Meet Our Beavers Bend Guests, Dr. Elisa Sparkes

Renowned Oklahoma City metro physician Dr. Elisa Sparkes recently visited Mountain Vista cabin in Beavers Bend and raved about our vacation home and the Broken Bow Lake area!

Dr. Sparkes is highly recognizable in the Oklahoma City media market and has appeared on numerous television commercials for years.

Thank you for a lovely time at your exquisite home! Many treasured family memories were created!   We also appreciated the extra tips. The view at the Beavers Bend restaurant was amazing! Thanks again,” Dr. Sparkes said.

Sherri and I have long admired her compassion and tremendous ability to connect with the audience on camera in her Integris media appearances.

Dr. Elisa Sparkes, yet another tremendous visitor that we’re honored to feature in our continuing “Meet our Beavers Bend Guests” series.

Thanks for the kind words Dr. Sparkes and we look forward to your next visit to Mountain Vista cabin in Broken Bow!

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“Meet Our Beavers Bend Cabin Guests…” KWTV’s David Payne

DavidPayne_SAHe’s famous in the Oklahoma City television market for chasing tornadoes, reporting on treacherous winter conditions and delivering entertaining weather forecasts. When he’s not tracking a thunderstorm, KWTV Chief Meteorologist David Payne enjoys spending time in Beavers Bend State Park at our Mountain Vista luxury cabin.

We’re beginning this new feature highlighting several of our great guests who’ve helped make our Broken Bow Lake cabin such a popular McCurtain County getaway. Payne was chosen to replace legendary weatherman Gary England, who retired from on-air work at KWTV last year. Sherri and I have always liked David’s style, there’s none better to watch when wall-to-wall weather coverage breaks in Oklahoma City. When it’s 85 and sunny, you’re in store for a lot of humor and entertaining television. If deadly tornadoes or ice storms are approaching, he’s a no-nonsense, rock-solid professional.

Payne, a native of the Sooner State and graduate of the University of Oklahoma, describes Mountain Vista as “an amazing house, we always feel at home when we’re there…can’t wait to return and relax.”

The Emmy Award winner has also appeared on national media outlets many times during severe weather in Oklahoma. We have a great weather watching perch from our upper deck at the cabin looking westward. When Sherri and I are at Mountain Vista, I’ll occasionally snap a picture of storm clouds rolling in or video a massive rainstorm from the deck.


We’re thrilled that Oklahoma’s premier television meteorologist chooses our vacation home in Beavers Bend as his Broken Bow Lake getaway. Hey, wouldn’t you need an occasional break from Mesocyclones, lenticular clouds and squall lines too?

We look forward to David’s next visit and are pleased he always forecasts a great experience at Mountain Vista!

By Jerry Isbell


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