Benjamin Akande, Westminster College

Sherri and I enjoyed a great weekend celebrating my 30-year friend, Dr. Benjamin Akande’s Westminster College presidential inauguration in Fulton, Mo. “Kula,” our amazing champion show dog, was the “only” invited four-legged creature for a private visit inside the presidential office!

The fall foliage as we entered the Ozarks was beautiful. Although the weather was rainy and miserable, it didn’t put a damper on this festive occasion.


Ben has been a great friend and mentor during my career. He was raised in Nigeria and upon his arrival to the United States, he was destined for global acclaim. He was most recently the Dean of Business and Technology at Webster University.

He’s an internationally renowned economist and has achieved a tremendous media following during his years in St. Louis. Prior to this, he was a popular figure on campus at the University of Oklahoma where he earned his doctorate degree.

It was great spending time with him and rehashing old stories. He delivered a fabulous speech and it was emotional witnessing him accept this new challenge in a beautiful ceremony.


We were pleasantly surprised at the lovely Westminster College campus. Strolling hills, lush lawns, historic sights and great people make it an amazing place to visit. I’m not a “museum guy,” but the National Churchill Museum offered a great educational experience.

Congratulations Ben…Westminster will benefit greatly from your vision and leadership!