Oklahoma Spring Break is quickly approaching. We’re booked during the Texas Spring Break week but still have availability for Oklahoma’s  during March 16-23. Make sure you have an Oklahoma fishing license and are aware of the proper places to ride ATV’s in the area. The fines are hefty, so make sure you know the proper protocol before visiting Beavers Bend.

Spend a few minutes and scroll our blog here…We’ve written about numerous topics and educated Oklahoma luxury cabin renters regarding things to consider before booking a getaway. If a feature isn’t on a website, consider it unavailable. Many times if a picture or amenity is on a website, it’s also not there!

For example, there’s another luxury cabin company in Beavers Bend using our 20-mile cabin view on their website for marketing purposes. They don’t have a view like ours! Do your homework. Broken Bow Lake cabins are expensive to own and operate, if done properly. Watch for cost cutting measures such as generic products and condiments in the cabin. Who wants to pay over $300/night for a cabin and use sandpaper for paper towels? Make sure you have a trusted company  to deal with and better yet, if you’re able talk directly with the owners, that’s ideal…Most owners will truly care.


Many times, a young cabin company employee taking your call won’t have their 30-50 cabin property details memorized and you can’t always depend on a website for truth and accuracy. Ask a few questions: “Do you have a great view?” “What’s your definition of seclusion?” “How close will we be to other cabins?” “How many acres is the property?” “Do I have to pay extra for firewood?” “Do you have add-on charges for bogus things like insurance and extra cleaning fees?”

We had a friendly couple reserve by phone a few days ago and were pleasantly surprised they were able to speak directly with Sherri and me, the owners. Unlike others who have 30-50 cabins and employ teenagers to take your calls, we have a vested interest in our visitors having an outstanding guest experience.

We own it! And the view!

4By Jerry Isbell