Food Network Champion Chef Opens Beavers Bend Restaurant

Beavers Bend Food Network Champion Chef Tabb Singleton Update 7-3-20:

Chef Tabb Singleton returned to New Orleans for a few years, but is back in McCurtain County. His new concept is Phat Tabb’s BBQ in Idabel.

Idabel is a convenient pit stop for DFW visitors traveling to and from Beavers Bend State Park. Enjoy world-class BBQ on your next trip to Beavers Bend!Chef Tabb Singleton's Phat Tabb's BBQ

Pic of Chef Tabb Singleton's BBQ

Picture of Chef Tabb Singleton's BBQ

Picture of Chef Tabb Singleton's BBQ Chef Tabb Singleton's BBQ

Chef Tabb Singleton's sausage
Chef Tabb Singleton's sausage

The Moon Tower Bar and Grill, led by executive Chef Tabb Singleton, has opened to rave reviews near Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake.

Tabb Singleton Beavers Bend chefSingleton, a native of Southeastern Oklahoma and former executive chef in New Orleans, won the Food Network’s “Chopped” in 2012 and was also crowned champion of  “Deep Fried Masters.”

The fame of winning these nationally televised shows skyrocketed his career.

“The process of getting on “Chopped” took about four-months. They (Food Network) had recruiters in the area checking restaurants out…a group came in to eat and I was running the restaurant for Emeril Lagasse, (world famous chef)) that night. They were sitting close to the kitchen. I had to tear into one of the line cooks verbally because he wasn’t doing what he was supposed to be doing, and they got a kick out of it,” Singleton said.

It had been Tabb’s long-time goal to appear on the Food Network. His dream would soon become a reality. Everything was about to change. That line cook’s blunder became a metamorphosis leading to millions realizing Tabb’s tremendous talent in the kitchen.

Chef Tabb Singleton was now a rock-star…the rest is history.

Suddenly, a guy from the tiny town of Idabel, OK was a celebrity and shooting a TV show in New York City. Everywhere he went, he was recognized.

Tabb says the fame of winning both shows led to a hectic life. It catapulted him into the limelight throughout the Crescent City and United States.

“We had a lot of people coming in to take a picture with me at the restaurant in New Orleans. I did a lot of autographs. When you win a national television show, you have everybody coming out of the woodwork,” he said.

Moon Tower Bar and Grill Broken Bow                                     Moon tower Bar and Grill

I toured Tabb’s beautiful new restaurant recently before his lunch-hour rush. The Moon Tower Bar and Grill has been open for a few months and it’s the talk of the town among locals and tourists. Tabb has dreams of opening restaurants in larger markets, but wants to keep a firm hold on the culinary scene near Broken Bow Lake.

“I love this area, it’s my home…this is the first place I want to get something started,”

Tabb’s tremendous success and fame in New Orleans made it difficult to leave, but he felt it was time to venture off and open his own restaurant. The lure of returning home to the lush forests of McCurtain County became a powerful force. A force he couldn’t resist.

He couldn’t turn down the opportunity to be the biggest fish in a huge tourist pond. Tabb now caters to two-million people visiting luxury cabins in Beavers Bend State Park annually. He’s the biggest game in a town that hosts millions of visitors every year.  No one in the area can legitimately say they’re able to compete with him, or compare resumes. He’s the king.

The Moon Tower Bar and Grill features indoor and outdoor dining and has a beautiful amphitheater for live music.

Moon Tower Bar and GrillSingleton calls his menu “an open floor plan” and it’s constantly changing. “We do old classics and new stuff.” He was trained under famous chefs in the Bayou and boasted…”I throw in some Cajun!”

Fresh seafood is delivered several times weekly from his gulf coast connections and Chef Tabb is proud of the new flavors he’s creating in Beavers Bend. It ranges from upscale bar food to gourmet delicacies. The Ouachita Mountain region now features world-class dining.

Singleton attributes his success as a chef to “trial and error and the school of hard knocks.”

Here’s his advice for us that enjoy tinkering on the grill and smoker…

“I push people to experiment more than anything. If there’s a rub you see, try it. If  you don’t think you have enough salt, add more salt. Don’t be afraid to experiment.”


Chef Tabb Singleton’s latest venture has been a huge hit with our guests at Mountain Vista Cabin. The Moon Tower Bar & Grill should be your first stop for cuisine when visiting Beavers Bend State Park. It’s located off Highway 259N, a couple of miles north of the Steven’s Gap Exit.

 There’s no doubt Chef Tabb Singleton will reign as king for many years around Broken Bow Lake. Welcome home Chef!

