Beavers Bend Tourist Tips

I had a great couple of days enjoying our Mountain Vista vacation home in Beavers Bend this week.

The cabin rental market is booming in Broken Bow. Dallas and Oklahoma City visitors frequently flock to the area for R & R.

Businesses are flourishing and McCurtain County’s Kiamichi Mountains continue to titillate luxury cabin guests. Visit Broken Bow on a Friday and you’ll see tourists lined in droves at the few red lights in town.

Tourist Tips When Visiting A Beavers Bend Luxury Cabin

We have a few weekdays available at Mountain Vista in September and only two weekends are open until December. Fall foliage dates are filling in October/early November.

Beavers Bend Tourist Tips

Mountain Vista Features Three Deck Levels

Pay Attention to Resort Fees & Add-On Charges

Here’s a great article from the USA Today about needless fees in the travel industry.

There are plenty of cabins in Broken Bow that do not charge needless fees, including us!

Pay attention to the terms and conditions before reserving any property. Look for things such as “We provide you a starter supply…” At Mountain Vista, we give guests free firewood and have no additional charges for insurance, cleaning or incidental fees. We don’t penny-pinch our guests by counting the number of trash bags and bars of soap provided. 

Beavers Bend Tourist Tips

A Mountain Vista Visitor!

We created the Beavers Bend app to provide you with area information and special offers. Download the app and you may receive a great Beavers Bend deal!

One of the most popular times of the year in the Broken Bow Lake area is just around the corner. We hope you can visit Mountain Vista in the fall.

Questions To Ask Beavers Bend Property Managers

Questions to ask Beavers Bend Property Managers

There are many questions to ask Beavers Bend property managers before building or buying a luxury cabin in Broken Bow, OK.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is sometimes difficult if you have no marketing or media experience. It’ll be worse if your cabin management company has limited digital and print marketing experience.

Ask these questions before signing a contract with any property manager in Broken Bow.

  • Do you personally inspect each cabin before guests arrive or leave it up to the cleaning crew to ensure the property is staged properly?
  • Do you charge resort fees to guests and will I get all or a percentage of this add-on charge?
  • Are you an expert in social media, printing and video production to help market my Beavers Bend luxury cabin? Show me examples.
  • You have 30-50 cabins on your website. Tell me about your background with market segmentation to enhance my chance of renting consistently?
  • How do you juggle owning a separate business along with marketing cabins?
  • What is your background in mobile marketing?
  • Will I get the names and contact information of each guest staying in my cabin if I wish?
  • Will I see each maintenance invoice?
  • Do you or the contractor markup maintenance fees on properties because it’s a rental?
  • Do you show professionally produced videos of each property, including complete perimeter shots?
  • Are you an expert in list, database and zip code marketing? Tell me about your background with this in large cities across the country.
  • Do you publish a newsletter and blog? How many people read it?
  • Will you charge my guests insurance fees? What percentage of this add-on fee will I receive?
  • Do you personally own luxury rental cabins?
  • Give me 10-20 of your cabin owners’ names as references.

Beavers Bend Cabin Labor Day Annuncement

Start with these “Questions To Ask Beavers Bend Property Managers” and add your own. You’ll be a savvy luxury property buyer in no time.

We created Beavers Bend’s app in conjunction with Mobile Roadie in Los Angeles. Thousands enjoy having access to VIP offers and information about Beavers Bend activities.

Contact us if you have questions about building and marketing luxury properties. If you’re considering purchasing a cabin in Broken Bow, we can help with marketing, media and property management.

There are hundreds of upscale cabins in Beavers Bend. Is your cabin standing out among the others? If not, you either need better marketing or a nicer property.

Beavers Bend’s Favorite Show Dog Wins

CH GCH Hilltop's Time For Kula To Fly & Sherri Isbell

CH GCH Hilltop’s Time For Kula To Fly & Sherri Isbell

Beavers Bend’s most famous show dog finished this weekend’s AKC dog show in Chickasha, OK with two Best of Breed victories!

As many of you know, we’ve been in the dog show world for two decades. When we’re not hanging out in Beavers Bend, we’re probably at a dog show with “Kula,” our six-year old Brussels Griffon.

If you’re considering a new dog, AKC dog shows are a great place to learn about different breeds from the experts. That’s how we got started 20 years ago.

Many of our Mountain Vista fans are from DFW and I’d recommend attending the Lone Star Classic December 8-11 at the Dallas Market Mall. It’s a huge show with well over 1,000 dogs.

We currently have rare openings in mid-December at Mountain Vista and 2017 reservations are already occurring. It’s very important to make your 2017 holiday and spring break bookings soon.

Happy Thanksgiving from Jerry, Sherri and Kula!


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Resort Fees

Resort Fees in Beavers Bend

I’ve written about resort fees in Beavers Bend for years. Resort fees are bogus add-on fees that can raise your bill at a luxury rental property 20-30 percent.

Maui, our favorite place on earth, has been charging these for years at some hotels. Somehow these guest-gouging tactics made their way across the pacific and landed in Beavers Bend over the past few years.

Our favorite hotel in Maui, the Makena Beach and Golf Resort, has said no to these charges…just like we have at Mountain Vista. We’ve never had add-on fees.

Checkout their recent post about resort fees. Do your homework before choosing any luxury property. Lookout for the “gotchas.”

Our winter special continues through February. Check-in on Sunday-Tuesday and receive a 20% discount at Mountain Vista luxury cabin.

Our busy season for bookings is here. We’re getting numerous reservations each day. Make sure you secure summer and holiday dates immediately. Weekend’s are like gold at Mountain Vista, rarely do we have an opening on Thursday-Saturday.

