5 Tips Beavers Bend Cabin Owners Should Know

5 Tips Beavers Bend Cabin Owners Should Know

Are you a current cabin owner or thinking about buying one in the future? Here are 5 tips Beavers Bend cabin owners should know when dealing with cabin management companies.

  • Don’t fall victim to “The Shady 5-80.” The 580 area code has many great cabin management companies. However, many don’t like to show invoices to cabin owners for work done on their property. That’s a huge problem. Make sure you see an invoice for propane, and all work done on your property. Don’t settle for just a line-item on an Excel spreadsheet. Require an actual invoice from the company that performed the work. Don’t let the management company mark up the price.
  • Make sure your Beavers Bend cabin management company does frequent property site checks. Don’t simply allow them to have a cleaning crew do it. With hundreds of people visiting a cabin each year, repairs occasionally need to be done. A little problem can turn into a huge one without proper oversight from your cabin management company.
  • Don’t pay advertising fees or charges for something as simple as adding cabin pictures to a website. Many cabin owners have contacted us with horror stories about upcharges like this. If you want to know who is renting your cabin, demand the cabin management company to tell you. Many don’t want to do this. Perhaps you want to send a thank you card to the renters. I strongly feel everyone should know who is staying in their own home.
  • Do some soul searching if your cabin is one of 30-50 on a website. How is your cabin getting individualized attention when you’re just a number? What is the cabin management company doing to separate your property from others? Simply being on a website with many other cabins isn’t good enough. You’re relying on a hope prayer to succeed.
  • Demand professional video of your property. Don’t settle for iPhone junk or small pop-up pictures. Video sells…make sure your cabin management company knows how to market.

If you’ve fallen victim to the “Shady 5-80” as a cabin owner, contact us. With decades of marketing and media experience, we can help. We’ll charge you less than others and create professionally produced video. You’ll have access to our app that is enjoyed by thousands. The same company that made The Rolling Stones and Madonna’s created ours. It’s state-of-the-art technology.

We’ve experienced the “Shady 5-80” through the years. One management company had our famed 20-mile deck view as the featured picture on their website for about two years. Another currency plasters the words “Mountain Vista” on their website in hopes of catching up to us in search engine rankings. We’ve seen it all…

If you follow my 5 tips Beavers Bend cabin owners should know, you’ll have a greater chance of being successful.

Being a luxury cabin owner in Beavers Bend can be profitable and rewarding if you have something unique to offer and a marketing background.  If you’re not a marketing and media expert, we’ll be happy to help.

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Beavers Bend Brewery Moving To Hochatown

Beavers Bend Brewery Moving To Hochatown

Here’s a nice feature on the Beavers Bend Brewery. They’re moving from Idabel to the Broken Bow Lake area near Girls Gone Wine.

The post indicates a mid-March opening, just in time for the busy spring break season.

The tourism business continues to flourish near Beavers Bend State Park. Girls Gone Wine has enjoyed tremendous success and does a great job of giving back to the community.

The hottest new business to open near Broken Bow Lake is the Moon Tower Bar and Grill. Led by two-time Food Network champion chef, Tabb Singleton. Our Mountain Vista cabin visitors give it five stars!

Checkout my feature on Chef Singleton. This post about the champ has been read by over 250,000 since December.

Summer dates at Mountain Vista will begin filling quickly. Make sure to reserve your luxury cabin getaway soon. There are about 1,000 luxury cabins in Beavers Bend. Look for add-on fees before booking.

Needless add-on charges include; resort, cleaning, hot tub, insurance and firewood fees. We never charge add-on fees at Mountain Vista.

We’re back to normal in Beavers Bend after the December flooding. The park and lake are fully operational and fishing is fantastic on Mountain Fork River and Broken Bow Lake.

Plan your trip to Mountain Vista cabin soon and experience its 20-mile views, seclusion and terrific sunsets.

Download our app for VIP offers and information about all the hot spots in Beavers Bend.

Beavers Bend Brewery Moving To Hochatown

Make sure to have a cold-one at the Beavers Bend Brewery and a glass of vino at Girls Gone Wine. The Hochatown Distilling Company is opening soon if you’d like to enjoy a stronger concoction! The still will be available for you to see on March 1. Their beautiful gift shop has been open for a few months.

Listen to our latest media: Mountain Vista isn’t simply a rental cabin owned by a management company…it’s our vacation home.

Sherri and I invite you to experience Mountain Vista soon!

Beavers Bend Brewery moving to Hochatown

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Beavers Bend State Park Open Today After December Flooding

Beavers Bend State Park Open After December Flooding

Mountain Vista


Multiple sources just confirmed that Beavers Bend State Park reopened today. The park and Broken Bow Lake were closed for several weeks as workers cleared debris and repaired damaged roads.

Broken Bow Lake reopened recently and all boat ramps are available.