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Mountain Vista Horseshoes

Mountain Vista Horseshoes

Our new Beavers Bend horseshoe pit has already been a huge hit with guests! Recent Mountain Vista visitors said they spent tons of time throwing shoes last weekend.

The beautiful new custom pit was installed last week with “Mountain Vista”  ingrained on the box.

Solar lights have been installed in case the battle for ringers goes past dusk. The Mountain Vista horseshoe pit receives additional light from the second level of the cabin. Seats are situated around the pit to provide relaxation in case of a grueling match.

Mountain Vista Horseshoes

The history of horseshoes dates back to the second century. Here’s more than you’ve ever wanted to know about the sport!  You’ll be able to see the Kiamichi Mountains from the Mountain Vista horseshoe pit.

Mountain Vista Horseshoes

When choosing a luxury rental cabin in Beavers Bend State Park there are a few things to consider…

  • How close is the nearest cabin?
  • How close will the nearest live music be cranking at night?
  • Does the cabin charge resort fees?
  • Does the cabin charge cleaning fees?
  • Does the cabin charge insurance fees?

Do a little homework before visiting a Broken Bow luxury cabin and you’ll have a much better experience. Also pay attention the popular “firewood charge.” If $100 for a few sticks of wood sounds like a great deal to you, go for it!

We never charge these add-on fees at Mountain Vista. The firewood is free along with s’mores kits and a plethora of other upscale amenities.

Mountain Vista has a few days open next week, but hardly any weekends available until August.

Make sure to download our Beavers Bend app. All the local hot spots are on it along with our blog. We created the app with Mobile Roadie in Los Angeles. Mobile Roadie does many apps for rock stars, including Madonna and The Rolling Stones.

Thousands read our blog monthly. The tourists love it… cabin property management companies charging you ridiculous add-on fees hate it.

Enjoy the new Mountain Vista horseshoe pit and please remember to wager responsibly!


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Resort Fees

Resort Fees in Beavers Bend

I’ve written about resort fees in Beavers Bend for years. Resort fees are bogus add-on fees that can raise your bill at a luxury rental property 20-30 percent.

Maui, our favorite place on earth, has been charging these for years at some hotels. Somehow these guest-gouging tactics made their way across the pacific and landed in Beavers Bend over the past few years.

Our favorite hotel in Maui, the Makena Beach and Golf Resort, has said no to these charges…just like we have at Mountain Vista. We’ve never had add-on fees.

Checkout their recent post about resort fees. Do your homework before choosing any luxury property. Lookout for the “gotchas.”

Our winter special continues through February. Check-in on Sunday-Tuesday and receive a 20% discount at Mountain Vista luxury cabin.

Our busy season for bookings is here. We’re getting numerous reservations each day. Make sure you secure summer and holiday dates immediately. Weekend’s are like gold at Mountain Vista, rarely do we have an opening on Thursday-Saturday.

We highly recommend the Makena Beach and Golf Resort in Maui and are happy they’re doing the right thing.

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Merry Christmas From The Isbell’s In Beavers Bend

Merry Christmas!

Thank you to everyone that has visited Mountain Vista in 2015. We’ve made many new friends and the feedback regarding our vacation home and stunning 20-mile views has been spectacular.

We knew Mountain Vista would be special when we climbed the hill and stood high-atop a truck to survey the view several years ago. The view took our breaths away but we had no idea about how big the Mountain Vista brand would become…we’re very thankful.

There are scores of cabins in Beavers Bend and many are now becoming simply “rental cabins.” Management companies are building cabins trying to capitalize on the two-million annual tourists that visit Broken Bow. Often, seclusion, luxury and views have been replaced by cabins 20 yards apart and generic amenities. We do things differently

Guests tell us they realize it’s our vacation home and not a glorified hotel immediately after arriving. 2015 has been our biggest year for repeat visitors. We have numerous guests that stayed six-seven times this year!


Our Beavers Bend app has been critical to our success and popularity.  Many guests take advantage of last-minute specials and enjoy VIP packages offered only to our app fans.

We were the first to blog in Beavers Bend and have thousands reading our content monthly.  Our blog has been an incredible tool to educate tourists regarding how to choose a luxury cabin in Broken Bow. We receive multiple calls and emails each week thanking us for bringing add-on fees to light.

Add-on fees are additional charges to your nightly cabin rental. Firewood, cleaning, resort fees and insurance charges are just a few of the terms many cabin companies use to gouge guests for more revenue.

We never charge add-on fees at Mountain Vista!

Contact us if we can help plan your luxury cabin getaway to the Broken Bow Lake area.

Many great things are planned for 2016. Sherri and I wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season!

