We’ve discussed this issue here before (http://beaversbendvacations.blogspot.com/2009/02/you-ask-mountain-vista-tells.html) but with the busy season approaching near Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake, a reminder that you need to do homework and ask questions before renting a luxury cabin.

Remember to ask “How close are other cabins, I can’t really tell from your web site?” … “Will we see other cabins from our deck?” … “How close are we to the road?”… “Will our front door be only a few steps from the road?”…  “Why don’t you show the view on your web site?”… “Do you provide high-end towels, linens, bedspreads and hand soap or are these items discount duds?”  “Does the area around the cabin look like Sanford & Son’s Salvage yard or is it an elite, upscale addition?”

We receive frequent calls from people renting in Beavers Bend who are disappointed and wish they’d done a better job of fact finding. 

Remember, do your homework and don’t forget to download our free Beavers Bend/Mountain Vista Luxury Cabin App!  http://road.ie/beavers-bend

This is a great time of year in our area…Come see us!

Jerry Isbell