Great Beavers Bend Video

Tremendous video showcasing the vast array of outdoor and dining opportunities in our area. Summer and holiday dates are booking quickly at Mountain Vista Cabin.

Mountain Vista Is Different

There are scores of great cabins in Beavers Bend. We never charge resort, cleaning, insurance, firewood or other add-on fees at Mountain Vista cabin. You won’t have neighbors 30 feet away. We have acres of seclusion.

Most importantly, you’ll have breathtaking 50-mile views!

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New Beavers Bend Gym

HochaFit is a new gym in Beavers Bend and Mountain Vista guests enjoy it for free! Mountain Vista is the first luxury cabin in Broken Bow to offer this amenity.

We’ve known HochaFit owner Lance Owens for years. He’s a great guy and fitness guru.

Workout In Beavers Bend!

HochaFit is a 24-hour facility and conveniently located for Broken Bow Lake cabin visitors. I don’t like missing workouts when traveling…now you don’t have to when visiting Mountain Vista.

HochaFit is located at 109 North Lukfata Trail in Hochatown.

Grab a quick workout and visit with my friend Lance at HochaFit during your next trip to Beavers Bend!

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The Peric’s Return To Mountain Vista

The Peric's Return To Mountain Vista

Repeat Beavers Bend Guests!

We have scores of repeat guests at Mountain Vista and always enjoy seeing pics from the Peric’s Beavers Bend trips. Mr. Peric asked me a few years ago “Can we roast a pig on your property?” I said “Heck yeah, but I’ve gotta have pictures!”

Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it to Mountain Vista for the feast. They reported the trout fishing was amazing this weekend below the dam.

There are a couple of weeks left in April for you to take advantage of a free fourth-night at Mountain Vista. Start planning your summer and holiday Beavers Bend luxury cabin trips now.

Get The Beavers Bend App

Many unfamiliar with the Broken Bow Lake area are amazed at the popularity of tourism in Beavers Bend. The best cabins fill quickly during peak dates. Download our Beavers Bend app.

The app features all the local hot spots and our blog. We offer VIP deals and tips about choosing a luxury vacation property.

Do Homework Before Choosing A Luxury Cabin

Mountain Vista luxury cabin has three king-bedrooms and features acres of seclusion. We never gouge guests with insurance, resort or cleaning fees. Our guests enjoy free Starbucks, s’mores kits and firewood. Resort fees and other incidental charges have become prevalent in Beavers Bend during the past few years.

A resort fee provides nothing for the guest.  I’ve written extensively about this to educate tourists. 

Our 50-mile view is so stunning other cabin companies have used it on their websites through the years without our permission.

The Peric's Return To Mountain Vista

Mountain Vista Features Glorious Sunsets

Escape to Beavers Bend State Park and recharge. Make plans to visit Mountain Vista soon!

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Broken Bow Lake Duck Tours


Update to this post written in 2013…

The duck tour has changed to Broken Bow Lake Tiki Boat Tours. 580-494-8454

Broken Bow Lake Duck Tours

Broken Bow Lake Duck Tours

Broken Bow Lake Duck Tours is the most creative tourist attraction to ever hit Broken Bow Lake.

Visitors love “The Duck”! They already have quite a following and this new business only began few months ago. You’ll see all the hot spots while aboard on land during your Duck Boat tour. Captain Kelly Persinger, a lifelong resident of the Broken Bow Lake area, will provide an informative and lively tour.

Ray Gaston of Broken Bow Lake Duck Tours knew this idea would be a home run for Beavers Bend tourists and locals.

“We thought this would be a great way for family, friends and tourists to see our beautiful lake and learn about its history and lore. We provide fun for everyone,” Gaston said.

Broken Bow Lake Duck Tours

Let “The Duck” give you a tour when visiting Beavers Bend State Park. After perusing dry ground around the Broken Bow Lake area, you’ll make a mad dash into the deep, crystal clear water of Broken Bow Lake for a magnificent adventure.

They’re located at 2820 Stevens Gap Road, near the marina. 580-494-3825.

They’re great people and this is a “Must Do” on your next visit to Beavers Bend!


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