Secluded Broken Bow Cabins

Mountain Vista

Secluded cabins in Broken Bow with tremendous views are becoming more difficult to find. The booming tourism industry in Beavers Bend has resulted in more cabins and smaller lots. They’re usually only an acre or less and another rental cabin is usually within eyeshot.

You won’t find many pictures like the one above on a website advertising luxury cabin rentals. They don’t want to show you another cabin a few feet away or a noisy, dusty road nearby.

There’s a difference between rental cabins and vacation homes in Beavers Bend State Park. Rental cabins tend to exaggerate maximum occupancy. Vacation homeowners want great visitors and minimal wear and tear on their property. We don’t want to cram you in and charge another $25 per-person.

Our vacation home, Mountain Vista, accommodates six adults and two children. You’ll see other cabins wanting to pack you in like sardines in order to make a buck. Sleeping bags, bunk beds and rollaway couches are the norm for many…not us.

If you’re shopping for good cabin deals, make sure to do the math. Don’t overlook add-on fees; they can tack on up to 20%. You won’t realize it until the final click or two when reserving online. Cleaning and insurance charges along with resort fees will pound your pocketbook into submission. We never charge extra fees and even the firewood is free! Others attempt to charge over $100 for a several day supply.

Secluded Cabins in Broken Bow

Acres of Seclusion

We’re having another stellar year at Only a handful of weekends remain open at Mountain Vista until after Thanksgiving. Sherri and I have enjoyed seeing a record number of repeat visitors this year. Several guests reserve our vacation home five to six times per-year!

There are scores of fantastic cabins in the Broken Bow Lake region. We sometimes get up to 20 emails or calls per-day requesting a Beavers Bend cabin recommendation. We have a few favorites and are happy to help you even if we’re already booked.

When looking for secluded cabins in Broken Bow, do your homework and get references. Checkout ours!  You don’t want any surprises.

I enjoy the feedback our blog receives. We were the first to blog in Beavers Bend and we have thousands of readers each month.

What are the best and worst experiences you’ve had renting luxury cabins in Broken Bow? Did you get hit with those pesky add-on charges? Did your cabin look completely different from the website pictures upon arrival?

Cabin owners…are you being hit with unnecessary fees from management companies? Is your cabin being marketed properly with professional video and media? We can help.

Send me a note. I’ll have a prize for the most amusing story!