public appearances. Meet our pal and fan of Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake, Kurt Boxdorfer, founder of Legend Media Producers in Dallas.

Kurt, along with his wife Jeri and son, visit Mountain Vista regularly and love everything our area has to offer. “It’s always something we look forward to, knowing we’re going to be on our way to the Beavers Bend area of southeast Oklahoma. Coming from the Dallas area, seeing all the trees and climbing up the big hills always seems to heighten our excitement. And of course, with our son it’s a minute-by-minute countdown until we pull up the awesome driveway that fronts Mountain Vista. The cabin is more like a castle to us. We’re not used to the huge picture windows, the views or the trees being so close! You can reach over the wrap-around porch railing and just touch them depending on what season you go. We’re either out by the fire pit our first evening, inside by the fireplace or just relaxing and talking on the porch or in the hot tub. The night sky is pretty awesome too – you don’t get the glare of the city lights like you do in Dallas. It reminds me of the two times I was out in the Arizona desert for work – your mouth just hangs open the first time you look up,” he said.

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 8.00.19 AMHaving a critical eye for what it takes to be perfect in front of the camera, Kurt had an epiphany to write a book and coach people to success in the public arena. The Inside-Out Speaker: Untold Truths and Strategies On How to Be a Better Speaker, is a behind the lens perspective for struggling professional speakers who want to save, strengthen and grow their speaking business. It’s rooted in my experiences in production, having worked with hundreds of speakers, some very good and some not so good. 30 years doing TV shows, corporate events and commercial projects – all help me understand what it takes to give a prolific presentation.

As I’ve gotten older, I find I really like to teach and mentor people. Writing the book and now getting it out there for everyone that needs it, is a way for me to do that. I know the information is important and needed by speakers. I get the satisfaction of knowing that I could undertake and complete something I’d never done before – write a book – and I can also feel good about helping people – friends, clients and even strangers, that need it,” Kurt said.


I’ve been fortunate to work on numerous media projects with Kurt over the past few years and have always been amazed at his company’s ability to adapt to new technologies. “What’s been happening the last ten to fifteen years is a rapid convergence and acceptance of the new digital technologies. It’s a great thing for consumers, both young and old. Think about it, the encyclopedias of old – that information can now be immediately digitally accessed by all of us. We can learn so much easier and faster than before. In the world of visual media, the biggest change is in accessibility. Everyone’s a videographer or photographer now because of advances in technology. Miniaturization, the increase in transportable bandwidth and the fact that we’re now a global economy have brought to the masses what used to be reserved for the select few,” he said.

The Boxdorfer family has visited Beavers Bend and Broken Bow Lake during many different seasons and their typical day at Mountain Vista includes checking out all the hot spots. “We’re usually out the door by mid-morning on our way to swim, float, canoe or kayak the crystal clear waters of the Lower Mountain Fork River, fish on Broken Bow Lake, rent an ATV, play golf or miniature golf, cruise through the Forest Heritage Center and gift shop, ride the train or horses at the Beavers Bend Depot & Stables, feed the animals at the Honey Bear Ranch, paddleboat (which is great fun by they way!) or hike the many nature trails in the park. If you look closely, you’ll probably see some deer. We were able to get really close to them on our last trip,” Kurt said.  Whew, that’s a full day!

Be sure and pick up Kurt’s book on Amazon. If you need video production or photography, he’s the best in the business. We owe much of our success to him. Being in media, marketing and sales for over 25 years, I know the importance of great presentations and being comfortable in front of a crowd or camera. Kurt’s new book will make you better.

We’re happy Kurt and Jeri are looking forward to the next trip to our cabin in Beavers Bend; “At the end of our visit, it’s always a little sad. We know you can’t find this type of getaway just down the road. But we’ll be back, just as we have for the last five years. It never gets old,” he said.


Sherri and I are amazed and thankful for the tremendous, eclectic group of guests who’ve enjoyed our vacation home through the years. It’s always easy for us to “stay focused,” on our visitors, thanks to great people like Kurt and Jerri Boxdorfer.

By Jerry Isbell


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Beavers Bend Cabins Property Management, Marketing & Media

Cabin Chamber 2014 AdWe’re now offering marketing and media expertise to elite luxury cabins in Broken Bow and the opportunity to team with

Does your luxury cabin in Beavers Bend have a story to tell but it’s not being conveyed properly because you’re lost in the jungle with 25-50 other cabins on a cheap looking website? We can help… Having a diverse background in media and marketing since the 1980’s, we saw a number of issues regarding how poorly luxury cabins were being marketed in Oklahoma…and we changed the game.

Mountain Vista cabin was the “first” to incorporate professionally produced luxury cabin video tours in Beavers Bend. Others have tried to imitate with unprofessional attempts using a camera phone and low budget technology. That doesn’t work…People in search of luxury vacation properties spot this immediately and expect better quality. As a luxury cabin owner in Oklahoma, you’re charging several hundred dollars per night. You deserve a better online presence and someone with decades of expertise in print advertising and design, marketing and video production.

We anticipated the current mobile market dominance years ago and created Beavers Bend’s only app to better serve and instantly communicate with Broken Bow Lake fans. Today, thousands have our app and benefit from the promotions and area information we offer.  Mountain Vista in Beavers Bend was also the first luxury property in Oklahoma to utilize QR code technology.

Checkout our marketing and media, contact us if you like what you see. will professionally market your McCurtain County Getaway or luxury property with broadcast quality video production and attention to detail.  We don’t believe cheap looking websites and cabin signs or homemade videos and low-res pictures are the way to market expensive luxury properties.

Your luxury property may have a unique story to tell…Is it being told?

By Jerry Isbell

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