Update to this post written in 2013…

The duck tour has changed to Broken Bow Lake Tiki Boat Tours. 580-494-8454

Broken Bow Lake Duck Tours

Broken Bow Lake Duck Tours

Broken Bow Lake Duck Tours is the most creative tourist attraction to ever hit Broken Bow Lake.

Visitors love “The Duck”! They already have quite a following and this new business only began few months ago. You’ll see all the hot spots while aboard on land during your Duck Boat tour. Captain Kelly Persinger, a lifelong resident of the Broken Bow Lake area, will provide an informative and lively tour.

Ray Gaston of Broken Bow Lake Duck Tours knew this idea would be a home run for Beavers Bend tourists and locals.

“We thought this would be a great way for family, friends and tourists to see our beautiful lake and learn about its history and lore. We provide fun for everyone,” Gaston said.

Broken Bow Lake Duck Tours

Let “The Duck” give you a tour when visiting Beavers Bend State Park. After perusing dry ground around the Broken Bow Lake area, you’ll make a mad dash into the deep, crystal clear water of Broken Bow Lake for a magnificent adventure.

They’re located at 2820 Stevens Gap Road, near the marina. 580-494-3825.

They’re great people and this is a “Must Do” on your next visit to Beavers Bend!