Questions To Ask In Beavers Bend

Questions to ask in Beavers Bend

There are questions to ask in Beavers Bend before reserving a luxury vacation cabin.

Don’t simply settle for what’s on a website. Ask for details. Here’s a few must questions that deserve answers…ask away before renting. This will help ensure that you have an amazing vacation getaway in Broken Bow.

  1. Do you charge cleaning fees? We rent as much as any luxury cabin in Beavers Bend and have for years. We never charge additional cleaning fees. We’ve only had a couple of exceptions when it was necessary to bill guests for leaving the cabin untidy. Make sure you understand what cleaning is expected of you prior to checkout. Leave the cabin tidy and you shouldn’t be billed any cleaning fees with reputable companies.

2. Do you charge for firewood? They’ll love it when you ask this question! If you live in OKC or DFW, firewood is expensive…we know! It’s not expensive to have it delivered in Beavers Bend. Make sure you get free firewood…no exceptions.

3. Do you charge for insurance? Beavers Bend has lots of insurance scams going on. Never pay insurance fees when reserving a luxury cabin.

4. Do you charge hot tub fees? This is a creative guest-gouging add-on charge hitting the Beavers Bend area lately. Our crews clean, drain and sanitize the hot tub between each reservation. There’s no need to pay this charge.

5. Do you charge resort fees? I’m not sure what resort fees are, but I’m sure you don’t need to pay them.

Make it a point to realize when you’re being scammed for additional luxury cabin fees in Beavers Bend. Pet fees are fine, within reason…there’s always a big gamble with a pet staying in a strange place. We’ve been in the dog show world at a high-level for 25 years…You should expect cabin management to be very particular regarding possible pet issues arising.

Take my questions to ask in Beavers Bend to heart. There are many great cabin management companies you can trust in Broken Bow. Find the company and cabin that’s right for you. Visit Beavers Bend soon and remember…never pay add-on fees.