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4 04, 2020

Beavers Bend Cabins COVD-19 Update

2020-04-04T14:25:23+00:00April 4th, 2020|Beavers Bend Covid Update|

Picture of Jerry Isbell and show dog at Beavers Bend State Park

Beavers Bend State Park/Broken Bow, OK Corona Virus Update

Currently, there is one Covid-19 case reported in McCurtain County. Several restaurants, retail stores and wineries have closed. Others are offering curb service.

Beavers Bend Camping Update

Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake are open. Tent camping is prohibited.

RV campsites are available. Many are next to Mountain Fork River.

The pandemic has initiated many cabin inquires from DFW/OKC residents wanting to experience fresh air and seclusion in the  Kiamichi Mountains.

Picture of Mountain Vista Cabin's 50 mile view from the deck aerial picture of Mountain Vista Cabin

Our cleaning crew is taking all necessary precautions sanitizing Mountain Vista. Everything from door knobs to furniture and floors are receiving extra attention at our Broken Bow luxury cabin.

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26 02, 2020

Beavers Bend State Park-A Great Shreveport/Bossier City Spring Break Destination

2020-02-26T20:29:31+00:00February 26th, 2020|Bossier City Spring Break, Shreveport Spring Break Destination|


Broken Bow Cabin Rental Tips

Mountain Vista-Broken Bow, OK

Shreveport/Bossier City Spring Break Destination

Shreveport/Bossier City Spring Break is approaching and luxury cabins in Broken Bow, OK should be on your getaway list!

There are thousands of vacation cabins near Beavers Bend State Park. Mountain Vista cabin is a oasis for ArkLaTex residents.

One of our favorite long-time visitors to Mountain Vista is KSLA anchor, Doug Warner. Doug has been a friend for years and loves relaxing in McCurtain County.

Doug Warner and family visit Mountain Vista Cabin

Doug Warner, KSLA anchor and family enjoying Mountain Vista Cabin in Beavers Bend

Unlike many cabins being built close together in our booming region, we have a large property that allows you to jaunt through the forest in solitude.

Collage of Mountain Vista Cabin

Mountain Vista cabin has a 50-mile deck view and three king bedrooms. Guests enjoy free firewood, s’mores kits and a soothing hot tub overlooking our beautiful property.

There are scores of restaurants in the area. Our top dining choice near Broken Bow Lake is Rolling Fork Takery.

Pictures of food from Rolling Fork Takery

Here are a few additional spring break tips when visiting Beavers Bend.

Shreveport and Bossier City residents should make their spring break cabin reservations soon. Cabins in Broken Bow fill quickly. March is one of the most popular months.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for information about visiting Broken Bow, OK.

Shreveport/Bossier City is under three-hours from Broken Bow Lake.

Beavers Bend Vacations Broken Bow

Sherri and I invite you to visit our vacation home, Mountain Vista cabin.

Water recreation in Beavers Bend blank Mountain Vista Cabin Deck View

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28 01, 2020

What Activities Are There For Kids In Beavers Bend?

2021-06-28T12:33:23+00:00January 28th, 2020|Activities for kids in Beavers Bend|

Picture of child at Mountain Vista Cabin property

We’re often asked about activities for kids in Beavers Bend and I don’t really understand why. A simple Google search of Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake will tell you plenty.

Water recreation in Beavers Bend

I tell people if they’re looking for an arcade to occupy their kids, save your money and stay in the city. We have a massive property that’s great for hiking and exploring. One of our guests favorite activities at Mountain Vista cabin is hanging out at the fire pit . We provide free firewood and s’mores kits!

Children roasting s'mores at Mountain Vista cabin fire pit

5 Great Activities For Kids & Parents In Beavers Bend

jerry isbell

Spend a few minutes researching our area and you’ll see there are scores of great activities for kids near Beavers Bend State Park. It’s beautiful here! See our cabin video tour at 


15 01, 2020

Beavers Bend Tourism Booming

2021-06-25T14:28:22+00:00January 15th, 2020|Beavers Bend tourism|

Picture of Mountain Vista luxury cabin in Broken Bow, OK

Broken Bow, OK cabins are in high demand according to a report from Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO).

