Ripped Off In Beavers Bend


Ripped Off In Beavers Bend

Mountain Vista

“How do I keep from being ripped off when choosing a luxury cabin in Beavers Bend?”

I received this sentence in an email from someone who has stayed at Mountain Vista many times. His family recently stayed at another cabin, we were booked, but they needed a quick getaway to see the towering pines in Beavers Bend.

They chose a cabin that looked great on the website. Nice interior and amenities, but upon their arrival, SURPRISE! It looked like the Beverly Hillbillies were living in the backyard!

“Several junk houses were around the cabin, trash in their yards,” he said.

Ripped off in Beavers Bend

It’s one of the most common mistakes Beavers Bend luxury cabin visitors make when reserving a vacation rental…not thinking about what’s near the property perimeter. There are many cabins that look fantastic on a website, but another cabin is a bowling ball throw away.

Make sure you see a video or picture of the property-front, back and sides. There are still scores of cabins being built in Beavers Bend and many areas will have you packed in like sardines. There are very nice cabins that are very close to other cabins, but you’ll never see this on their websites.

There is nothing wrong with asking for additional pictures of a cabin if you don’t want to meet the Beverly Hillbillies. Before renting, ask “What will I see several hundred yards in each direction?” You don’t want to travel four hours and spend several hundred dollars per-night only to be disappointed by Granny, Jed, Jethro and Elly picking banjos in their front yard!

Mountain Vista’s Deck View

The Broken Bow Lake area has many great luxury cabins. It’s easy to not get ripped off in Beavers Bend. Just do your homework, ask for references and ask about cabin views. You don’t want a view of Jed Clampett!

Weekends are booking fast at Mountain Vista; only six are available until July. Spring Break dates are nearly full-Memorial weekend and July 4th is currently available.

Contact us at and see why Mountain Vista is one of the most popular luxury cabins in Oklahoma. We feature free s’mores kits and Starbucks Coffee.

Unlike the Clampett’s, you won’t hit  “Texas Tea” on our acres of seclusion…but you’ll enjoy a variety of gourmet teas…on the house!