Beavers Bend State Park is a popular tourist destination for Dallas and Oklahoma City residents. Two-million tourists visit the area annually.

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Questions To Ask In Beavers Bend

Questions to ask in Beavers Bend

There are questions to ask in Beavers Bend before reserving a luxury vacation cabin.

Don’t simply settle for what’s on a website. Ask for details. Here’s a few must questions that deserve answers…ask away before renting. This will help ensure that you have an amazing vacation getaway in Broken Bow.

  1. Do you charge cleaning fees? We rent as much as any luxury cabin in Beavers Bend and have for years. We never charge additional cleaning fees. We’ve only had a couple of exceptions when it was necessary to bill guests for leaving the cabin untidy. Make sure you understand what cleaning is expected of you prior to checkout. Leave the cabin tidy and you shouldn’t be billed any cleaning fees with reputable companies.

2. Do you charge for firewood? They’ll love it when you ask this question! If you live in OKC or DFW, firewood is expensive…we know! It’s not expensive to have it delivered in Beavers Bend. Make sure you get free firewood…no exceptions.

3. Do you charge for insurance? Beavers Bend has lots of insurance scams going on. Never pay insurance fees when reserving a luxury cabin.

4. Do you charge hot tub fees? This is a creative guest-gouging add-on charge hitting the Beavers Bend area lately. Our crews clean, drain and sanitize the hot tub between each reservation. There’s no need to pay this charge.

5. Do you charge resort fees? I’m not sure what resort fees are, but I’m sure you don’t need to pay them.

Make it a point to realize when you’re being scammed for additional luxury cabin fees in Beavers Bend. Pet fees are fine, within reason…there’s always a big gamble with a pet staying in a strange place. We’ve been in the dog show world at a high-level for 25 years…You should expect cabin management to be very particular regarding possible pet issues arising.

Take my questions to ask in Beavers Bend to heart. There are many great cabin management companies you can trust in Broken Bow. Find the company and cabin that’s right for you. Visit Beavers Bend soon and remember…never pay add-on fees.

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Mountain Vista Unveils New Media With Old Friend

Mountain Vista Unveils New Media With Old Friend

Sherri and I have tried to be on the cutting-edge of technology since building Mountain Vista. Our vacation home has been featured in numerous media markets and enjoyed by many.

We partnered with Mobile Roadie, a Los Angeles media company, and designed an incredible app. Mobile Roadie created apps for the Rolling Stones, Madonna and a plethora of performers, so we felt they could handle us! Our app was the first luxury cabin app in the United States. Thousands have it and enjoy great getaway offers, including the latest news from Beavers Bend on our blog.

When we needed a radio spot to be featured for several upcoming promotions in numerous cities, there was only one choice…

Mountain Vista Unveils New Media With Old Friend

We chose our long-time friend and the best male voice talent in the country…legendary radio host, Brad Copeland. I grew up with Brad and he’s been a great friend since grade school. He began radio at age 12 and was blessed with “booming pipes” even back then.

Tune in and Brad will make you laugh each day during the morning drive on KATT in Oklahoma City.

The Mountain Vista experience you’ll feel when staying at our cabin encompasses many things, including my childhood growing up in Broken Bow. I spent scores of nights watching the sunset aboard a boat on Broken Bow Lake, or around a campfire in Beavers Bend.

I wanted build a great cabin and share those sunsets with others…we did it! The quiet sounds of nature and nightfall in the Kiamichi Mountains is something to behold. Take in a sunset from our deck, you’ll see.

We’re fortunate to share Mountain Vista with many friends. We also share it with strangers who quickly become friends. It’s been a magnificent ride and gets better every year.

There’s a unique bond between many who grew up together in Broken Bow. We’ve moved across the world, but close friends from the past still stay in touch. Perhaps it was something in the water from Mountain Fork River?

I’ve been blessed to have a pal like Brad Copeland since the 1970’s. Brad has a great heart and is an amazing talent. We’re thankful he shared his talent with us, once again.

Thanks Cope!


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Fishing Is Great On Broken Bow Lake

Fishing Is Great On Broken Bow Lake


Broken Bow Lake’s top fishing guide, Bryce Archey, reports fishing is terrific on Broken Bow Lake.

Bryce and his fishing buddy won a tournament last weekend on the lake and these pictures certainly prove things are back to normal. They landed 19 lbs. for the day, with the largest bass weighing 5.67 lbs.

“The lake level is normal now and all ramps are open. Beavers Bend could be opening in the next 5-10 days,” Bryce said.

Make sure to contact Bryce for an outing this spring on Broken Bow Lake. He provides a tremendously enjoyable day and this picture certainly indicates that’s no tall fishing tale!

Our 20% discount promotion continues through February at Mountain Vista cabin. Arrive on Sunday-Tuesday and enjoy our 20-mile view and luxury amenities. Remember, unlike others, we never charge add-on fees for cleaning, insurance, firewood, s’mores kits or resort fees.

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