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19 06, 2019

Beavers Bend Real Estate Tips


Mountain Vista Cabin in Beavers Bend

We love receiving texts like this from last weekend’s guest at Mountain Vista. Sherri and I do things vastly different than the typical cabin management company in Beavers Bend.

When reserving Mountain Vista, you deal directly with us…the owners. We don’t have teenagers answering the phone or returning emails. Guests rarely contact us with an issue at the cabin. If you have one, we’re a text or call away.

You’re not dependent on a large company renting 50-100 cabins getting back to you.

Jerry & Sherri Isbell doing media on the Mountain Vista deck Picture of Mountain Vista horseshoe pit

Broken Bow Cabin Management & Marketing

If you’re buying a cabin in Beavers Bend, we can help market it with the following:

We have decades of international media and marketing experience. Buying a luxury cabin is a huge step. Marketing with your own checkbook is something most haven’t done successfully. We have.

If you’re considering whether to enter the Beavers Bend real estate rental game, be comfortable with the marketing and media expertise of your property managers.

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7 06, 2019

June 2019 Broken Bow Lake Update


broken bow lake

Broken Bow Lake Closures

Bryce Archey tells me the lake level is at 610 feet and rising.  Normal is 602.50.  The Lakeview Lodge and Hawk boat ramps in Carson Creek are closed. Hippie Point is also closed.

Everything else is business as usual in Beavers Bend. I’ll update as I get additional information.  Follow me on Twitter @BeaversBend.

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5 06, 2019

Beavers Bend Mobile Mechanic


Broken Bow Lake/Beavers Bend Mobile Mechanic Service

If you need a mechanic while visiting Beavers Bend, Mark is your man. Mark’s Mobile Mechanic Service will help if you’re broken down while visiting a cabin in Broken Bow.

I’ve had a dead battery a time or two at Mountain Vista cabin and appreciate Mark bringing his tremendous service to Beavers Bend.

We have about two-million annual visitors in Beavers Bend State Park and vehicle breakdowns occur. Call Mark’s Mobile Mechanic Service at 580-212-2448.

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30 05, 2019

Dino Lalli & Discover Oklahoma Visit Rolling Fork Takery In Beavers Bend


Dino Lalli from Discover Oklahoma visits Beavers Bend's Rolling Fork Takery

Great seeing Dino Lalli from Discover Oklahoma this week at Rolling Fork Takery. He was in town shooting segments for his upcoming television show. Dino interviewed me about Broken Bow Lake area tourism and my favorite dining spot, Rolling Fork!

No Beavers Bend trip is complete without dining at Rolling Fork!

Dino Lalli visits Rolling Fork Takery in Beavers Bend

It’s been years since I’d seen Dino. He’s had a stellar career. We enjoyed visiting about Rolling Fork’s great food and vibe. Dino and I met while working in OKC media years ago. Just like me, Dino loves the Rolling Fork tacos!

Dino Lalli visits Beavers Bend State Park Mountain Vista Cabin’s 50-mile view from the deck

Book Your Beavers Bend Summer Getaway

Only one weekend is open in June at Mountain Vista. Two weekends are currently available in July. Download our Beavers Bend app for VIP offers! When you book a stay at Mountain Vista, you’re dealing with us…the owners. Not a large management company.

We Don’t Do Add-On Fees

Scores of cabins have additional fees for firewood, insurance scams and cleaning. Not us! Resort and incidental fees are rampant. We also give our guests s’mores kits and other extras to enjoy while gazing at our 50-mile sunset view.

Your next Beavers Bend stay is just a click away!

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28 05, 2019

5-28-19: Beavers Bend Is Not Flooded


Beavers Bend/Broken Bow OK Flooding Information Jerry and Sherri Isbell

Beavers Bend State Park Is not flooded

Many are seeing my posts from several years ago when the park was closed. Beavers Bend and Broken Bow Lake is open for business.

Summer dates are filling quickly. Only one weekend remains open in June at Mountain Vista luxury cabin in Broken Bow, OK.

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Video Tour of Mountain Vista

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6 05, 2019

Beavers Bend Cabin May Special


Beavers Bend Cabin May Special

Broken Bow Cabin Deal

Save $100/night through May 16th at Mountain Vista Cabin in Broken Bow, OK.

Mountain Vista has three king bedrooms and most importantly, acres of seclusion with no add-on fees. Other cabins charge firewood, s’mores and insurance fee scams…not us!

It’s on the house at

Beavers Bend Cabin May Special Jerry & Sherri Isbell

Choosing A Beavers Bend Cabin-Five Tips

  • A cabin management company often has 30-100 cabins. Good luck getting a returned phone call on a busy weekend. Try to have the cabin owner’s phone number. Rent directly from an owner, if possible. If you need a quick response, no one cares more about you than the owners.
  • Get video of the entire cabin property. Tight shots of a cabin often attempt to conceal there’s another cabin nearby.
  • Never pay add-on fees. Cleaning, firewood, insurance, s’mores etc. There are scores of  cabin owners that don’t gouge guests.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask about the little things before arriving. Does the cabin use generic products? If you’re spending hundreds per night, expect upscale amenities. No generic soaps or toilet paper!
  • Determine if you’re staying in someone’s vacation home or a rental cabin from a large management company. Sometimes there’s a big difference.

Beavers Bend Cabin May Special Mountain Vista-Acres of Seclusion

Holiday’s and summer weekends are booking fast at Mountain Vista. Take advantage of our Beavers Bend May cabin special and visit Broken Bow Lake soon!

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24 04, 2019

Beavers Bend Cabin Purchases Booming


Build It And They Will Come

Great piece from Rick Rowe at KTBS in Shreveport. Cabin building continues to flourish near Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake.

I’ve written many articles about the cabin game in Southeastern Oklahoma. Scroll through my blog to find out what to do, avoid, etc. You must have something to differentiate your cabin from others if you want a large following and great income.

We’re fortunate our Mountain Vista cabin has spectacular 50-mile views and acres of seclusion. This separates us from many other cabins.

Enjoy this beautiful video and contact us to market your cabin with professional video and social media on our website. 

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22 04, 2019

Legendary Fisherman Jimmy Houston Visits Broken Bow Lake


Broken Bow Lake Fishing Guides

It’s primetime fishing season on Broken Bow Lake. I recommend KD’s Crappie Guide Service.

For an outstanding bass fishing trip, contact Bryce Archey at

Bryce and I have “Fish and Stay” discount packages available in conjunction with Mountain Vista Luxury Cabin.

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