Resort Fees Under Scrutiny

Resort Fees Under Scrutiny

Resort fees are under scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission according to an article in the Washington Post.

We were the first to take a stand against greedy resort fees in Beavers Bend State Park several years ago. Now, a few cabin management companies in Broken Bow have followed our lead and wave the “No Add-On Fees” flag.

Wyndham Worldwide is facing a lawsuit from customers. Consumers are sick and tired of paying needless fees. I’ve heard a plethora of feedback from Beavers Bend luxury cabin guess and they echo our sentiments…

Resort and add-on fees are wrong.

After I began writing about resort fees in Beavers Bend a few years ago, a few new terms were formed. Hot tub, incidental, cleaning…we’re due for a new fee name soon.

Here’s a quick refresher course…

  • Never pay hot tub fees
  • Never pay resort fees
  • Never pay cleaning fees…unless you leave the cabin untidy. 
  • Never pay firewood fees
  • Never pay incidental fees
  • Never pay insurance fees

“Resort fees allow a hotel to advertise one low price but charge a much higher price to a guest when they arrive at the hotel. It is truly shameful behavior,” according to @KillResortFees. 

Resort Fees Under Scrutiny

Their website has a wealth of information for the novice to seasoned traveler.

When shopping for a luxury cabin in Broken Bow, pay attention to more than simply the advertised price. Dig through the terms and conditions and look for these unnecessary resort fees.

Summer weekend dates are full at Mountain Vista until mid-August. Limited weekdays are available in July.

Fall Foliage dates will begin filling quickly. Make your October-November Beavers Bend reservations soon. It’s one of the busiest times of the year in our area.

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Thousands read our blog monthly. Contact me if there’s a topic you’d like more information on in Beavers Bend State Park. Remember, you’ll never be “dogged” with unnecessary fees at Mountain Vista!

Resort Fees Under Scrutiny

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Hey Man, You’re Posting On My Page…


I received a nasty, barley coherent message on my voicemail recently that questioned my integrity, She sounded like a female version of either Cheech or Chong. I called back in seconds and may have set the world speed dialing record.

“You’ve been posting on my Facebook page for months and it’s very unethical, I want you to stop,” she said.

This Beavers Bend cabin management person had just shown her true colors. After five-seconds of questioning, I realized she didn’t know the difference between an algorithm and Atoka.

She’d seen our Facebook sponsored ads come across her timeline, and being completely uneducated about social media, didn’t have a clue.

I told her we couldn’t control where Facebook sends our ads and we only post on our mediums. “You’re completely wrong,” I said.

Do you know the difference between Facebook timelines, business pages and sponsored ads,” I asked?  “Hmm…No,” she said.

Huge mistake on her part…she then said “Oh, I see another cabin company on my Facebook page now.” 

At this point I almost felt sorry for her. My sentiments quickly turned to her cabin owners. They trust her as a marketing and media expert. Man, are they getting taken to the cleaners.

I began thinking about cabin owners paying her to tons of money to market their $300K-$1-million luxury cabin investments…and she admittedly knows nothing about marketing or social media platforms.

I advised her to do a little research; her cabin owners would appreciate it. I politely told her to never call me again.

I’d love to play her message for you, but there’s no need to crumble her. Despite the fact that while doing global marketing for 30 years, I’ve never received such an incompetent burst of uneducated and rude blabber.

Her ineptness and lack of trying to learn marketing and media 101 is a shot in the heart to her Beavers Bend luxury cabin owners. Many owners are rolling the dice…hoping and praying their cabin management company isn’t living in the media stone age.

She’s stuck in the Paleolithic era.

If you’re searching for a marketing/media and property management company in Beavers Bend, do your homework.

Is your luxury cabin stuck on a website with 30-60 other cabins and you’re not receiving world-class marketing and media?

You have a choice…and it doesn’t have to be Cheech or Chong…

We can help.

No, she didn’t apologize.

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Beavers Bend Brewery

Beavers Bend Brewery

I enjoyed touring the Beavers Bend Brewery recently and learning about one of the newest tourist attractions near Broken Bow Lake.

They’re located next to Girls Gone Wine on Highway 259 North. The Beavers Bend Brewery features a plethora of hand-crafted beers on tap and a growler.

Beavers Bend Brewery

The Beavers Bend Brewery has a beautiful and spacious outdoor seating area. It’s a perfect place to enjoy sipping a cold-one while visiting the Kiamichi Mountains.

Beavers Bend Brewery

 Their staff is welcoming and knowledgable and will quickly make you feel at home. The brewery is only a few minutes drive from Mountain Vista luxury cabin. Make sure to visit the Beavers Bend Brewery on your next trip to Broken Bow, OK.

Beavers Bend Brewery

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Great Fishing On Broken Bow Lake

Beavers Bend guests are enjoying great fishing on Broken Bow Lake.

My favorite guide, Bryce Archey, says bass and walleye have been hitting the lure feverishly. His upcoming focus will be on bass and says the fishing should be tremendous through the end of June. Many experts say fishing is the best since the 1970’s.

Bryce is highly sought after as a guide and booked until mid-June. He’s great with kids to pro anglers and always makes the outing fun.

I annually go out with Bryce during the dog days of August and we’ve never had a slow day of fishing. His experience and ability to adjust to water levels and temperatures has given him rock-star status with the rod and reel on Broken Bow Lake.

fishing conditions on broken bow lake


Bryce provides all the equipment and snacks to make your outing perfect. You only need an Oklahoma fishing license to be set for a tremendous angling adventure.

We have fish and stay packages available with Bryce at

Contact Bryce at for a fishing experience of a lifetime on Broken Bow Lake.

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