5 Things To Never Pay For In Beavers Bend

There are 5 things to never pay for in Beavers Bend when staying at a luxury cabin rental.

2016 has arrived and it is time to plan your cabin getaway to Broken Bow, OK. There are a few things to consider while researching top cabins in Beavers Bend. New add-on fees keep popping up with many cabin management companies.

Never pay…

Firewood Fees: We left free firewood for our New Year’s Eve guests and they appreciated it so much they sent us this picture around the campfire. Many other cabin management companies will charge you over $100 for a few sticks of wood. It’s on the house at Mountain Vista. Our guests knew how to build a nice fire!

5 things to never pay for in Beavers Bend

Cleaning Fees: This add-on fee began about a year ago in Beavers Bend. Scores of cabin management companies are now charging $70-$100 extra in order for their maids to mop. If you pay this fee, you deserve to be “taken to the cleaners!”

Resort Fees: One of the most clever add-on fees to hit the Broken Bow luxury cabin market in years. I’m still not sure what it means, but there’s no need to pay this.

Restocking Fees: Another cleverly coined fee. Everyone must “restock” their cabins. We don’t charge you for this one either. Ask your cabin management company “What’s the difference between a resort and restocking fee?”

5 things to never pay for in Beavers Bend

S’mores Fees: We provide free s’mores kits to all guests staying at Mountain Vista. Others charge you $50-$100 for a couple of sticks and a bag of generic marshmallows.

Insurance Fees: This “gotcha charge” began in Beavers Bend a few years ago. Countless management companies are trying to play State Farm Insurance agents when you book a cabin in Broken Bow. Like a good neighbor, we were the first to write about this fee years ago. Do the math and you’ll realize it’s a bad deal for you and a great one for them.

There will undoubtedly be more add-on fees in Beavers Bend in 2016. Never with us…Hopefully, the next up-charge won’t result in a guy wearing a trench coat visiting your cabin and asking, “Hey, want to buy a watch?”

Reserve your holiday and peak dates soon at Mountain Vista. Our calendar begins to quickly fill during the next few weeks. Our winter special continues through February…Arrive on Sunday-Tuesday and receive a 20% discount.

Remember to do your homework before reserving a luxury cabin. Take into account these 5 things you should never pay for in Beavers Bend.

Winter is wonderful at Mountain Vista! Contact us at 405-535-8055 or reserve online to experience our 20-mile view of serenity. One thing you won’t experience is add-on fees!

5 things you should never pay for in Beavers Bend

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