We highly recommend the Makena Beach and Golf Resort in Maui and are happy they’re doing the right thing.

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Fall Foliage Finale

Fall Foliage Finale

We’ve reached the fall foliage finale in Beavers Bend State Park.

It’s time to say farewell to this colorful gift we enjoy annually and prepare for a great winter around the fire pit. Remember, the firewood is always free at Mountain Vista. Do a little research and see how many other cabins offer this perk.

The drought definitely impacted our fall colors, but an average foliage season in the Kiamichi Mountains beats being stuck in traffic on the Tollway in DFW. I captured this pic a few days ago at Mountain Vista as I enjoyed watching the torrential rain from our upper deck.

The Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce just released a nice Beavers Bend lodging magazine. You can pick it up across the state at travel stops. It showcases many Beavers Bend cabins at all price levels. Mountain Vista is featured on the inside cover. Contact the chamber office for specific locations where the publication is available.

It’s never too early to plan next year’s spring break in Beavers Bend. Our loyal followers don’t play around…they’ve already booked most of the Texas/Oklahoma spring break weekends for 2016. Our holiday and weekend dates are very popular and 2016 dates are already booking. Check our availability calendar and reserve ASAP.

When planning your escape to the Broken Bow Lake area, remember to check for add-on fees before reserving. I wrote these top 10 critical tips you need to know before reserving a luxury cabin in Beavers Bend earlier this year.

It’s the season of giving and I encourage you to checkout the Limbs for Life Foundation. I serve on their board of directors and we donate prosthetics to needy amputees around the world. Please consider the Limbs for Life Foundation when planning your year-end charitable donations. It’s a wonderful organization and our slogan is “We’re not asking for much…just an arm and a leg!”

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Meet Our Beavers Bend Guests, The Borrego’s


The “Meet Our Beavers Bend Guests” series continues. Scroll through the blog…we’ve had quite a group of great visitors through the years.

We’re fortunate to have a great following and many repeat guests at Mountain Vista in Beavers Bend. Mr. and Mrs. Omar Borrego visited our cabin again recently and like many of us, they’ve fallen in love with the Broken Bow Lake area.

The best part of having a luxury cabin is being able to share it with others. There’s nothing better than receiving a text from a guest upon arrival and it usually begins with “Wow, this place is awesome…!”

I’ve really enjoyed my interactions with the Borrego family over the past few months and we’re pleased they enjoyed their second trip to Mountain Vista. Omar shared a few thoughts about their stay…

“This was our second stay in five months at Mountain Vista. That should say a lot about our experience at this cabin. We left our first visit knowing in a heartbeat that we wanted to return soon. What impresses us the most about this cabin is the luxury feel of the cabin and uncompromising views it offers of the lush, green landscape.”

There are scores of luxury cabins in Beavers Bend. Very few have great 20-mile views and even less offer seclusion. The Borrego’s had an opportunity to compare us to the competition…

“We had a longer stay in Broken Bow this past visit. In our visit we passed other cabins which allowed us to size up Mountain Vista against other cabins. Frankly, judging by the setting of Mountain Vista being perched from on high…you just can’t beat that view. That’s what has us loyal to this cabin. We would highly recommend Mountain Vista. We have shared this retreat with our friends as accompanying guests. We look forward to sharing the cabin with many other loved ones in due time. Thank you to The Isbells’ for the accommodations. We can’t wait for our next stay.” Omar said.

Thanks to the Borrego’s for the great review! We look forward to their next visit to Mountain Vista.

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Will My Beavers Bend Cabin Be Secluded?

One of the biggest questions people want to know when visiting the Broken Bow Lake area is “Will my Beavers Bend cabin be secluded?”

There are about 1,000 cabins for rent in Beavers Bend. Some are cheap, under $100. Many are expensive, well over $400 per night. If you’re choosing an upscale cabin make sure to check references and investigate what the term “secluded” really means on a cabin website.

Look for pictures and video of the property perimeter. Do you homework to make sure there are no cabins 30 feet away…you may not want to hear every word going on at the Jones’ Family Reunion next door!

Mountain Vista in Beavers Bend has three-king bedrooms and private decks boasting a terrific view of nature. When gazing westward, you’ll see a stunning 20-mile of the Kiamichi Mountains. We also have acres of seclusion in the upscale Southern Hills Addition.

The list of “Who’s Who” that have visited Mountain Vista is second-to-none. Dan Boren-former United States Congressman, Jeff Stone-CEO of Skeeter Boats, Toby Rowland-Voice of the Oklahoma Sooners and Jim Traber-Former Baltimore Oriole and OKC radio host, are just a few that have made their vacation destination.

We always feature free s’mores kits and firewood. There are no additional charges for cleaning or insurance and there are a few extras that our guests love! You’ll never pay resort fees or incur needless add-on charges at our vacation home.

Will my Beavers Bend Cabin be secluded?

Mountain Fork River

Many luxury cabins in Beavers Bend tend to oversell how many people they can accommodate. We do just the opposite…your comfort is our priority. Scrutinize any cabin stating they can hold 15-20 people. Sleeping bags scattered all over the place isn’t our style.

July is packed at Mountain Vista but we have dates available in August and September. The fall foliage season is only a few months away and it’s one of our busiest times of the year.

Will my Beavers Bend cabin Be secluded?

Mountain Vista, Broken Bow, OK

Make sure you know the answer regarding “Will my Beavers Bend cabin be secluded?”

We’d love to help you plan a Beavers Bend getaway. Two-million tourists visit Broken Bow annually for a reason…It’s gorgeous here!

Jerry Isbell


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