The Warner’s Return To Mountain Vista

The Warner's Return To Mountain Vista

The ArkLaTex’s Emmy Award winning KSLA television anchor Doug Warner and wife, Libby, returned to Mountain Vista for a little R&R recently.

The Warner’s have visited our vacation home numerous times through the years and we always enjoy having such quality people experience Mountain Vista.

Doug is very popular figure in the Shreveport viewing region and I’ve enjoyed seeing the transformation he’s brought to KSLA Channel 12. He’s taken it to an entirely new level with his leadership.

“Absolutely spoiled. I’m not sure we could ever “rough it’ camping after staying at Mountain Vista again. It’s an incredible getaway and relaxing to know that everything is taken care of…” Doug said.

Sherri and I are thrilled that Doug and Libby enjoy each trip to Mountain Vista!

You can enjoy Mountain Vista  in January and February at a discounted rate! Arrive Sunday through Tuesday and receive 20% off your rate!

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Tips on Buying A Cabin In Beavers Bend

Tips on Buying a cabin in Beavers Bend

Do you love Broken Bow and need tips on buying a cabin in Beavers Bend? Here are a few things we’ve learned through the years.

The tourism industry in Beavers Bend State Park is booming and many people have bought into the lucrative action by purchasing luxury cabins in the Kiamichi Mountains. If you’re considering building or buying a current cabin pay attention to the following details…

Building Vs. Buying an existing cabin: If you want to rent your vacation home and are considering building there are pluses and minuses. You can build exactly what you want but the downside is you will lose approximately a year of rentals due to the long construction time.  Luxury cabin construction in Broken Bow is often a slow, tedious process.

Building while living out of town: It can be a nightmare depending on how far away you live from Beavers Bend State Park. The year we build Mountain Vista resulted in about 30 round-trip jaunts to Broken Bow to checkout the progress. Being able to find a builder you can trust is paramount to easing the stress. They’re very difficult to find!

Why is this cabin for sale? There’s usually a good reason a luxury rental cabin is for sale…It hasn’t been renting well! To be a successful in the Broken Bow luxury cabin business your cabin needs to have a unique story. For us, it’s our magnificent views, upscale amenities and seclusion. We’re simply not “just another cabin.” Our aggressive marketing and media experience have helped Mountain Vista become one of the most popular luxury cabins in Oklahoma. We had the cabin rented for many days long before construction was completed.

Who will market the cabin? Do you have the experience to do it yourself? The competition is steep to be successful and it takes much more than a homemade website. Many first-time luxury cabin owners make the mistake of trusting a Beavers Bend cabin management company who already has 20-50 properties available. How will you receive personalized marketing and media attention when you’re competing against this many other cabins on the same website? Will your three-bedroom cabin be recommended by the cabin management company in Broken Bow or the other 15 they have available?  

Who to trust for maintenance and repairs? If you live outside of Broken Bow or don’t have local connections you can get taken to the cleaners when trying to have maintenance and repairs on your property. A long learning curve is usually required for new luxury cabin owners in Beavers Bend State Park.

These are just a few tips on buying a cabin in Beavers Bend. If you’re considering renting a luxury cabin to upscale clients let us know. We’ll help you break through the starting gate! Sherri and I can give you additional pros and cons of luxury cabin rentals in Broken Bow. We can also offer high-end marketing and video solutions to enhance your property. Contact us at 405-535-8055 or [email protected].


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Beavers Bend Cabins: 5 Things To Avoid

Beavers Bend Cabins: 5 Things To Avoid

Beavers Bend Cabins, 5 Things To Avoid…You need to consider this information before renting or owning a luxury cabin in Oklahoma. New creative luxury cabin pricing continues to hit the Broken Bow Lake area. Do yourself a favor and “Say No” to these tactics.

1. Paying for firewood… Are you kidding me? You’re in the woods, kenneling is cheap for all of us to purchase. Tell them you can Keep The Fire Burnin’ yourself.

Beavers Bend Cabins: 5 Things To Avoid

2. Paying ridiculous “Resort Fee” charges… I’m not sure what this means, it’s a new fee to visitors of Beavers Bend luxury cabins. I’ve been asked about this one frequently. If you see this charge, ask a few questions.

3. Paying extra cleaning fee charges upfront… If you do this, you deserve to be taken to the cleaners. Leave your luxury cabin tidy upon departure or you should pay an extra charge. Never pay for guest gouging tactics like this.

4. Paying extra insurance fees… This one baffles me and yet scores of visitors continue to pay this unnecessary fee.  Do a little math and you’ll figure out that the cabin management company’s insurance premium + rentals = a great deal for them and a bad one for you.

5. Cabin owners toting the note…As a luxury cabin owner in Beavers Bend for many years, I’ve experienced gouging charges from Broken Bow Lake cabin management companies. If you’re a luxury cabin owner wanting your property marketed properly and ethically, here’s what you need to do:

Demand a nice sign for curb appeal and professionally produced videos and photographs, not the homemade ones you see on various sites. You should also have professionally produced marketing collaterals for your upscale retreat. Don’t settle for minor league marketing.

