Beavers Bend Memorial Day 2015

Beavers Bend Memorial Day 2015

Beavers Bend Memorial Day 2015 cabins are in high demand and it is almost too late to reserve a top one.

Holidays and weekends are golden for most upper-end cabins in Broken Bow, OK. There will always be a few cancelations so keep checking the calendar on cabin management websites. Always remember to watch out for hidden fees.

Your last few clicks on a website before reserving a luxury cabin in Beavers Bend are important. This is where the “gotcha’s” sometimes come into play. Fees for insurance, cleaning and resort charges will make an inexpensive cabin sometimes become very costly.

We never charge these add-on fees at Mountain Vista cabin Beavers Bend.

There are a few essential items to bring for your Beavers Bend Memorial Day 2015 visit to Broken Bow. You know all the essentials; bug spray, sunscreen and a first-aid kit. An item tourists usually forget to bring is a fire starter log for the fire pit.

These starter logs work great in the fire pit. If you are like me and have forgotten most of the tips from Boy Scouts, you will be happy about “cheating” a little to get the blaze started for your s’mores!

Beavers Bend Memorial Day 2015

Our app will make your Beavers Bend Memorial Day 2o15 visit more enjoyable. Scan the QR code above and keep it on your iPhone, Android and tablet. We have all the local Broken Bow hot spots listed on it. You will also have access to my blog and several years of tourist tips to consider when visiting a luxury cabin in Broken Bow.

We tried to think of everything when creating our app along with the Mobile Roadie team in Los Angeles. Thousands enjoy occasional “special offers” and last-minute Beavers Bend cabin deals.  Need a fishing license? We tell you how to get one. Want the best fishing guide on Broken Bow Lake? It is all there on our app.

Beavers Bend Memorial Day 2015 is just around the corner. Make your plans to visit Mountain Vista cabin before the holiday rush.

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By Jerry Isbell


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Add-On Fees in Beavers Bend

Add on fees in Beavers Bend

Pay attention to add-on fees in Beavers Bend before reserving your luxury cabin.

Broken Bow Lake visitors are enjoying fantastic spring weather this week. Just because warmer temperatures have arrived in Beavers Bend, there is no need for your pocketbook to become overheated because of needless luxury cabin fees.

A plethora of cabin management companies are charging over 20% for add-on fees in Beavers Bend. These wallet-stuffing surcharges include cleaning, insurance, firewood and resort fees. We never gouge guests with these fees at Mountain Vista.

Scores of luxury cabin owners and visitors have told us they appreciate Broken Bow cabin renting tips like this on our blog. We feel add-on fees in Beavers Bend are unnecessary. Our blog continues to grow and is read by thousands each month. We try to provide education about the area and also help you save money along the way.

Add on fees in Beavers Bend

In addition to add-on fees in Beavers Bend, there is another critical element you need to consider before renting a luxury cabin in Broken Bow. How secluded is it? Websites pictures can often be deceiving and you arrive to find the Smith’s family reunion is only a few yards away next door!

Make sure you will truly have a secluded acreage before renting a cabin. There are many wonderful cabins in Beavers Bend. Some are very nice but not secluded. Many are secluded…do your homework.

The two biggest complaints we hear from people staying at other cabins in Beavers Bend are paying add-on fees and a lack of seclusion. You will not have that issue at Mountain Vista! We feature acres of isolation, free s’mores kits and upscale accommodations.

Reservations are quickly filling and there are only a few weekends available until August. Make sure to get the Beavers Bend app we created and accept “push notification” when downloading. This allows us to text you VIP offers. We only send a few per-month and our app fans will tell you there are occasionally some “very special deals!”

You’re dealing with us, the owners, when reserving our vacation home. This is very different protocol compared to renting a luxury cabin from a company touting 30-50 cabins. This has always been a strong selling point for us and we enjoy having great relationships with many guests.

Remember to be on the lookout for add-on fees in Beavers Bend and make your plans to visit Mountain Vista soon. Contact us at 405-535-8055 if we can help plan your next trip to beautiful Broken Bow Lake.

By Jerry Isbell

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Beavers Bend Weddings

Beavers Bend Weddings

Beavers Bend weddings are very popular. Scores of people contact us wanting to rent Mountain Vista cabin for their big day.

We do not host weddings but have a tremendous recommendation for you and it is only minutes away from our luxury cabin in Broken Bow.

Reserve The Pasture at Willows Ranch. They offer various wedding packages near the Beavers Bend State Park area.

The Pasture at Willows Ranch also offer a unique venue to host a corporate party, training event or family reunion. There is no better place in Oklahoma to host events like this than Broken Bow. Our scenic area features miles of beautiful shoreline around scenic Broken Bow Lake. Beavers Bend State Park is the top hiking, fishing and tourist area in Oklahoma.

I met Fred and Peggy Willow, owners of The Pasture at Willows Ranch last week and enjoyed our visit. They are a delightful couple and I was very impressed with their marketing vision. They turned an old barn into the top wedding venue near Beavers Bend State Park!  The Willow’s also have a highly successful furniture business and have shipped their high-end creations to Michael J. Fox and Martha Stewart over the years.

Weddings in Beavers Bend

The Willow’s are originally from Memphis, TN and fell in love with McCurtain County while passing through years ago.

“We moved here from Memphis in 1997 after logging many miles driving to DeQueen, Arkansas, where we were having Willow Furniture built for our wholesale showrooms. One day driving back to Memphis, we decided everything was so beautiful we should just move here. We called a realtor and told him we had to have a place where we could immediately go to work; no time to build. He said he had the perfect place. We were coming the next weekend to pick up furniture and had a look. It was so perfect it scared us. After thinking about it, we called the realtor and declined. A couple of months later, the realtor called and invited us to stay at the ranch by ourselves as it was still furnished but unoccupied. We accepted and knew immediately it was perfect,” Peggy said.

Weddings in Beavers Bend

When you are planning Beavers Bend weddings, luxury accommodations are always important. We can provide the perfect secluded retreat at Mountain Vista cabin in Beavers Bend. We are only a 15-minute drive from the Pasture at Willows Ranch.

Beavers Bend weddings are so popular the Willow’s have large groups in town from as far away as New York.  Contact Fred and Peggy Willow at 580-420-3725 and visit their website. The Pasture at Willows Ranch is the perfect place for your next event in Broken Bow, OK.

Beavers Bend Weddings

By Jerry Isbell

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