VRBO’s Travel Trend Report projects the Beavers Bend State Park/Broken Bow Lake tourism growth will increase 50% in 2020.

Short-Stay Vacation Destinations

More Americans are taking short-stay vacations of two or three days — likely an outgrowth of flexible time-off policies and prioritization of experiences with people over material goods. You don’t need to fly to your next destination — hop in the car for one of America’s favorite pastimes, the road trip, to the top five short-stay destinations. In fact, these places are all less than 300 miles away from the top origin markets that guests were traveling from.

Average demand growth:

Broken Bow OK Cabins Have Two-Million Annual Tourists


nsbeavers bend cabin viewPicture of Mountain Fork River


fishinggolf course on broken bow lakeBeavers Bend Firewood

According to VRBO’s report, “71% of millennial travelers say they’d consider staying at a non-traditional vacation rental. While beach houses, cabins and condos still reign supreme, travel demand for unusual accommodations is on the rise. Joining barns, castles and treehouses, travel demand for properties on wheels and properties that float is up 30% year over year on Vrbo, including houseboats, yachts, RVs and Airstreams.” 

I’ve written extensively about the cabin boom in Beavers Bend State Park.

Beavers Bend realtor, Kelli Haus, indicates there’s strong interest in purchasing cabins in 2020.

“Things typically slow down a bit in January, but not this year. I have had almost as much interest in purchasing an investment cabin from families and investors as I experience in the summer.As a Realtor and luxury cabin investor, I am often asked what type of cabin is the “best income producing cabin?”

There isn’t one answer to that question. One bedroom cabins are booked more days per year at a lower nightly rate, but cabins that sleep large groups have higher rates, fewer nights per year booked, but make more net profit. If managed properly, a cabin investment can be paid off in eight to 10 years. After a showing cabins to my clients, I ask two questions; “If you were a guest coming to Broken Bow, which cabin would you be the most impressed with when walking in the door?” The most impressive cabins, large or small, have the capability of making the most profit. I also ask, “Which of the cabins we saw today would you like paid off in eight to 10 years?  Everything I showed you today can be.”

Beavers Bend Cabin Marketing

If you purchase a cabin in Beavers Bend, how will you market it? Simply listing it on a rental site won’t work. We can add your cabin to our website and Beavers Bend app.

We’ll promote you to thousands of followers on our social media sites. Professional video can also be added.

Mountain Vista luxury cabin in Broken Bow, OK has three king bedrooms, acres of seclusion and 50-mile views. Broken Bow is three hours from DFW and under four from OKC.

What are you waiting for? Visit Broken Bow, OK! It’s booming!

Jerry Isbell Picture

Jerry Isbell @BeaversBend

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3 01, 2020

Best Way To Rent Beavers Bend Luxury Cabins

2020-01-13T21:39:17+00:00January 3rd, 2020|How To Rent A Cabin In Beavers Bend|


There are many websites available for you to rent a Beavers Bend cabin. You can book from management companies, individual owners and sites like VRBO, Airbnb and Evolve.

Which is the best and most cost effective?

Many Beavers Bend cabin management companies are now advertising on VRBO. There were about 10 cabins on VRBO when we we began advertising there. Now it’s about 1,000.

It’s called vacation rental by owner…not vacation rental by management company. Management companies are flocking to the owners’ sites now.

The most cost effective way to rent a cabin in Broken Bow is from a website that doesn’t charge add-on fees. All third-party sites charge extra fees.

We never gouge guests with these charges at

Mountain Vista cabin pictures

Mountain Vista Broken Bow Oklahoma


Top Beavers Bend Cabin Rental Tips

  • If booking on Evolve, you’re dealing with people in Colorado. They don’t have a clue about the lay of the land in Beavers Bend.
  • VRBO, Airbnb and others charge additional fees. It’s often better to rent directly from an owner’s website. 
  • Many cabin management companies charge additional fees and don’t provide free firewood. Some only supply “Starter Kits” for things like trash bags. Look for these tactics. 
  • Third-party websites can provide ease of mind if you’re not familiar with a cabin, owner or management company. Helpful if you rely on reviews.
  • Research the proximity of your cabin to another and if there’s lots of highway noise

beavers bend cabin


There are many great cabin owners and management companies in Beavers Bend. Research them thoroughly. Do they return phone calls promptly?

