Beavers Bend Cabin Fall Foliage Special

Beavers Bend Cabin Fall Foliage Special

Take advantage of our Beavers Bend cabin fall foliage special through November 19th.

Stay two-nights and receive the third free during Sunday-Thursday stays at Mountain Vista luxury cabin.

The fall foliage season is underway in Beavers Bend State Park and the next few weeks will be spectacular. We received much needed rainfall during the past few days and that will enhance the vibrant leaf colors.

Beavers Bend cabin fall foliage special

Mountain Vista’s Deck View

The foliage surrounding Mountain Vista changes dramatically each day during this time of year. It’s truly breathtaking to view the changes occurring overnight. This shot was taken on October 22nd from our deck.

I enjoyed visiting with the staff at Adam & Eve’s Coffee House earlier this week. They have great java and food along with a fantastic gift shop. They are offering catering to luxury cabins and will make a formal announcement soon. I saw a few pictures of their food for a recent catering project and it looked fantastic!

We only have one weekend available at Mountain Vista until January. It’s December 10-13. 2016 dates are already beginning to fill. If you want a peak date for holidays or spring break, make your reservations now. Many people are amazed at how quickly the top luxury cabins in Broken Bow get booked for peak dates.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Broken Bow Lake area, two million tourists visit our Southeastern Oklahoma gem each year. We’re a highly popular getaway destination for OKC and DFW residents.

Download our Beavers Bend app for area information and promotional offers. The app gives you access to our blog that is read by thousands each month. We also have the ability to send occasional texts for last-minute offers and important local news.

The burn ban has been lifted in Beavers Bend and our guests are enjoying free firewood on our acres of secluded property.  Browse other websites and research how many offer free firewood. Do your homework and study other websites regarding whether they charge for insurance, cleaning, resort fees or any frivolous add-on fees. We also feature our highly popular free S’mores Kits!

Get to Mountain Vista during the next few weeks and enjoy the views. We hope you can stay at Mountain Vista during our Beavers Bend cabin fall foliage special!Beavers Bend cabin fall Foliage Special

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Burn Ban Lifted In Beavers Bend


The United States Forestry Service has lifted the burn ban for McCurtain County Oklahoma, including the Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake area. Enjoy your charcoaling and fire pits this weekend if you’re in the area.

We enjoyed much needed rainfall overnight and this should help our foliage season.

Enjoy the tune and Keep the Fire Burnin’!

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Meet Our Beavers Bend Guests, The Borrego’s


The “Meet Our Beavers Bend Guests” series continues. Scroll through the blog…we’ve had quite a group of great visitors through the years.

We’re fortunate to have a great following and many repeat guests at Mountain Vista in Beavers Bend. Mr. and Mrs. Omar Borrego visited our cabin again recently and like many of us, they’ve fallen in love with the Broken Bow Lake area.

The best part of having a luxury cabin is being able to share it with others. There’s nothing better than receiving a text from a guest upon arrival and it usually begins with “Wow, this place is awesome…!”

I’ve really enjoyed my interactions with the Borrego family over the past few months and we’re pleased they enjoyed their second trip to Mountain Vista. Omar shared a few thoughts about their stay…

“This was our second stay in five months at Mountain Vista. That should say a lot about our experience at this cabin. We left our first visit knowing in a heartbeat that we wanted to return soon. What impresses us the most about this cabin is the luxury feel of the cabin and uncompromising views it offers of the lush, green landscape.”

There are scores of luxury cabins in Beavers Bend. Very few have great 20-mile views and even less offer seclusion. The Borrego’s had an opportunity to compare us to the competition…

“We had a longer stay in Broken Bow this past visit. In our visit we passed other cabins which allowed us to size up Mountain Vista against other cabins. Frankly, judging by the setting of Mountain Vista being perched from on high…you just can’t beat that view. That’s what has us loyal to this cabin. We would highly recommend Mountain Vista. We have shared this retreat with our friends as accompanying guests. We look forward to sharing the cabin with many other loved ones in due time. Thank you to The Isbells’ for the accommodations. We can’t wait for our next stay.” Omar said.

Thanks to the Borrego’s for the great review! We look forward to their next visit to Mountain Vista.

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Burn Ban Issued For Beavers Bend

Burn Ban Issued For Beavers Bend

Burn Ban Issued For Beavers Bend

Unfortunately, fire pit usage is prohibited until November 3rd. Grilling is permitted if you have 10 feet of non-combustible surface surrounding the area.

Outdoor fireplaces are permitted under the same 10 foot rule. Indoor fireplaces are permitted. Gas grills only…no charcoaling, open flames or insect repellant candles are allowed until the ban is lifted.

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Fall Is Here!

Fall is Here!

Mountain Vista’s View!

Fall is here in Beavers Bend! It’s probably the most popular time of the year to visit cabins near Broken Bow Lake.

Beavers Bend State Park boasts sun-drenched days and chilly nights during October. Gazing into our secluded forest from the hot tub will keep you warm at night after an eventful day of hiking around Broken Bow Lake.

Autumn is the perfect time to gather around the Mountain Vista fire pit and enjoy our free firewood and s’mores kits! Most other cabins in the area charge for these and other amenities in Broken Bow like insurance and cleaning.  Spend a few minutes researching this, you’ll see! Remember to watch out for those add-on fees before reserving any luxury cabin in our area.

When autumn arrives in Beavers Bend, the excellent fishing follows. Make sure to hire a guide and fish Mountain Fork River and Broken Bow Lake. The area guides are really inexpensive if you factor in the money it takes to provide your own fishing equipment and boat. They’re well worth a couple of hundred bucks.

The Beavers Bend Folk Festival is a huge tourist attraction and thousands flock to Broken Bow for this annual event. Cabins are in high demand during this highly popular event and you need to reserve yours ASAP.

Fall is here!

When researching luxury cabins in Beavers Bend ask for pictures and videos of the property. Consider the seclusion offered by the cabin. Many cabin website pictures leave out the fact there’s another cabin within eyeshot. Mountain Vista is different!

Our cabin is on a secluded acreage in the upscale Southern Hills Addition. There are many great cabins in Beavers Bend, but many are a few feet from a busy road or near another cabin. Websites usually leave out this minor detail!

We have no weekend dates available in October or November. Several weekdays remain available to enjoy the fall foliage season in Beavers Bend State Park. Check our calendar.

If you haven’t been to Broken Bow during the fall, get here during the next few weeks! We’re enjoying prime-time weather and foliage until around November 20th. It’s fabulous!

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