Beavers Bend Cabins: 5 Things To Avoid

Beavers Bend Cabins, 5 Things To Avoid…You need to consider this information before renting or owning a luxury cabin in Oklahoma. New creative luxury cabin pricing continues to hit the Broken Bow Lake area. Do yourself a favor and “Say No” to these tactics.

1. Paying for firewood… Are you kidding me? You’re in the woods, kenneling is cheap for all of us to purchase. Tell them you can Keep The Fire Burnin’ yourself.

Beavers Bend Cabins: 5 Things To Avoid

2. Paying ridiculous “Resort Fee” charges… I’m not sure what this means, it’s a new fee to visitors of Beavers Bend luxury cabins. I’ve been asked about this one frequently. If you see this charge, ask a few questions.

3. Paying extra cleaning fee charges upfront… If you do this, you deserve to be taken to the cleaners. Leave your luxury cabin tidy upon departure or you should pay an extra charge. Never pay for guest gouging tactics like this.

4. Paying extra insurance fees… This one baffles me and yet scores of visitors continue to pay this unnecessary fee.  Do a little math and you’ll figure out that the cabin management company’s insurance premium + rentals = a great deal for them and a bad one for you.

5. Cabin owners toting the note…As a luxury cabin owner in Beavers Bend for many years, I’ve experienced gouging charges from Broken Bow Lake cabin management companies. If you’re a luxury cabin owner wanting your property marketed properly and ethically, here’s what you need to do:

Demand a nice sign for curb appeal and professionally produced videos and photographs, not the homemade ones you see on various sites. You should also have professionally produced marketing collaterals for your upscale retreat. Don’t settle for minor league marketing.

Beavers Bend Cabins: 5 Things To Avoid

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By Jerry Isbell