May 2020 Beavers Bend Update

Sunset at Mountain Vista Cabin

Stunning sunsets at Mountain Vista Cabin

Scores of people are escaping the concrete jungle and visiting Beavers Bend. Our staff at Mountain Vista cabin is doing a fantastic job deep cleaning and sanitizing between guests.

Weekends In High Demand

Only two weekends remain available in May and summer dates will be filling soon. Our guests have enjoyed experiencing “Cabin Fever” at Mountain Vista during the recent Covid-19 situation.

Mountain Vista Sign

Do your homework before reserving a luxury cabin in Broken Bow. Many additions have lots of construction. You don’t want to hear loud sawing noises while on vacation. No need to worry about this at Mountain Vista!

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Broken Bow Cabin Rental Tips

  • Ask if you’ll hear highway noise at the cabin.
  • How close is the nearest cabin or business?
  • Is construction occurring nearby?

Picture of Jerry and Sherri Isbell

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Beavers Bend Cabin May Special

Beavers Bend Cabin May Special

Broken Bow Cabin Deal

Save $100/night through May 16th at Mountain Vista Cabin in Broken Bow, OK.

Mountain Vista has three king bedrooms and most importantly, acres of seclusion with no add-on fees. Other cabins charge firewood, s’mores and insurance fee scams…not us!

It’s on the house at

Beavers Bend Cabin May Special

Jerry & Sherri Isbell

Choosing A Beavers Bend Cabin-Five Tips

  • A cabin management company often has 30-100 cabins. Good luck getting a returned phone call on a busy weekend. Try to have the cabin owner’s phone number. Rent directly from an owner, if possible. If you need a quick response, no one cares more about you than the owners.
  • Get video of the entire cabin property. Tight shots of a cabin often attempt to conceal there’s another cabin nearby.
  • Never pay add-on fees. Cleaning, firewood, insurance, s’mores etc. There are scores of  cabin owners that don’t gouge guests.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask about the little things before arriving. Does the cabin use generic products? If you’re spending hundreds per night, expect upscale amenities. No generic soaps or toilet paper!
  • Determine if you’re staying in someone’s vacation home or a rental cabin from a large management company. Sometimes there’s a big difference.
Beavers Bend Cabin May Special

Mountain Vista-Acres of Seclusion

Holiday’s and summer weekends are booking fast at Mountain Vista. Take advantage of our Beavers Bend May cabin special and visit Broken Bow Lake soon!

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