Top Four Mistakes Beavers Bend Cabin Visitors Make


Top Four Mistakes Beavers Bend Cabin Visitors Make

Are you searching for a luxury cabin near Broken Bow Lake and finding yourself unsure about how to choose a premiere upscale getaway in Beavers Bend State Park?  Well, you are not alone. Here are the top four mistakes Beavers Bend cabin visitors make. Make sure you avoid making these critical errors before reserving a cabin in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

1. Trusting Without Verifying: The old phrase from President Ronald Reagan rings true when choosing a luxury cabin in Beavers Bend State Park. We have previously told you about other cabin management companies unethically using our 20-mile view photos on their websites. Now, a luxury cabin company in Broken Bow is using “Mountain Vista” in their online marketing in hopes of tricking you into believing their cabin is close to us or features the same panoramic views we have been promoting for years. They want to be found in the same Google stream as us and have resorted to black hat tactics.  We find a little humor in this, but yet it is despicable. We have marketed the phrase “Mountain Vista” for years. Our vacation home, Mountain Vista, has been featured in numerous media markets and was showcased with a full-page spread in the Oklahoma Centennial Celebration book, “Treasures of Oklahoma.”

We have been lauded as “A Place To Stay” in Oklahoma by TravelOK and have hosted scores of happy guests over the years…by delivering on our promises and marketing ethically.  If you see “Mountain Vista” or our popular deck views on any private cabin management website but this one, it is false advertising. They are “Piggybacking.”

Our friends at TravelOK and the McCurtain County Tourism Association have full authority to promote us and do a tremendous job. Trust your cabin management company only after verifying their pictures and content is not stolen. If they have our view plastered on their site or try to cleverly use the name “Mountain Vista” in their content, take your business elsewhere. There are plenty of ethical companies in Beavers Bend not trying to ride “Piggyback.”

2. Paying Unnecessary Charges: Luxury cabins are an expensive endeavor and you usually get what you pay for when choosing a Beavers Bend cabin rental. However, be aware of a few “gotcha’s” such as firewood charges, additional cleaning fees (unless you leave a cabin messy) and bogus insurance fees. These fees are simply a way to gouge guests. I’m still amazed when traveling and a hotel tries to charge me $25=$50 for Wi-Fi access. If a cabin company is too cheap to leave a few complimentary pieces of wood for you to burn, find another one. If they tack-on bogus charges when reserving online, punt them and find another Broken Bow Lake cabin rental agency. Study a cabin management company’s Terms and Conditions…there are legal reasons why we all have them, but if they look ridiculous, there is usually a hidden fee on its way to your credit card.

3. Poor Planning Before Arrival: Make sure you know exactly what you will be renting. We have many public figures and private guests who have given us their endorsements through the years…it’s easy to check online. So… you have just arrived at your Beavers Bend getaway cabin rental and “Surprise,” there is a cabin so close next-door that you can hit it with a paper airplane! Wow, they did not mention this on their website! There are loud noises blasting from their stereo and lots of kids yelling… You left home for this?

Examples like this happen frequently to people visiting luxury cabins in Broken Bow. They call us when arriving at other cabins and want to know if we have a vacancy. Make sure you have clear pictures of the rental property perimeter before arriving. If you prefer some semblance of seclusion, find out exactly how close you will be to other cabins and how much free land you will have to explore by yourself.  Are you near a noisy road? Do you see professional videos of the property online that include the entire acreage?  Think about what they are not showing you on the website…and why they are not showing it to you…Then ask about the “gotcha’s.”

Be extremely cautious when you see homemade amateur cabin videos popping up on Beavers Bend websites. You know the ones…bad background music and shaky camera movement… they look like they were produced by a kid in his garage.

4. Not Looking For The Little Things: How involved in guest satisfaction is your Beavers Bend cabin company?  Does it feel like you are renting from a person who truly cares or just “some company” with a lot of cabins they need to rent?  Did you receive proper follow-up prior to arrival? Are they too busy to take your call? Pay attention to the “little things” when doing your research on luxury cabins in Broken Bow. “The top four mistakes Beavers Bend cabin visitors make” scenario does not have to include you.  You can prevent it. There are many great cabins and rental companies in our area…We like those who write their own content and publish their own cabin pictures…not ours!

Top Four Mistakes Beavers Bend Cabin Visitors Make

Follow these tips and contact us if we can assist you with travel plans to the Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake area. Our Mountain Vista cabin is not simply a rental, it is our vacation home. We are “hands on” in all aspects of property management in Beavers Bend and have a tremendous staff who truly care. Visit our website at  and if our cabin is not the right choice for you…too big or small, we will happily direct you to people whom you can trust.

June and July dates are filling up fast at Mountain Vista. Call us at 405-535-8055 or email [email protected] and let us help plan your next trip to the Kiamichi Mountains.

By Jerry Isbell