Beavers Bend Cabins: 5 Things To Avoid

Contact us and view our marketing at Judge for yourself if we can improve your media. If you’d like to be a part of Beavers Bend’s only app we created and reach thousands, let us know. Beavers Bend cabins: 5 Things To Avoid…Avoid them!

Contact us at 405-545-8055 or at

By Jerry Isbell

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Best Breakfast In Beavers Bend

Best Breakfast In Beavers Bend

If you want the best breakfast in Beavers Bend, visit Shady Oaks Restaurant across from the Beavers Bend State Park exit on Highway 259 North.

I stop there frequently and recently needed a quick bite of breakfast before heading out of town from our Mountain Vista luxury cabin. Their egg, cheese and ham omelette was amazing!

Best Breakfast In Beavers Bend

The Shady Oaks friendly staff is always courteous and they draw big crowds for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a good reason…They have outstanding food!

We also gave Shady Oaks the Best Burgers in Beavers Bend award earlier this year. They’re on a roll! We appreciate their quality and attention to detail. If you’re looking for down home cooking while visiting a luxury cabin in Broken Bow, OK, check them out! Many of our cabin visitors have dined with them upon our recommendation and all have reported having an outstanding experience.

Fall foliage season is just around the corner in Beavers Bend State Park and we have a limited number of dates available. Remember to take the Talimena Drive when visiting the Broken Bow Lake area. It’s an easy jaunt and will offer breathtaking views of the wonderful autumn foliage in our area.

Best Breakfast in Beavers Bend

Contact us at 405-535-8055 if we can help plan your next trip to Beavers Bend State Park. Nestled among towering pines, our Mountain Vista luxury cabin is a popular destination for those seeking a premiere upscale getaway. We’re located in the prestigious Southern Hills Addition and feature a stunning 20-mile view and acres of seclusion.

Many Beavers Bend visitors have thanked us for educating them on how to rent a luxury cabin in Beavers Bend. Remember, never pay additional fees for cleaning, insurance, firewood or resort charges. The resort charge is a new guest gouging tactic and we’re not really sure what it means.  

We never charge any of these add-on fees. The firewood, plus additional amenities are always “on the house” at Mountain Vista!

By Jerry Isbell

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Beavers Bend Cabins Spring Break Update


Oklahoma Spring Break Update: We currently have several dates open. It won’t be long until the colors on our property at Mountain Vista cabin become vibrant!

Texas Spring Break Update: Very few days remain available. Check our calendar and book online or give us a call if you have any questions about the area, where to eat, what to do etc. Our phones are always available.

Book your stay at Mountain Vista soon. We really begin getting busy with lots of reservations during February. The phones and email begin blowing up once March arrives. Plan early so you’ll have a secluded cabin rather than something that’s not top of the line.

Restaurant Recommendation: We had a recent guest rave about Papa Poblano’s Mexican restaurant in Broken Bow. They planned a three-night stay but enjoyed our view so much, they added an extra night once they arrived to our property. You may want to check Papa’s out when visiting our area. I’m not a huge Mexican food fan, but have eaten there several times and the service and food have been fantastic. It’s very popular with the locals and tourists. When Sherri and I entertain guests at Mountain Vista, we often get takeout at Papa’s and take it back to the cabin.

Choctaw Casino in Broken Bow: Many of our Texas guests visit the casino when staying at our cabin. There’s no slots in the Lone Star State and if you’re feeling lucky, check them out! They usually have live music on weekends and my experience with all their facilities across the state is they’re first-class, very clean and they always go beyond the call of duty to offer a tremendous guest experience.

Contact us at [email protected] or 405-535-8055 if we can help you with your next trip to McCurtain County. If you’ve never been here before, you don’t know what you’re missing! Remember to compare cabins, locations, proximity to other cabins and most importantly, the view. Sherri and I invite you to visit Mountain Vista soon!


By Jerry Isbell

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Beavers Bend Spring Break


Sunsets are breathtaking from our deck, even in the dead of winter…

Oklahoma and Texas Spring Break weeks are just around the corner…Reserve your Beavers Bend cabins early. Holidays near Broken Bow Lake cabins are like gold, and we always receive scores of last minute emails and calls after we’re booked. It’s very important to make your plans and choose the best Broken Bow cabin that suits your needs.

If you have a group larger than six adults and two children and want to stay at Mountain Vista, we recommend reserving two cabins in our upscale Southern Hills Addition. Our first preference for large group guests is the Y-Knot Cabin, just down the street from Mountain Vista. Their owners are great friends and just as fanatical as we are about quality, cleanliness and making sure guests have a tremendous luxury cabin experience in Beavers Bend.

We love the feedback and emails from our blog readers. Our blog is read by Beavers Bend State Park fans from Guam to the Galleria Mall in Dallas and many points between. Thanks and follow us on Twitter @BeaversBend. If you need advice regarding what to do and where to eat while visiting your McCurtain County Getaway, get our app.

Thanks for reading!

By Jerry Isbell


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