Top 5 Inexpensive Activities In Beavers Bend

Beavers Bend Luxury Cabins at Mountain Vista

Are you planning on visiting Beavers Bend cabins and wondering which activities are definitely “Must Do’s” and easy on the pocketbook? There are many things to do in the Kiamichi Mountain region, do not try to fit them all in during a three-day visit to Broken Bow Lake. Remember to enjoy a little down time by reading a good book on our secluded decks at Mountain Vista. Here are a few suggestions that will help you make lifetime memories with your family when taking your Beavers Bend vacation.

1. David Boren Hiking Trail: It features easy and challenging terrains and the gorgeous bluffs and water views give photographers outstanding opportunities to capture the beauty of Beavers Bend State Park.

2. Coffee at the Beavers Bend Restaurant:  Take a jaunt into the state park area, only a couple of miles from Mountain Vista, and sit on the outside deck. It is the perfect way to start off your day while taking in the scenery of the Mountain Fork River. After coffee, take a short walk down to the river and take it all in. This area is also superb for snapping a few pictures. The sights and sounds are breathtaking.

3. Play Cedar Creek Golf Course: Known as “Little Augusta,” the towering pines, narrow fairways and plush greens will challenge any golfers skills and you will enjoy being nestled in nature. Their green fees are surprisingly inexpensive.

4. A Guided Canoe Trip Down Mountain Fork River: There are numerous outfits in Beavers Bend offering guided tours of this McCurtain County masterpiece. Get our app for a complete list of other activities we recommend. Whether it is Broken Bow Lake or Mountain Fork River, make sure you get on the water while visiting our area.

Mountain Fork River Floats

5. Horseback & Train Rides: Both are offered in the area and many of our guests love spending time with their children and introducing them to something outside of their comfort zones. When is the last time your family climbed aboard a horse? Give it a try!

Beavers Bend Horseback riding

Thanks for reading, we’ll continue to offer news and features about Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake here on the blog. Check back often, we appreciate our many readers!

By Jerry Isbell


Meet Our Beavers Bend Cabin Guests…Skeeter Boats Executive, Jeff Stone

Jeff-StoneHis iconic brand is synonymous with great quality and craftsmanship and was the first bass boat designed in the United States. These legendary crafts grace the waters around the world and Broken Bow Lake on a daily basis. With fishing and boating season quickly approaching, I visited with Jeff Stone, Senior Vice-President and General Manager of Skeeter Boats, and one of our great guests at Mountain Vista luxury cabin.

Stone, a Longview, Texas native, has been visiting the Broken Bow Lake and Beavers Bend State Park area for many years and has relished relaxing on scenic hunting and fishing lands since childhood. He spent countless hours outdoors with family as a youngster and parlayed his fishing and boating affinity into a tremendous career. “We had Skeeter boats as a kid, but I never envisioned I’d be running Skeeter! It’s been a dream come true job.”

He frequently travels to Southeastern Oklahoma with friends and family and enjoys everything our area has to offer. “We’ve been to Beavers Bend so many times, we enjoy being together as a large group, sitting out by the fire and playing golf. We’ve trout fished the streams (Mountain Fork River). Mountain Vista is in the same category as cabins in Colorado and other luxury destinations. I would strongly recommend your cabin to someone that really enjoys nature while desiring top class amenities. Your cabin is in a very nice location and I think it’s the best view up there.”

Stone suggests potential new boat buyers do extensive research and ask themselves a litany of questions before making their purchase. “Make sure you identify how you’re going to use the boat, whether it’s fishing or water sports. If you’re fishing, what style are you going to do? What size lakes will you be on and do you plan on tournament fishing or recreational angling? If water sports is your focus, will you ski? Will you be with small or large groups?”

Stone has been in charge of Skeeter since 2001and has seen many changes happen in the boating industry during his career. I was impressed with his true passion for Skeeter and their customers during our conversation. It’s easy to see how he’s risen to such lofty heights as an executive in the boating world. Many brands have gone by the wayside but Skeeter continues to remain committed to their fans, ranging from the weekend recreational user to professional angler.

Stone enjoys a birds-eye view of the best fishing spots in the country aboard various models of his Skeeter boats, “I’m very fortunate to work in an industry that I enjoy. I get to see a lot of places and enjoy how our products are used. From Saltwater fishing in Florida and South Louisiana to fishing some of the large cold water lakes in Minnesota with great walleye and smallmouth. I also enjoy fishing some of our great lakes here in East Texas.”

Thanks to Skeeter leader Jeff Stone for visiting our Mountain Vista vacation home and offering great insight into the boating world. He recommends “it’s very important to develop a strong relationship with your Skeeter dealer and get to know them very well.”

Visit your local Skeeter dealer for cash rebate promotions running through March. Jeff can’t help our fishing skills but can definitely give us the greatest technology to land “The Big Bass” on Broken Bow Lake!

By Jerry Isbell

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