Jerry & Sherri Isbell

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Fall Is Here!

Fall is Here!

Mountain Vista’s View!

Fall is here in Beavers Bend! It’s probably the most popular time of the year to visit cabins near Broken Bow Lake.

Beavers Bend State Park boasts sun-drenched days and chilly nights during October. Gazing into our secluded forest from the hot tub will keep you warm at night after an eventful day of hiking around Broken Bow Lake.

Autumn is the perfect time to gather around the Mountain Vista fire pit and enjoy our free firewood and s’mores kits! Most other cabins in the area charge for these and other amenities in Broken Bow like insurance and cleaning.  Spend a few minutes researching this, you’ll see! Remember to watch out for those add-on fees before reserving any luxury cabin in our area.

When autumn arrives in Beavers Bend, the excellent fishing follows. Make sure to hire a guide and fish Mountain Fork River and Broken Bow Lake. The area guides are really inexpensive if you factor in the money it takes to provide your own fishing equipment and boat. They’re well worth a couple of hundred bucks.

The Beavers Bend Folk Festival is a huge tourist attraction and thousands flock to Broken Bow for this annual event. Cabins are in high demand during this highly popular event and you need to reserve yours ASAP.

Fall is here!

When researching luxury cabins in Beavers Bend ask for pictures and videos of the property. Consider the seclusion offered by the cabin. Many cabin website pictures leave out the fact there’s another cabin within eyeshot. Mountain Vista is different!

Our cabin is on a secluded acreage in the upscale Southern Hills Addition. There are many great cabins in Beavers Bend, but many are a few feet from a busy road or near another cabin. Websites usually leave out this minor detail!

We have no weekend dates available in October or November. Several weekdays remain available to enjoy the fall foliage season in Beavers Bend State Park. Check our calendar.

If you haven’t been to Broken Bow during the fall, get here during the next few weeks! We’re enjoying prime-time weather and foliage until around November 20th. It’s fabulous!

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Broken Bow Cabin Specials

Broken Bow Cabin Specials

We announced several Broken Bow Cabin Specials recently for January and February and are happy to announce that December has been added to the promotion!

Check-in on Monday or Tuesday during the winter and receive 20% off (excluding holidays). Stay three-nights and the fourth is free!

Broken Bow Cabin SpecialsOur free s’mores kits continue to be a huge hit with guests. The Mountain Vista fire pit in Beavers Bend on a star-filled night is special. Don’t forget, the firewood is free!

Broken Bow Cabin Specials

We created Beavers Bend’s only app to showcase the Broken Bow, OK area. It’s a free download and features our restaurant recommendations, fabulous photos and VIP special offers. Join the thousands who have this handy reference guide and enjoy special benefits including great last-minute Broken Bow cabin specials.

Old man winter has arrived with a bang this week in Beavers Bend State Park. The changing seasons in Broken Bow, OK are truly wonderful. The fall foliage will be at peak levels a few more days. Our recent guests have reported having magnificent views of the colorful leaves from our cabin deck.

Broken Bow Lake and Mountain Fork River offer great fishing and hiking opportunities in the winter. When shopping for Broken Bow cabin specials, remember that Mountain Vista is not simply a rental cabin. It’s our vacation home. Because of this, we don’t charge unnecessary fees for cleaning, insurance and firewood.

Families on a budget can enjoy one of Broken Bow’s most popular luxury cabins and have money leftover for one of the great restaurants in Beavers Bend. Or, book an outing with a fishing guide on Broken Bow Lake.

Broken Bow Cabin Specials

Make your winter plans now and take advantage of Broken Bow cabin specials during December-February. Mountain Vista cabin features stunning 20-mile views, acres of seclusion and no add-on fees!

Contact us at 405-535-8055 or visit us at to reserve a luxury cabin getaway in Broken Bow, OK.


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Top 5 Inexpensive Activities In Beavers Bend

Beavers Bend Luxury Cabins at Mountain Vista

Are you planning on visiting Beavers Bend cabins and wondering which activities are definitely “Must Do’s” and easy on the pocketbook? There are many things to do in the Kiamichi Mountain region, do not try to fit them all in during a three-day visit to Broken Bow Lake. Remember to enjoy a little down time by reading a good book on our secluded decks at Mountain Vista. Here are a few suggestions that will help you make lifetime memories with your family when taking your Beavers Bend vacation.

1. David Boren Hiking Trail: It features easy and challenging terrains and the gorgeous bluffs and water views give photographers outstanding opportunities to capture the beauty of Beavers Bend State Park.

