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Former FEMA Director Michael Brown and Jerry Isbell

Former FEMA Director Michael Brown and Jerry Isbell

My favorite charity is the Limbs for Life Foundation. I’ve served on their board of directors for about 10 years. As chairman of their governance committee, charged with recruiting talented new board members, I’m thrilled with our latest additions.

Michael Brown, former FEMA Director under President George W. Bush and native Oklahoman, joined our board along with national speaker and philanthropist, Adrianne Haslet.

I began talking with Michael about the Limbs for Life Foundation late last year. I was immediately impressed by his great heart and desire to help us provide prosthetics for needy amputees around the world.

Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise that will benefit the Limbs for Life Foundation across the globe. He hosts a popular radio show in Denver that is syndicated on iHeartRadio. He is a frequent guest on national television and a popular event speaker.

Limbs For Life Foundation

Adrianne Haslet

Adrianne lost her leg in the Boston Bombing terror attack and became a fan of Limbs For Life.  We became bigger fans of her. She developed a great relationship with our staff and has raised thousands of dollars to benefit Limbs for Life. Adrianne has been a world-class ballroom dancer for years.

A tremendous athlete, she recently received international media attention by finishing the 2016 Boston Marathon while running with a prosthetic device.

I heard Adrianne speak at a Limbs for Life luncheon in Dallas a couple of weeks ago and was floored. I know a rock-star when I see one…and asked her immediately to join our board.

Adrianne has an inspiring story, is a world-class speaker, and has been a tireless advocate for our foundation. She will take the mission of Limbs For Life to an entirely new level with her talent and dedication.

There is no research dollars spent with our foundation. All the research has been done…the cure is a prosthetic limb.

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