Mountain Vista cabin is nestled in the Kiamichi Mountains near Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake. We feature three king bedrooms, acres of seclusion and stunning 50-mile views.

Mountain Vista has been named “A Place To Stay in Oklahoma” by TravelOK. It’s been featured in the book “Treasures of Oklahoma.”

Download our Beavers Bend app for VIP offers.

Two-million visitors enjoy our area annually. You should too. It’s beautiful here!

30 12, 2019

2020 Beavers Bend Cabin Deal

2020-01-12T16:22:21+00:00December 30th, 2019|Beavers Bend Deals|

broken bow promo code

We’re pleased to announce a fantastic 2020 Beavers Bend cabin deal!

Stay at Mountain Vista cabin in January and your third-night is half price.

The weather during January in Beavers Bend can be great or terrible. It’s a great time to look at the forecast and a last-minute getaway while enjoying this terrific Beavers Bend cabin deal.

2020 holidays and spring break dates will book quickly at the upper-end cabins in Broken Bow. Don’t wait too late to make plans. We’re very fortunate to have a loyal fan base at Mountain Vista. Each season is unique near Broken Bow Lake. We have scores of guests staying several times per year.

Beavers Bend Vacations Broken Bow


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Why is Mountain Vista Cabin Different?

Mountain Vista Cabin Deck View

Mountain Vista has acres of seclusion and breathtaking 50 mile views. You deal directly with us, the owners, rather than a management company juggling dozens of cabins. Guests have immediate access to us and our staff.

We’re thankful for our great guests that enjoyed Mountain Vista in 2019. It was another record year for us. Sherri and I wish you many blessings in 2020.

10 12, 2019

Beavers Bend Christmas 2019

2019-12-10T16:15:11+00:00December 10th, 2019|Beavers Bend Christmas Cabins|

Picture of Mountain Vista cabin Christmas decorations

Mountain Vista-Beavers Bend State Park

Picture of Mountain Vista cabin Christmas tree

mountain vista guest book

The Christmas decorations are in place for  holiday visitors at Mountain Vista cabin in Broken Bow.

Download our free Beavers Bend app for great deals.

There are scores of tremendous cabins in Beavers Bend. Often, you can’t see the true story on a website. Many are built too close together. Mountain Vista has acres of land that is wonderful for winter hiking.

We Don’t Do Starter Kits

We provide all the firewood you could possibly use during a Beavers Bend cabin trip. You’ll never see the phrase “Starter Kits” from us! Mountain Vista guests receive free Starbucks and s’mores kits along with an ample supply of spices in our fully-stocked kitchen.

Collage of Mountain Vista cabin pictures

How is Mountain Vista Cabin Different?

You deal directly with us, the owners. We don’t have dozens of other cabins to juggle and you always have access to us while visiting our vacation home.

2019 has been another stellar year at Mountain Vista. Our cabin guests have flocked to the cabin so much we hardly get to enjoy it ourselves!

We’re thankful for our guests and wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season.

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Picture of Jerry and Sherri Isbell

15 11, 2019

November-December 2019 Beavers Bend Promo

2019-11-15T19:45:25+00:00November 15th, 2019|Beavers Bend cabin promotions|

Last minute Beavers Bend cabin openings

Mountain Vista Cabin

Your third-night is half-price at Mountain Vista through Dec. 17.

Mountain Vista cabin has three king bedrooms and features spectacular 50-mile views. Others charge for s’mores kits…not us!

Beavers Bend Tips

  • Never pay for firewood in Beavers Bend. Make sure it’s included at your cabin.
  • Beware of flaky insurance fee scams when reserving cabins in Broken Bow.
  • Be leery of terms and conditions referencing “Starter Kits” when reserving a cabin. Mountain Vista doesn’t skimp on supplies…and they’re not generic.
  • Ask about highway noise and proximity to other cabins before booking.
  • Look for cleaning, insurance and resort fee charges.

