Hochatime A Huge Hit In Beavers Bend

Hochatime A Huge Hit in Beavers Bend

The Hochatime brand has become enormously popular for Broken Bow Lake fans.

I’ve bought their products and enjoyed following them on social media for years. I’ve admired their marketing savvy and have wanted to write about them for quite awhile. Finally, I was able to meet their wonderful staff. They moved into a hip new facility a few months ago. Kim Kennedy and staff are wonderful people and you’ll love their beautiful store.

Hochatime A Huge Hit In Beavers Bend


The Hochatime hashtag is a huge hit and it’s common to see a Hochatime hat photo from around the world on Instagram.

Get on “Hochatime” and visit Kim and the gang during your next stay in Beavers Bend.

Hochatime A Huge Hit in Beavers BendHochatime A Huge Hit In Beavers Bend

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Beautiful New Gym In Beavers Bend

Beautiful New Gym In Beavers Bend

Sherri and I, along with the Grand Champ show dog, visited BMW Fitness near Beavers Bend and enjoyed meeting owner, Ben Wharry.

Guests at Mountain Vista Cabin receive free day passes. 

BMW Fitness is a new state-of-the-art gym off of highway 259 in Hochatown. Business is booming with locals and tourists wanting to get in shape in a clean environment with the latest fitness technology.

Beautiful New Gym In Beavers Bend

Many Broken Bow Lake area visitors love getting in a workout while in town. Unit now, there hasn’t been an upscale gym available. I’ve worked out in spectacular gyms throughout the country and this ranks up there with the best.

Ben has a long history of successfully transforming clients fitness levels. He can do the same for you and provide fresh ideas to enhance your workouts. If you want healthy meals delivered to your cabin, Ben and his staff offer a plethora of options.

Beautiful New Gym In Beavers Bend

We loved the atmosphere at BMW Fitness and Ben was a tremendous host. For a list of activities in Beavers Bend, download our free app.

When staying in a Broken Bow cabin, make sure to visit BMW Fitness!

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