Fly Fish Beavers Bend

Fly Fish Beavers Bend

Fly fish Beavers Bend with world-class expert guides!

I was honored to have Rob and Jenny Woodruff stop by Mountain Vista to tour the cabin and checkout the views. We had a great discussion about fly fishing in Beavers Bend. They’re the only trout anglers in the region endorsed by Orvis.

Rob and Jenny are in high demand in multiple states and globally. Their kindness and fly fishing expertise blew me away!

Fly Fish Beavers Bend

They’re committed to showing you an outstanding adventure on Mountain Fork River. These world-renowned pros strive to preserve the river’s habitat. Rob and Jenny enjoy educating clients about multiple techniques and entomology.

Fly Fish Beavers Bend-Learn From Pros!

Proper conservation and fly fishing ethics are the reason they’re considered the top trout guides in the region. Rob and Jenny only accept two clients each per-outing. This enables them to provide top-notch individualized attention.

They provide Orvis state-of-the-art technology, including all the tackle and supplies you’ll need. Lunch is even provided on full-day trips. Rob and Jenny’s clients range from novice to professionals. They’ll help you improve casting techniques and teach you the fine art of presentation.


Follow Jenny on Instagram to see scores of beautiful fish and happy clients. Rob’s a perfect gentleman, but he doesn’t allow Jenny to get the upper hand when landing trophy size trout. Checkout his Instagram page!

Fly Fish Beavers Bend

We’ll have Mountain Fork River fly fishing and luxury cabin stay packages at Mountain Vista announced soon!

Remember to book your 2017 Broken Bow fishing trip early with them. They’re highly popular and spend over 200 days per-year wading the beautiful streams of Mountain Fork River.  All trips are catch and release.

Fly fish Beavers Bend in style with Beavers Bend’s only prestigious Orvis endorsed professionals. Contact Rob and Jenny to enjoy a fantastic day on Mountain Fork River.

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Beavers Bend Memorial Weekend Cabins

Beavers Bend Memorial Weekend Cabins

When you’re researching cabins in Beavers Bend for Memorial Day Weekend, there are a few things you should consider when trying to secure a spot near Broken Bow Lake and Mountain Fork River.

Many cabins management companies tend to oversell how many people their properties will accommodate in hopes of charging more per head to increase revenues at the sake of guest comfort. If you see a three-bedroom cabin being advertised as holding 15 people, think about it for a second…Would you want that many people in your house?

There’s a difference between “rental cabins” and “vacation homes” in the Beavers Bend State Park luxury cabin game. If you can deal directly with the owners, most of the time that’s a plus. The owner wants great people and a comfortable number of guests in their expensive luxury home. Large rental companies may not care…Some do. It’s usually churn baby churn, get you in and out and move on to the next guests when dealing with many of the mass renting property management companies.  Many will also charge you extra for firewood, insurance and use other goofy, guest gouging tactics. We don’t do it that way. Many will post unauthorized pictures on their websites or not let you know there’s another cabin a few feet away. It’s easy for a picture to make a luxury property look great…Make them show you a panoramic video view of the property. It’s much more difficult to be unethical with this form of media.

There’s still another rental company in the area using our 20-mile deck view on their website! It’s been going on for over a year. Beware of false advertising such as this.  As we’ve told you here before, do your homework when choosing a luxury destination. It’s tough for someone to have great quality control if they’re renting 20-30 cabins, especially during a peak holiday period. There are a few companies who are able to accomplish this task, ask us for a reference.

We’re gearing up for a fantastic spring and summer at Mountain Vista cabin in Beavers Bend. There are many great cabins in Broken Bow. Pick an owner or rental outfit that’s honest, ethical and has a good reputation.

Make your summer plans soon to visit McCurtain County. Our tourist season has officially arrived! Come enjoy the most scenic place in Oklahoma!

By Jerry Isbell


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Beavers Bend and Mountain Fork River Featured in The Oklahoman &


Here’s an article from The Oklahoman & NewsOK’s Ed Godfrey on our fantastic fly fishing  in Beavers Bend.

Visit us at Mountain Vista Cabin, the fly fishing is usually fantastic over the next several months. There’s only one thing better than catching a huge Mountain Fork trout…That’s eating them for dinner!

Here’s an “Albino Trout” one of our Mountain Vista guests landed.

DSC01712By Jerry Isbell

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