You don’t call a plumber if the car is broken… That’s insane. So is the issue facing cabin owners and property managment companies in Southeastern Oklahoma.

Oklahoma House Bill 2305 cleared committee yesterday by a vote of 14-0 at the State Capitol, now the fight against the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission continues. The OREC wants a “cut” from the luxury cabin rental business…wants to “regulate” us. ( They want our money…

Cabin owners and property management companies don’t “sell” cabins…We rent them, just as one rents a hotel room, bed and breakfast etc. That’s how we’re regulated. It’s worked great for decades.

Yesterday was great news for Oklahoma tourism. The private cabin industry brings in millions of dollars per year to Oklahoma. The industry has become enormously successful without intervention from money hungry bureaucracies…Perhaps that’s why we’re so successful!

Remember the old Cyndi Lauper tune?…”Money Changes Everything”

OREC…if we’re buying property, we’ll call you.

How about renting a cabin in the Beavers Bend/Broken Bow Lake area this weekend? Checkout the local winery ( and see deer and strolling along Mountain Fork River. We’d love to have you at the “Mountain Vista”.

P.S. They can’t take away our 20 mile view!

Jerry Isbell
[email protected]