Beavers Bend Spring Break Tips

Beavers Bend Spring Break Tips

If you are looking for Beavers Bend Spring Break tips, you have come to the right place!

Broken Bow luxury cabins are packed for two weeks every March. Most schools in Oklahoma and Texas have separate Spring Break weeks. This is always the official kickoff to a busy tourist season in Beavers Bend State Park.

It is tough to fit in all the activities available in our area in only a few days. Hopefully these Beavers Bend Spring Break tips will enhance your stay in the Kiamichi Mountains.

1. Download the Beavers Bend App we created. It gives you loads of information and local tourist tips. Nearly every phone number or website you will need is located on the app. We also give our thousands of app fans periodic VIP specials.

2. Drive the speed limit. Law enforcement will be out in droves on Broken Bow Lake, in town and throughout Beavers Bend State Park. No heavy-footing the gas pedal, thus forcing you to contribute to the Broken Bow Municipal coffers!

3. Visit Adam and Eve’s Coffee House. We love this place! They feature tremendous coffee along with great breakfast and lunches. There is no place in Broken Bow that offers better service. This coffee shop would be a huge hit in Oklahoma City or Dallas.

4. Hire “The Broken Bow Lake Guide.”  Bryce Archey is the most popular guide in the area. I enjoyed a few outings with him last year and have more booked for 2015. 

5. Eat at Shady Oaks Restaurant. They have the best burgers in Beavers Bend. Their catfish dinner is tremendous.

6. Visit Girls Gone Wine. This popular winery is a huge hit with Broken Bow tourists. They feature a variety of wines and you can even make your own batch. 

7. Hike the David Boren Trail. The trail features scenic bluffs and terrain to challenge the novice or experienced hiking enthusiast. 

8. Play Cedar Creek Golf Course. This 18-hole gem receives stellar reviews from our guests at Mountain Vista cabin. 

9. Rent a boat from Beavers Bend Marina. They offer a variety boats to suit your needs. Make sure to reserve early and Spring Break is a peak time on Broken Bow Lake.

10. Enjoy dinner at Abendigo’s. This has been a favorite upscale restaurant for many years in our area. We always hear great reviews from our cabin guests after an outing to Abendigo’s. 

Follow these Beavers Bend Spring Break tips and let us know your favorites. Most luxury cabins are filled for Spring Break. We only have March 13th available.

Typically, we do not do one-nighters but will allow it during this peak period. If you already have reservations somewhere and want to stay a day later or arrive a day earlier, contact us at 405-535-8055.

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Tips on Buying A Cabin In Beavers Bend

Tips on Buying a cabin in Beavers Bend

Do you love Broken Bow and need tips on buying a cabin in Beavers Bend? Here are a few things we’ve learned through the years.

The tourism industry in Beavers Bend State Park is booming and many people have bought into the lucrative action by purchasing luxury cabins in the Kiamichi Mountains. If you’re considering building or buying a current cabin pay attention to the following details…

Building Vs. Buying an existing cabin: If you want to rent your vacation home and are considering building there are pluses and minuses. You can build exactly what you want but the downside is you will lose approximately a year of rentals due to the long construction time.  Luxury cabin construction in Broken Bow is often a slow, tedious process.

Building while living out of town: It can be a nightmare depending on how far away you live from Beavers Bend State Park. The year we build Mountain Vista resulted in about 30 round-trip jaunts to Broken Bow to checkout the progress. Being able to find a builder you can trust is paramount to easing the stress. They’re very difficult to find!

Why is this cabin for sale? There’s usually a good reason a luxury rental cabin is for sale…It hasn’t been renting well! To be a successful in the Broken Bow luxury cabin business your cabin needs to have a unique story. For us, it’s our magnificent views, upscale amenities and seclusion. We’re simply not “just another cabin.” Our aggressive marketing and media experience have helped Mountain Vista become one of the most popular luxury cabins in Oklahoma. We had the cabin rented for many days long before construction was completed.

Who will market the cabin? Do you have the experience to do it yourself? The competition is steep to be successful and it takes much more than a homemade website. Many first-time luxury cabin owners make the mistake of trusting a Beavers Bend cabin management company who already has 20-50 properties available. How will you receive personalized marketing and media attention when you’re competing against this many other cabins on the same website? Will your three-bedroom cabin be recommended by the cabin management company in Broken Bow or the other 15 they have available?  

Who to trust for maintenance and repairs? If you live outside of Broken Bow or don’t have local connections you can get taken to the cleaners when trying to have maintenance and repairs on your property. A long learning curve is usually required for new luxury cabin owners in Beavers Bend State Park.

These are just a few tips on buying a cabin in Beavers Bend. If you’re considering renting a luxury cabin to upscale clients let us know. We’ll help you break through the starting gate! Sherri and I can give you additional pros and cons of luxury cabin rentals in Broken Bow. We can also offer high-end marketing and video solutions to enhance your property. Contact us at 405-535-8055 or [email protected].


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