Side Angle Side

I’ve emphasized doing your homework before reserving a luxury cabin in Beavers Bend for years. I took a few pics of area cabins yesterday to help you understand how many are marketed in the area.

These two cabins look fantastic on the Internet, marketed with beautiful pictures, all with tight shots. Why do they only do tight shots rather than showing a perimeter property pic? It’s because you can literally spit and reach the cabin next door and a porta potty! They didn’t show this on the website.

Remember the term side angle side from geometry? Yep, I hated it too, but it serves a purpose here. Always make sure you have pictures of all property sides and angles before booking a luxury cabin in Beavers Bend. We provide videos of our property at

These cabins are set on a dusty road near a bar with loud music playing on weekend nights. Unless you like hearing Amarillo By Morning blasting at stratospheric decibel ranges at midnight, you’ll probably want to look for a more secluded getaway location.

We have acres of seclusion in the upscale Southern Hills Addition…and no porta potties!