2. Coffee at the Beavers Bend Restaurant:  Take a jaunt into the state park area, only a couple of miles from Mountain Vista, and sit on the outside deck. It is the perfect way to start off your day while taking in the scenery of the Mountain Fork River. After coffee, take a short walk down to the river and take it all in. This area is also superb for snapping a few pictures. The sights and sounds are breathtaking.

3. Play Cedar Creek Golf Course: Known as “Little Augusta,” the towering pines, narrow fairways and plush greens will challenge any golfers skills and you will enjoy being nestled in nature. Their green fees are surprisingly inexpensive.

4. A Guided Canoe Trip Down Mountain Fork River: There are numerous outfits in Beavers Bend offering guided tours of this McCurtain County masterpiece. Get our app for a complete list of other activities we recommend. Whether it is Broken Bow Lake or Mountain Fork River, make sure you get on the water while visiting our area.

Mountain Fork River Floats

5. Horseback & Train Rides: Both are offered in the area and many of our guests love spending time with their children and introducing them to something outside of their comfort zones. When is the last time your family climbed aboard a horse? Give it a try!

Beavers Bend Horseback riding

Thanks for reading, we’ll continue to offer news and features about Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake here on the blog. Check back often, we appreciate our many readers!

By Jerry Isbell


2013 Beavers Bend Mountain Vista Cabin Final Thoughts…

IMG_32212013 is almost in the books, time for a little reflection and a nightcap on the year… It’s been an honor to host scores of great guests at Mountain Vista in Beavers Bend this year and we’ve had many highlights. To better serve our guests arriving at night, we installed a state-of-the-art sign that illuminates at night, allowing our Broken Bow Lake area cabin guests to navigate with confidence.

The feedback regarding our new sign has been overwhelming. It makes a statement of what’s awaiting up the hill. The booming sign is the first thing one sees before arriving at the cabin. It signifies everything upon which Mountain Vista was founded…Elegance, boldness and worthy of a stellar view.

Another thrill for us in 2013 was teaming with our old pal Neal Doughty, keyboardist and co-founder of the legendary rock band REO Speedwagon. Our latest cabin video highlighting Mountain Vista and the Broken Bow Lake area was given a tremendous boost with “Variety Tonight”. We go back over 20 years with Neal and were honored he allowed his legendary hit song to grace our website. See the new video on our homepage.

As usual, our friend Kurt Boxdorfer, founder of Legend Media Pros has been there for us with his brilliant expertise, creativity and passion. No deadline, project or idea is beyond his talent and vision. His incredible media production, videography and photography have been a cornerstone of since the beginning. I’m an OU grad, he’s a Texas grad…Wow, Sooners and Longhorns can get along…except for the second Saturday in October!

Finally, our greatest highlight this year has been you…The Louisiana family working hard, doing the daily grind and wanting to enjoy the best nature-filled luxury cabin experience possible, you return every January. The widow from Oklahoma, continuing the Mountain Vista annual October visit with family because her late spouse loved it and our cabin getaway is a “tradition”. The church group from Louisiana who has enjoyed worshiping on our deck for years and return annually in April. The girls getaway gang from Dallas who must have their annual three-day visit at our McCurtain County getaway to fly fish Mountain Fork River, take in the sunsets and enjoy our fire pit each February…

Without you, Mountain Vista wouldn’t be the same. Thank you. Let’s have a great 2014!

By Jerry Isbell

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Broken Bow Lake Luxury Cabin Amenities

photophotophotoIn our continuing effort to offer the best cabin amenities possible for Broken Bow Lake visitors, we recently installed the Keurig K Cup Coffee brewing system at Mountain Vista luxury cabin in Beavers Bend.  We love it!

Mountain Vista is available this weekend, then booked non-stop until January 5th. Dallas and Oklahoma City Spring Break families, begin your search now for a Beavers Bend escape in March. Each year we get calls from people wishing they had reserved a cabin earlier.

Winter is wonderful in our area and you can see for acres through our forest. Connect with us on Twitter @BeaversBend and search the Appstore for “Beavers Bend.”  Our app offers specials and tourist information for the two-million annual visitors to the Kiamichi Mountains.

Jerry Isbell

Great Summer Start in Beavers Bend

The sights and sounds of nature combined with luxury is wonderful…That’s what we offer!
Summer 2013 is off to a fantastic start at Beavers Bend and Broken Bow Lake. The lake and river levels look great and the view outside Mountain Vista’s master bedroom is stunning.
Check our website for summer openings. Our app fans always hear about our specials and promotions first!
Jerry & Sherri Isbell
Mountain Vista Luxury Cabin
Beavers Bend’s Only App!

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