New Beavers Bend Meat Market

Mountain Man Meat Market and Catering

You must visit Beavers Bend’s new meat market during your next trip to Broken Bow Lake.

I met the owners of Mountain Man Meat Market and Catering recently and was blown away by their kindness and quality meats.  I sampled their in-house smoked turkey and enjoyed a BBQ sandwich for lunch. They were fantastic!

Beavers Bend's New Meat Market

The owners moved to Beavers Bend from Mississippi after hard times hit the oil industry. They feature daily lunch specials and everything you’ll need to enjoy an evening of grilling at Mountain Vista cabin.

Their ribs and pork chops were fantastic on the Mountain Vista grill and we look forward to seeing their business flourish. This isn’t your typical meat market…its gourmet and upscale cuisine.

Beavers Bend's new meat market

Grilling ribs at Mountain Vista!

If you don’t feel like cooking yourself while staying in a Beavers Bend luxury cabin, take advantage of their catering service. Mountain Man Meat Market and Catering is located about a mile south of the Beavers Bend exit on Highway 259.

The oil bust has turned into a huge boom for Beavers Bend visitors. You’ll love their service and food!