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Resort Fees Under Scrutiny

Resort Fees Under Scrutiny

Resort fees are under scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission according to an article in the Washington Post.

We were the first to take a stand against greedy resort fees in Beavers Bend State Park several years ago. Now, a few cabin management companies in Broken Bow have followed our lead and wave the “No Add-On Fees” flag.

Wyndham Worldwide is facing a lawsuit from customers. Consumers are sick and tired of paying needless fees. I’ve heard a plethora of feedback from Beavers Bend luxury cabin guess and they echo our sentiments…

Resort and add-on fees are wrong.

After I began writing about resort fees in Beavers Bend a few years ago, a few new terms were formed. Hot tub, incidental, cleaning…we’re due for a new fee name soon.

Here’s a quick refresher course…

  • Never pay hot tub fees
  • Never pay resort fees
  • Never pay cleaning fees…unless you leave the cabin untidy. 
  • Never pay firewood fees
  • Never pay incidental fees
  • Never pay insurance fees

“Resort fees allow a hotel to advertise one low price but charge a much higher price to a guest when they arrive at the hotel. It is truly shameful behavior,” according to @KillResortFees. 

Resort Fees Under Scrutiny

Their website has a wealth of information for the novice to seasoned traveler.

When shopping for a luxury cabin in Broken Bow, pay attention to more than simply the advertised price. Dig through the terms and conditions and look for these unnecessary resort fees.

Summer weekend dates are full at Mountain Vista until mid-August. Limited weekdays are available in July.

Fall Foliage dates will begin filling quickly. Make your October-November Beavers Bend reservations soon. It’s one of the busiest times of the year in our area.

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Thousands read our blog monthly. Contact me if there’s a topic you’d like more information on in Beavers Bend State Park. Remember, you’ll never be “dogged” with unnecessary fees at Mountain Vista!

Resort Fees Under Scrutiny

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Moon Tower Bar and Grill Review


Moon Tower Bar and Grill

I enjoyed a couple of outstanding meals last week at the Moon Tower Bar and Grill in Beavers Bend.

Chef Tabb Singleton, a two-time champion on the Food Network, delivered quality meals on both occasions. I had the Mac-N-Cheese seafood special on Monday and it was delicious. It was loaded with huge, fresh shrimp and a terrific sauce. The dish included the best tasting ham and bacon I’ve experienced. Chef Singleton told me he has great connections from his days as a top chef in New Orleans, and its evident he demands only the best from suppliers.

Sweet Asian, roasted garlic-red pepper,
mango-habanero, ghost pepper…50 cents wings until sold out

Moon Tower Bar and Grill

Wednesday was wing night at The Moon Tower Bar and Grill and I started off with each of Chef Singleton’s creations. They were excellent and each was very different in flavor. Chef Singleton even stopped by my table and let me know which I should try first to last. It was amazing and my palate was treated to wing flavors from around the planet!

Blackened catfish, black eye pea “Hoppin’ John, green tomato relish and lemon aioli

Moon Tower Bar and Grill Review

I ordered the blackened catfish after downing a few wings and it was simply the best dish I’ve experienced in Beavers Bend. I’ve been dining in the area since 1972! The taste was outstanding as the rice and peas complimented the catfish tremendously. These weren’t normal peas…they provided my taste buds with an extraterrestrial trip that you can only experience at the Moon Tower!

The staff is tremendous, the restaurant and bathroom were spotless, and I was able to view other dishes coming out of the kitchen during my stay. The Mountain Fork Burger was a site to behold…holy cow, it looked incredible!

A local told me it was the best burger on earth and the meat was tremendous.

Thanks to Chef Singleton, Brian Farley and the gang at Moon Tower. I’ll definitely be back often!

A reminder that our winter special at Mountain Vista luxury cabin continues through February. Arrive Sunday-Tuesday and receive a 20% discount.

Join the thousands taking advantage of […]

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Food Network Champion Chef Opens Beavers Bend Restaurant


Tabb Singleton Beavers Bend chef

The Moon Tower Bar and Grill, led by executive Chef Tabb Singleton, has opened to rave reviews near Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake.

Singleton, a native of Southeastern Oklahoma and former executive chef in New Orleans, won the Food Network’s “Chopped” in 2012 and was also crowned champion of  “Deep Fried Masters.”

The fame of winning these nationally televised shows skyrocketed his career.

“The process of getting on “Chopped” took about four-months. They (Food Network) had recruiters in the area checking restaurants out…a group came in to eat and I was running the restaurant for Emeril Lagasse, (world famous chef)) that night. They were sitting close to the kitchen. I had to tear into one of the line cooks verbally because he wasn’t doing what he was supposed to be doing, and they got a kick out of it,” Singleton said.

It had been Tabb’s long-time goal to appear on the Food Network. His dream would soon become a reality. Everything was about to change. That line cook’s blunder became a metamorphosis leading to millions realizing Tabb’s tremendous talent in the kitchen.

Chef Tabb Singleton was now a rock-star…the rest is history.

Suddenly, a guy from the tiny town of Idabel, OK was a celebrity and shooting a TV show in New York City. Everywhere he went, he was recognized.

Tabb says the fame of winning both shows led to a hectic life. It catapulted him into the limelight throughout the Crescent City and United States.

“We had a lot of people coming in to take a picture with me at the restaurant in New Orleans. I did a lot of autographs. When you win a national television show, you have everybody coming out of the woodwork,” he said.

Moon Tower Bar and Grill Broken Bow                                     Moon tower Bar and Grill

I toured Tabb’s beautiful new restaurant recently before his lunch-hour rush. The Moon Tower Bar and Grill has been open for a few months and it’s the talk of the town among locals and tourists. Tabb has dreams of opening restaurants in larger markets, but wants to keep a firm hold on the culinary scene near Broken Bow […]

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Hochatown Distilling Company

Hochatown Distilling Company

The Hochatown Distilling Company will open soon near Beavers Bend State Park. This will be a hot spot for tourists to wet their whistles while vacationing near Broken Bow Lake.

Sherri and I enjoyed a nice visit with owner Kerri McDaniel recently. Their beautiful gift shop is already open. The distillery and tasting room will be unveiled soon.

Hochatown Distilling Company

We were greeted with a friendly smile and great hospitality from Kerri as we checked out this new facility. It’s located a few minutes north of the Stevens Gap/Broken Bow Lake exit on Highway 259.

Being a marketing and media guy, I immediately realized they “get it.” The facility is first-class and their gift shop is adorned with scores of high-end merchandise. There’s no doubt the Hochatown Distilling Company will be highly successful.

Approximately two-million tourists visit Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake annually. The Oklahoma economy is horrible now with low oil prices, but tourism is booming better than ever in Broken Bow, OK.

Visit the Hochatown Distilling Company during your next trip to Beavers Bend State Park.

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