Summer Update

Summer Update

We’re rolling through the summer at Mountain Vista and swamped with bookings. Only July 11-14 and 17-20 remain open this month.

Guests checked out today and sent us this note:

“Oh my gosh, I honestly can’t tell you how amazing it was and how much fun the kids had! Thank you very much for all the preparation that obviously goes on to ensure that we had a great time!”

We’re fortunate to have earned a loyal following and great visitors for years at Mountain Vista. Our top guest in 2015 stayed with us six times…they’re big-time fans!

No weekends are open at Mountain Vista in July and only two are available in August.

October is a perfect time to visit Beavers Bend cabins and enjoy the famous fall foliage season. Only two weekends remain open…it’s a very popular month.

The Talimena Drive should be on your must-do list when visiting Broken Bow in the fall. It’s convenient for OKC visitors visiting our area. Head to Sallisaw and down to Broken Bow.

The drive is stunning…

The winding roads provide picturesque views of Southeastern Oklahoma. There are plenty of  fantastic spots to pullover for photo-ops.

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Thanks to @TheRustieNail for including us in their latest blog, “Travel Guide to Broken Bow Oklahoma! We’re thrilled they had an enjoyable trip to Beavers Bend and grateful for being their featured cabin recommendation.

When you stay at Mountain Vista there are never add-on charges for insurance, cleaning, firewood, s’mores kits or resort fees. We’re an upper-end luxury cabin in Beavers Bend State Park with a stunning 20-mile view.

Summer Update

Scores of cabins continue to pop up, only for rental purposes. Mountain Vista isn’t simply a rental…it’s our vacation home. Sherri and I invite you to visit soon!

Choosing The Perfect Beavers Bend Cabin

Choosing the perfect Beavers Bend cabin

Choosing the perfect Beavers Bend cabin  for your vacation near Broken Bow Lake cabin be an arduous task. There are around 1,000 cabins in our area and viewing websites, studying terms and conditions and looking for hidden fees takes considerable time.

A large cabin management company touting 30-40 cabins may be unable to provide the personal touches you should expect when spending $300-$400/night. How could they? They are extremely busy juggling scores of cabins and reservation requests.

One of the biggest compliments we receive from guests is we usually answer the phone live. We also return texts and phone calls promptly. This is simply “Business 101” but I am amazed how people fail to do this in all walks of life.

Choosing the perfect Beavers Bend cabin

Our 10lb Champion Show Dog Guarding The Property!

Look for references when searching for a luxury cabin in Broken Bow. We are fortunate that many public figures have offered to lend their name to Mountain Vista’s credibility. Television anchors, CEO’s, politicians and even a rock star have helped promote Mountain Vista through the years. Maybe we should not include the “politicians!”

After reviewing many cabin websites it will be easy to notice a few “tricks of the trade” some companies use. Look for “tight shot” cabin pics with no view of the surrounding acreage. This is nearly always a red flag. They do not want you to know there is another cabin a few feet away. Another concern should be if you see no pictures of a view…this usually means there is not one.

Even if there is a picture of a great view on a cabin website, be cautious. We had another cabin management company using our 20-mile view on their website for two years. They simply took our picture from Google Images and plagiarized. 

When you pay for an upscale cabin in Beavers Bend State Park you should expect a view of serenity…not one of another cabin.

Choosing the perfect Beavers Bend cabin

Mountain Vista’s View

Make a list of the top 5-10 things you want in a luxury cabin. A view, seclusion, pool and shuffleboard tables, etc. If the latter two are important, stay in the city and visit an arcade! Save your money.

There are many great luxury cabins in Beavers Bend State Park. We enjoy referring people to other cabins on our recommended list if Mountain Vista is already booked. Do your homework, ask questions and look for hidden fees. Charges for cleaning, s’mores, firewood and resort fees will suddenly become “unhidden” once you receive the bill.

Contact us at 405-535-8055 or at if we can help you enjoy our fabulous 20-mile view at Mountain Vista!

Jerry Isbell

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