Tourism is booming in Beavers Bend, low oil prices seem to have little impact on cabin building in Broken Bow. New cabins continue to pop up everywhere…low to high-end.

It’s a good idea to map out exactly where your luxury cabin rental is located before making your reservation. Many are being built near busy highways. Surprise! The sweet sounds of logging trucks and 18-wheelers zooming by at 65 miles per hour isn’t exactly my definition of a relaxing getaway in the forest!

Cabin websites don’t mention this, but it’s something to consider if you don’t know the lay of the land in Beavers Bend. Ask for a 360-degree video of the property before you book a cabin. Don’t simply believe pictures on a website. This will eliminate all surprises upon arrival.

One of the biggest complaints for first-time cabin visitors to Broken Bow is a lack of seclusion. Many are located mere feet away from another cabin. Others are located near a bar or restaurant with loud music playing nightly. How will you know for sure? Ask for the video and do your homework.

Quiet Riot was a great old band, but you don’t want to “feel the noise” when staying in Beavers Bend!

We love logging trucks in the Kiamichi Mountains of Southeastern Oklahoma. They’re a staple of our economy, but there’s no need for them to be cranking by your cabin on a busy highway.  Demand seclusion when staying in Beavers Bend.

We offer acres of seclusion away from noisy highways at Mountain Vista. Our 20-mile views and loyal following have made Mountain Vista a popular getaway for several years.

There are plenty of cabins in the area that won’t remind you of C.W. McCall’s hit, Convoy!

Reserve your stay at Mountain Vista soon. Breaker, breaker 1-9…you’ll truly have a “Quiet Riot!”