Beavers Bend Fire pit at Mountain Vista

Spring Break 2020

The holidays are booked at most top-level luxury cabins in Beavers Bend for 2019. Make sure to reserve your 2020 Spring Break dates ASAP. They fill quickly.

Get to Mountain Vista and enjoy the third-night at half-price until Dec. 17!

Picture of Jerry & Sherri Isbell, Mountain Vista Cabin owners.

24 10, 2019

Oklahoma Hall of Famer & Legendary Broken Bow Native Bob Burke

2020-08-04T12:50:50+00:00October 24th, 2019|Oklahoma Hall of Fame|


I enjoyed catching up with legendary author, attorney and Broken Bow native, Bob Burke over lunch recently. Bob has written more historical and non-fiction books than anyone in history. His stellar career includes being an ABC football broadcaster, respected historian and induction in the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.

Bob would call our Broken Bow high school games in the 1980’s, then be on TV doing an ABC football broadcast the next day. The Broken Bow boy that grew up next to my grandparents, has made a huge impact in Oklahoma.

Bob is elated about the tourism boom in Broken Bow and co-wrote a historical Broken Bow book.

 “Uncle Johnny Beavers would not believe his eyes if he could see the booming tourism in and around what once was his farm along the Mountain Fork River. From his vantage point in the “bend” in the river, Uncle Johnny surely thought God had carved out this magnificent vista just for him. However, he was a man who shared his bounty with his neighbors. He was a legendary hunter who frequently gave his dressed game to fishermen drifting down the sparkling water of the Mountain Fork.
If visitors came by around meal time, Uncle Johnny invited them into the house where his wife, Aunt Levina, always had three or four different fresh meats cooked up or hanging in the smokehouse.

I predict that if any of the millions of visitors to our beloved Beavers Bend and Hochatown run across Uncle Johnny in Heaven, he will stick out his chest and say, “See what I preserved for you. I was glad to share it with you!”

-Bob Burke

Broken Bow To Oklahoma Hall of Fame


“Bob Burke is one of the hardest workers I know. Must have been a work ethic he picked up as a child…no one loves Oklahoma more than he.”

-Mick Cornett, Former Oklahoma City Mayor

Bob Burke, an Oklahoma legend. His kindness, tremendous heart and great contributions will always be cherished by those that love the Sooner State.

16 09, 2019

Beavers Bend Fall Cabin Tips

2019-09-16T17:34:05+00:00September 16th, 2019|Fall Beavers Bend cabin deals and tips|

Picture of Mountain Vista Cabin Autumn View

Mountain Vista Cabin Features Great Autumn Views

Fall is arguably the most beautiful time of the year at Beavers Bend State Park.

Beavers Bend Fall Cabin Tips

  • Get a cabin with outstanding views: They’re often difficult to find, but relaxing on a cabin deck with a nice bottle of wine is the perfect way to end a day near Broken Bow Lake.
  • Arrive on a Sunday-Monday: It’s less crowded and many times you can virtually have the area to yourself. Often cabins will have good deals on weekdays.
  • Don’t pay for firewood: It’s inexpensive for us to provide firewood to guests at Mountain Vista. Many cabins charge over $100 for add-on fees like firewood and s’mores. Don’t do it. 
  • Wear bright colors when hiking in deer season: Be cognizant of the hunting season when jaunting through the woods. 
  • Take The Talimena Scenic Drive: This is a must every October-November. 
  • Play Cedar Creek Golf Course: Tourists love the course and can’t believe how beautiful and inexpensive it is.
  • Book A Fishing Guide: Bryce Archey is our “Go To Guide” on Broken Bow Lake. Autumn is one of the best times of the year for area angling. Bryce and I often have “Fish & Stay” Packages in conjunction with Mountain Vista Cabin.

Beavers Bend Fall Cabin Tips

broken bow oklahoma Mountain Fork River

Fall Beavers Bend Cabin Tips. Campfire picture

OKC To Beavers Bend Driving Tip

If you’re making the trip to Beavers Bend from Oklahoma City, head to Sallisaw then down 259 and enjoy the Talimena Drive. It’s well worth it during the fall.

You can reserve our three-king bedroom luxury cabin at Mountain Vista features acres of seclusion and stunning 50-mile views from the deck.

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